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On final day of campaign, Brown continues surge, Coakley continues lame attacks

Previously unthinkable in Massachusetts. Is the 'Berlin Wall' about to go down?

POSTED: Jan 18, 2010

In their wildest dreams, nobody ever thought they would see anything like this in Massachusetts.

The final days and hours before the special election for US Senate in Massachusetts shows that Brown's surge is continuing. Republican Scott Brown, was trailing Democrat Martha Coakley by over 30 points after the primary last month.

But in every (legitimate) poll taken since late last week,
Brown is leading Coakley between 5 and 15 points. (See list of recent polls here.)

We can't recall ever having seen the kind of enthusiasm and passion across the state - among Republicans, Independents, and even many Democrats - for a any candidate, particularly a Republican, that we're seeing for Scott Brown!

In many ways it reminds us of the euphoria when the Berlin Wall was about to fall. The idea of the common people finally being able to stop a totalitarian juggernaut is very exciting. And in many ways that's what the radical Obama agenda being railroaded through Congress has been.

On the other hand, Coakley's campaign has become passionless and lackluster. It seems like it's down to battalions of elitist moonbats and paid union thugs.

On Friday, even the Boston Globe's ultra-leftist Republican-hating columnist Brian McGrory was forced to sort-of admit what's happening. (See his column: "Race is in a spinout.")

A tale of two rallies

The story was told by watching the two rallies on Sunday afternoon.

In Boston, Martha Coakley brought Barack Obama and the state's liberal establishment to the auditorium at Northeastern University, which attracted a relatively subdued crowd.  Outside the hall there were more Brown signs outside than Coakley signs. (See our report HERE.)

Out in Worcester, over twice as many people came to the Scott Brown rally. Thousands of screaming, passionate supporters were overflowing Mechanics Hall into the streets of Worcester. It was quite unbelievable.

Look for a "Berlin Wall" to be torn down again on Tuesday!