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VIDEOS from the Transgender Lobby Day

At Massachusetts State House - January 21, 2010

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VIDEO: Transgender activists converge at State House

Men in dresses and women with beards want the Massachusetts Legislature to pass law forcing acceptance of cross-dressing under pain of fines, jail time.



VIDEO: Sen. Cynthia Creem, chairman of Judiciary Committee, says "Get over it!" to "ignorant" people with concerns about public transgender behavior.

This shows the incredible arrogance of Massachusetts politicians. Mass. state Sen. Cynthia Creem gave this frightening speech at the transgender lobby day event, saying that people who are "uncomfortable" with the transgender rights bill are "ignorant" and need to "get over it".



VIDEO: Cross-dresser gives speech at Mass. State House for transgender "rights"

Employers should be forced to hire men wearing dresses, says a six-foot tall man wearing women's clothes who addressed the transgender lobby day at the Massachusetts State House. This is the emotional pitch they're giving legislators to push the radical Transgender Rights Bill.


VIDEO: Lesbian lobbyist: How to lobby transgender bill in Mass. Legislature

The leader of a major homosexual lobbying group spoke at "Transgender Lobby Day" at the Massachusetts State House, telling activists how the gay movement uses emotion, fear, and persistence to sway legislators into voting for bizarre pro-homosexual legislation.