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Transgender Lobby Day at Mass. State House: Chairman of Judiciary Committee calls opponents of transgender bill "ignorant"

Says "Get over it" if transgenderism makes you uncomfortable!

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POSTED: January 29, 2010

This was a truly frightening experience on many levels.

Sen. Cynthia Creem (D-Newton), Senate Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the Massachusetts Legislature, made her contempt and disdain for citizens with traditional values very clear on Jan. 21 at Nurses' Hall in the Massachusetts State House.

Pro-family citizens are ignorant, haters, and need to "get over it," she told a gathering of cross-dressing men and women, various politicians, and others.

The Creem scream. Sen. Cynthia Creem makes a loud point during her speech as transgender activist group's photographer takes her picture.

They were at the State House for a "Transgender Lobby Day", an hour-long series of speeches followed by individual lobbying of legislators. Their goal is passage of the radical Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill (H1728), that would force blanket normalization of cross-dressing and transgender behaviors throughout society and impose fines and even jail terms for those who publicly voice dissent. The bill had a public hearing this past July, but has been stalled in committee since then. The master (?) of ceremonies was a woman with a beard wearing a suit and tie (see photo below).

Sen. Creem told the gathering:

"There are many opponents who feel it's controversial and who misunderstood the bill or are ignorant of the issues and don't want to hear the truth because that's always a fact: it's better not to hear the truth. They're just uncomfortable. Get over it! . . . We know that hatred can come from misunderstanding and ignorance."

You can watch it here:

VIDEO: Sen. Cynthia Creem's speech at Transgender Lobby Day. Shows incredible arrogance of Mass. politicians.

Note that Creem accepts unquestioningly the shockingly abusive concept of "transgender children". No doubt, she agrees with Dr. Norman Spack's (Boston Children's Hospital) practice of injecting pre-pubescent children with hormone blocking drugs, in order to make their later "transitions" easier.  (See article HERE.)

In the room applauding Creem were about a dozen other Massachusetts legislators, as well as representatives from Governor Deval Patrick, Attorney General Martha Coakley, and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. In addition, there were representatives from organizations involving a broad range of sexual perversions, from bisexuality, to transgenderism for children, to pornography and sado-masochism. About 200 people were in attendance.

Among the legislators present (that we saw) were Rep. Carl Sciortino, Sen. Stanley Rosenberg, Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, Rep. Denise Provost, Sen. Jamie Eldridge, Rep. Byron Rushing, Sen. Benjamin Downing, Rep. James O'Day, Rep. Alice Wolf, and Rep. Sean Garbally. They are part of over 100 Massachusetts legislators who actually co-sponsored the bill -- and are similarly disconnected from the mainstream of society.

Enthusiastic politicians. In front row from left: Rep Carl Sciortino, Sen. Cynthia Creeem, Rep. Alice Wolf, Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo. Tall man in back is Sen. Jamie Eldridge. To left of Eldridge in back row is gay activist union leader.

Cross-dressers, anger, hostility all around

The most bizarre aspect of the event was the convergence of cross-dressers and trans-sexuals, many of them large men dressed as women -- several with necklines revealing female-like breasts -- who were everywhere. Equally disturbing were the number of women dressed as men who appeared to have had their breasts surgically removed and sported hormonally-induced facial hair .

Two women. Woman at left -- with beard -- is leader of Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and was MC of event. Woman at right is staffer in Sen. Downing's office.


Two men chatting before the event, both wearing the appropriate "trans rights now" stickers.

Adding to that was the anger and hostility that was so thick you could feel it, and was directed at those present whom they sensed did not support their cause. At one point during his speech, Rep. Byron Rushing seemed to point out a person from MassResistance in the crowd. Someone made an obscene gesture and the crowd cheered. It became so bizarre and hateful that finally our two photographers left the area.

VIDEO: Transgender activists converge at State House. Men in dresses, women with beards, etc.

A sad, tragic scene

One could not help feel that that these people are tragic figures, deeply hurting inside, and that they really need psychological help rather than an onerous law that only reinforces their misery and the overall devolution of society.

In fact, the mental health profession considers "gender identity disorder" to be something that needs to be treated, not reinforced -- and certainly not forced on society by law.

View from above. Nurses' Hall as the event was about to begin.

Training and energizing the activists for afternoon of lobbying

The main theme of the day was to energize the activists who came and give them the "tools" (i.e., emotional arguments, etc.) to go to their legislators and persuade them to not only support the bill, but also to get legislators persuade the leadership to allow the bill to move forward out of committee and get passed by the full House and Senate.

Several men dressed as women came up to the podium and gave emotional speeches about discrimination they've faced and difficulty getting jobs - a situation they say must be rectified by force of law.

Yes, these four are all men. At the podium making a call for transgender and cross-dressing rights.


VIDEO: Six-foot-plus tall cross-dresser gives speech at Mass. State House for transgender "rights"

Head of gay lobby group outlines tactics

Arline Isaacson, of the homosexual lobbying group Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, gave a "how to" speech outling the emotional, tactical, and rhetorical techniques they should use, learning lessons from the methods they used to persuade the Legislature to defeat the Marriage Amendment.

VIDEO: Lesbian lobbyist gives speech on how to lobby transgender bill in Mass. Legislature


Officials, politicians contribute to the nonsense

Ron Marlow, a high-ranking member of Gov. Patrick's administration, told the crowd that Governor Patrick agrees that the Transgender Bill is an extension of the struggle that started with the Declaration of Independence, and that do deny that would be to tell a lie about America.

Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo gave greetings from Mayor Menino, invoked Ted Kennedy, and said that politicians must be not be allowed to "travel the safe ground" on this. He said he wrote Boston's ordinance banning discrimination against transgender persons.

Sen. Benjamin Downing said that "we are playing catch-up" by passing this bill "so that everyone can live up to their God-given potential in this Commonwealth." He compared concerns about transgender behavior with "atrocities in the South" faced by Martin Luther King.

Rep. Byron Rushing, as usual an insufferable windbag who droned on and on, stated that "None of what has been written in our American scripture makes any sense unless it makes sense to everybody in this room."

The event ended with a pagan-like "invocation" from the "Reverend" of a homosexual-oriented church in Provincetown.

Jennifer Levi, renowned lawyer for the legal group, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) made an appearance. In back of her, at right, is Rep. Denise Provost.

Will it work?

Will the "Transgender Lobby Day" actually work for them? Our sense is that although the House and Senate leadership actually supports the bill, they're not quite ready to start that firestorm yet of letting it come up for a vote. It's a pretty weird and radical move, even for Massachusetts. And it's still too close to the liberal implosion indicated by Scott Brown's election.

But anything can happen. These people are incredibly focused and obsessed with changing society and forcing their sexual agenda even further. We'll keep you informed.

There were plenty of opportunities for activism that day.



Below: Some of the men dressed as women were quite large and towered over many of the others in the crowd.


Rep. Byron Rushing, center with beard holding glasses, is surrounded by people who all appear to be dressed as the opposite sex. The exception is the blonde woman standing to the right of Rushing -- she runs an organization called "Bisexual Resource Center" in the Boston area.



Two men in the crowd, apparently transgender activists.

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