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Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the 'Gay' Agenda

Powerful new on-line book by Dr. Scott Lively on defeating the "gay" agenda


This is possibly the most powerful book on confronting the homosexual agenda! For the past ten years, while lecturing and consulting on pro-family strategies in more than 30 countries, Dr. Lively has been writing the world's first textbook that teaches pro-family advocates how to defeat the homosexual agenda and reestablish family-centered culture in their respective nations from a Christian perspective.

Dr. Scott Lively

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Table of Contents
Foreword: A Word About Sin
Introduction: Why the Homosexual Agenda Should Concern Every Christian


Chapter 1: Pro-Family Answers to Common Questions About Homosexuality and the "Gay" Agenda

Chapter 2 Understanding Homosexuality Biblically

The "Gay" Agenda from the Christian World View
A Review of Homosexuality in the Bible
Early Church Authorities
Biblical Law vs. Civil Law Regarding "Sodomy"

Chapter 3: The Homosexual War Against the American Church.

Subversion of the Church
Church Neutralization Tactic #1: Divide and Conquer
The PFLAG Phenomenon
Church Neutralization Tactic #2: Directly Compete for Moral Authority
Church Neutralization Tactic # 3: Infiltrate and Sabotage
Responding Appropriately


Introduction to Section Two

The Problem of "Conservatism"
Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves

Chapter 4: The Causes and Types of Homosexual Disorder

Disordered or Not?: The Science in Brief
Disordered, But Changeable
Causes of Homosexual Self-Identification
Sexual Abuse
Gender Identity Confusion
Rebellion Against Authority
Types of Sexual Disorientation
The Scale of Gender Balance
Male Transsexuals: Men Imbalanced to the Feminine Extreme
Female Transsexuals: Women Imbalanced to the Masculine Extreme
Effeminate Male Homosexuals and Masculine Female Homosexuals
The Hidden Sexual "Minorities"
"Gay" Bullies and Lesbian Sissies
Super-Machos and Monsters, Doormats and Slaves

Chapter Five: The History, Goals & Strategy of the Homosexual Movement

A Brief History of the "Gay" Movement
The German Roots
The American Branch
The Downward Spiral
Modern "Gay" Organizations
"Gay" Goals, Strategies & Tactics
The "Gay" Goal
Homo-Fascism: When the Homosexual Movement Achieves Power
"Gay" Strategy: The Curse of Baalam
Recruiting Their Activists
Organizing Their Activists
Deploying Their Activists

Chapter Six: The Natural Family and the Culture of Life

What is the Natural Family?
Parent/Child: The Natural Extension of the Core Relationship
What the Natural Family Teaches
What Does the Non-Natural "Family" Teach?

Chapter Seven: The Pro-Family Argument in Non-Religious Terms

Religious or Secular?
The Natural Family, Marriage and Family Values
What Happens When the Natural Family Loses Its Place in a Society
Family Values

Chapter Eight: Understanding "Gayspeak"

The Homosexual Message
Agenda? What "Gay" Agenda?
The Illogic of Pro-"Gay" Arguments
What is Homosexuality?
Sexual Orientation
The Takeover Process
Hope for Pro-Family Advocates
Helpful Tips:
Recognize "Gay" Weaknesses


Chapter 9: Not A Theocracy: A Christian-Stewarded Secular Society

First: Redefine Ourselves and Our Task
Second: Work Locally
One Specific Plan
A. Define a Local Mission Field
C. Promote a Missionary Campaign
D. Take Stewardship of the Redemption Zone
Third: Focus on Fundamental Freedoms
Fourth: Protect the Victims and the Vulnerable
Fifth: Separate Positive from Negative Messages and Messengers
Sixth: Train Youth as Missionaries

Chapter 10: An Organizational Model for Pro-Family Activism

The Pro-Family Agenda
Team Development
Three-Phase Plan
A. The Education Team
B. The Business Team
The Government Team
The Media Team

Chapter 11: Christianizing the Social Spheres

Christians in Politics
Romans 13
The Realm of Compromise
Christians in Education
1. The Community-Based Citizen-Activist Approach
2. The Church-Based Mission-to-the-Schools Approach
3. The Campus-Based Student-Activist Approach
4. The School District-Based "Insiders Alliance"Approach
Christians in Business
Strategic Business Plan


Chapter 12: Miscellaneous Articles, Essays

Is Hating "Haters" Hateful?
Requiem for the Magna Carta
Masculine Christianity
Matthew Shepard: The Horst Wessel of the American "Gay" Movement
A Letter to the Lithuanian People (2007)
Riga Declaration on Religious Freedom, Family Values
Supporting Documentation
The Danger of "Safe Schools"
Youth Suicide Used As "Gay" Recruitment Tactic
Model Sermon Outline: The Danger of the Homosexual Movement
Model "Equal Time" Policy Resolution for School Boards
Model "Family First" Ordinance for Local Governments
An Amendment to the City Charter by Citizen Initiative
Model "Dale Clause" to Protect Pro-Family
Model "Anti-bullying" Curriculum: From Diversity to Civility
Unit One: Two Ways of Looking at You
Unit Two: Two Ways of Looking at Others
Unit Three: Respect - Equality in Action
Unit Four. Dividends of Civility: Reputation and Honor
Unit Five: Conflict Resolution: Civility Pushed to the Limit
Model Language to Modify "Sexual Orientation" in Law
Model Student Opt-Out Notice

Chapter 13: Documentation of the Homosexual Agenda

The Homosexual Manifesto
The 1972 Gay Rights Platform
Platform of the 1993 March on Washington
The Overhauling of Straight America
List of Sexual Orientations

Chapter 14: Documentation in Support of the Pro-Family Position

Why Government Should Actively Promote Marriage and Family in Public Policy & Law
Fact Sheet on Homosexuality and Mental Health
Fact Sheet on Same Sex Attraction and Immutability
The Falsification of Evidence on Homosexuality
Documentation in Support of the Assertions Made in Chapter 6
What Same-Sex "Marriage" Has Done to Massachusetts