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October is 'Gay History Month' - being pushed in schools. Radical "history" includes founders of modern porn movement.

October 26, 2009

It's another one of those things that most parents don't even know is happening. And school officials like it that way.


BELOW: Gay History Month display at Lexington High School. "Gay history" books and other propaganda.  Poster at upper right says "Until recently, history has set the record a little too straight."

Barack Obama declared June to be "Gay Pride Month." April is reserved for the homosexual "Day of Silence" in public schools. But for the last dozen years the homosexual movement has pushed October as "Gay History Month" as an "educational" experience for schoolchildren across America, including encouraging kids to "come out". And this year is as strong as ever.

GLBT History Month website

GLSEN website: Celebrate LGBT History Month in Your School

It's yet another way to normalize homosexuality in the minds of children. Throughout "Gay History Month", activist teachers and administrators attempt to have kids believe that many historical events had homosexual underpinnings, and that many historical figures (e.g., Eleanor Roosevelt, Alexander the Great, etc.) were actually homosexual. Just about all of this is factually incorrect or taken far out of context. But it's ideology that matters to them.

Gay History Month was started in the 1990s by national homosexual activists to coincide with "National Coming Out Day", which takes place near Columbus Day every year. As schools (even middle schools!) began to celebrate "Coming Out Day" they decided to expand it to well-known "out" people in history and give a "gay" meaning to historical events.

SCHOOL NEWSPAPER ARTICLE on "Fabulous Gay History"

MIDDLE SCHOOL CELEBRATION of "National Coming Out Day"

In the thick of it targeting schoolchildren with this, not surprisingly, is GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network), founded by our new "safe schools" czar, Kevin Jennings. GLSEN has a presence in thousands of schools across the country through its "gay straight alliance" clubs and other activities.

Learning about "Gay Pioneers" of pornography

GLSEN is at the forefront of developing specific "Gay History Month" curricula which activist teachers use in schools across the country.

This year's GLSEN lesson plan is extremely disturbing. It includes a documentary film, "Gay Pioneers". The historical contribution of many of these "pioneers" involves gay pornography and one of the "pioneers" has even defended bestiality.

The MassResistance Blog has a full report on this:

Kevin Jennings’ GLSEN Promotes Pornography to Children
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This is another thing that the David Parker Parents Rights Bill will stop! It MUST get passed.