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Government's going in a terrible direction

"Transgender Bill" hearing a symptom of bad government

July 15, 2009

What happened at Tuesday's hearing is an ominous reflection of what's happening in this country right now. Power and corruption seem to be replacing order and democracy. Power comes first, and the people come second.

As the State House News observed, the Judiciary did something extraordinary at that hearing. In a blatant display of disregard and contempt for the citizenry they crammed 237 bills - many of them important and sensitive - into one impossible public hearing. They made it about as uncomfortable and difficult as possible for most people to come and testify.

Were they really interested in hearing thoughtful input from citizens? We think this just a quick stop before just doing whatever the leadership tells them. Did they actually read the text of these bills? It didn't seem so from the way they reacted and the questions they asked.

Does this remind you of the stimulus bills in Congress? Or the confirmation of Obama's radical cabinet?

Last month this same legislature raised the sales tax and several other taxes without any public hearings at all. They simply crammed it through by sandwiching them inside the budget legislation, which passed as one big package. That should be illegal. It's certainly pretty sleazy. In that same budget they preserved the pork programs they like and are raising our taxes to pay for them. That includes the biggest recent pork project of all, the Big Dig, which should have cost about a third of what we're paying for it. But that way, they wouldn't have been able to fund their friends in the unions and get huge kickbacks in their campaign coffers. It was criminal. (In fact, the budget's down by only about 5-6%, to about the same level as in 2007!)

Over the next several months it's up to us to everything we can to put a stop to this. In basic terms, if we want good things to happen we have to make our elected officials more uncomfortable than the homosexual lobby and other special interests can. We can't just sit and wait until the 2010 elections and hope that good people get voted in instead, and then undo all the bad laws passed this year.

There is still much more ahead this year. The David Parker Parents Rights Bill is needed more than ever, among several others. People are counting on us.

MassResistance is going to do what we can to give you all something to do to help, and the information you need.