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Boston Globe celebrates sex-changes for children by major hospital on front page of Sunday edition.

Article too disturbing to read!  Is this America's future?

POSTED: Dec. 12, 2011

The ultra-radical nature of the cultural revolution is coming into full view. With the Massachusetts "transgender rights" bill passed, the next frontier is public acceptance of sex-changes for children. Is this America's future?

Front page of this Sunday's Boston Globe.

Caption under headline:

"The twin boys were identical in every way but one. Wyatt was a girl to the core and now lives as one, with the help of a brave, loving family and a path-breaking doctor's care."

This past Sunday the Boston Globe published a celebratory front-page article about a 14-year-old boy (one of identical twins) who has "become" a girl. For the past three years his parents have had him undergo powerful puberty-blocking drug treatments. As a result, the boy is now five inches shorter than his brother and has some female-like features. This will be followed by series of female hormone injections and ultimately operations to remove male body parts and "create" female-imitating body parts. The effects of the opposite-sex hormone treatments are irreversible and will leave the boy sterile as an adult male (should he choose not to go the whole way).

Identical twins (from left) Wyatt and Jonas. [Boston Globe front-page photo]

Read the article HERE on Boston Globe website

This article is so incredibly disturbing that even we had trouble reading through it. For most of their lives the twins looked exactly alike. The one twin, Jonas, who is normal, is 5'6" tall and weighs 115 pounds. But Wyatt (who is now called "Nicole") is only 5'1" and weighs 100 pounds. For several years he has been dressing as a girl, using a girl's name, and going to school as a girl. But he is and always will be biologically and genetically a male.

Article continues on two full pages inside.

And the Boston Globe portrays all this as not only normal, but a as ground-breaking, progressive, positive event which only ignorant, hateful, and backwards people would dare to criticize.

Sex-change treatments for kids . . . in Boston Children's Hospital!

Shockingly, the parents didn't have to go to some far-away European country do this. These ghastly "procedures" are being done to children by the elite medical establishment right in Boston.

As MassResistance has reported over the last few years, the world-renowned Children's Hospital in Boston is at the forefront of this bizarre medical practice. The hospital has set up a "Gender Management Services Clinic" for pre-adolescent children to be given hormones and drugs to delay puberty (with side effects that include infertility) in order to facilitate eventual body-mutilating "gender re-assignment surgery" to change their sex. It is run by Dr. Norman Spack, who is personally working with young Wyatt and his family.

As the article describes the upcoming stage for Wyatt:

"It is the next big step — taking sex hormones of the opposite gender — that creates permanent changes such as breasts and broadened hips that cannot be hormonally reversed."

Dr. Norman Spack, head of the Gender Management Services Clinic at Boston Children's Hospital.
[Boston Globe photo]

Wyatt apparently had developed gender identity confusion in his early years. The parents have made the decision that their son's problems are not psychological but medical: he's in the "wrong" body. As the article describes, Dr. Spack's diagnosis was to "change" his sex through treatments and eventually operations.

Safety of treatments not established -- still experimental

Boston Children's Hospital is nearly alone in America in this regard. These kinds procedures with children are considered to be on the fringe throughout the medical community.

There is also a "Transgender Youth Services" clinic at Los Angeles Children's Hospital. According to their website, they offer the same "treatments" as Boston Children's Hospital, including puberty supression. But they also publish a warning of sorts:

"Very few physicians are willing to help youth with GID [Gender Identity Disorder] transition, because there is little published data in the United States about the safety of cross sex hormone therapy. Even less data is available regarding the use of medication to halt puberty in younger patients who have GID."

But that doesn't stop the train. The L.A. Children's Hospital website also says:

In 2010 we opened our clinic to serve the pediatric needs of the gender non-conforming children of all ages . . . We currentlly provide services for approximately 150 youth between the ages of 4 and 25 who are gender non-conforming, gender questioning, preparing for transitioning, or actively transitioning.

MassResistance had warned the nation on national media

It's the kind of thing that is so bizarre and unbelievable, especially for a so-called top-tier hospital, that it has largely operated under the radar. And generally, the reaction has been utter shock (by conservatives) or condescension toward us (by the left).

MassResistance has been at the forefront of bringing the clinic into the light of day. The MassResistance blog first reported on Dr. Spack and his clinic in 2007.

Fox News: On June 21, 2008, Brian Camenker of MassResistance appeared on Fox's "America's Newsroom" with Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly. The interview was repeated several times that day and caused a big stir.

VIDEO: Watch video of Brian Camenker interviewed in 2008 on national Fox News about Norman Spack and the sex-change clinic for kids. Kelly is clearly outraged by the clinic.

National Public Radio: The Globe article mentions that the boy attends a summer camp for "transgender children" run by transgender activists. In 2010 Brian Camenker of MassResistance was part of a National Public Radio show about that camp featuring Dr. Norman Spack and Camenker. Their reaction to Camenker's comments was to ignore them and cut him off before the end of the interview.

National Public Radio show in 2010 with Dr. Norman Spack (in studio) and Brian Camenker on "transgender summer camps" for kids.

Legitimate medical authorities warn on dangers of 'sex-change'

Medically speaking, actual transgenderism is a fiction with no basis in reality. The transgender movement is held up by intimidation and pressure. But despite the propaganda and disinformation by activists, the mental health profession still recognizes that "gender identity disorder" requires psychological treatment, not dangerous injections and body mutilation. (See is the description in the mental health profession's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual DSM IV.)

Despite the efforts by the homosexual/transgender movement to intimidate the medical community, a number of prominent authorities have nevertheless been willing to speak out. For example:

Several years ago, Johns Hopkins University Hospital disbanded its "sex-change" program because of serious concerns within the group that it was doing more harm than good. In November, 2004, Paul McHugh, Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and a director of the program, wrote about it in an article in First Things Magazine.

In the article, Prof. McHugh said:

I have witnessed a great deal of damage from sex-reassignment. The children transformed from their male constitution into female roles suffered prolonged distress and misery as they sensed their natural attitudes. Their parents usually lived with guilt over their decisions-second-guessing themselves and somewhat ashamed of the fabrication, both surgical and social, they had imposed on their sons. As for the adults who came to us claiming to have discovered their "true" sexual identity and to have heard about sex-change operations, we psychiatrists have been distracted from studying the causes and natures of their mental misdirections by preparing them for surgery and for a life in the other sex. We have wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure, and ultimately prevent it.

The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) has also done research on so-called sex reassignment surgery. In 2010, Richard Fitzgibbons MD, Philip Sutton PhD, and Dale O'Leary -- a psychiatrist, psychologist, and researcher associated with NARTH, all with several years experience in this field -- published an article in National Catholic Bioethics Center titled "The Psychopathology of "Sex Reassignment Surgery":

In the paper they concluded:

Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) mutilates a healthy, non-diseased body . . . Candidates for SRS may believe that they are trapped in the bodies of the wrong sex and therefore desire, or more accurately demand SRS; however, this belief is generated by a disordered perception of self.

Even the concepts of transgenderism are dangerous for the vulnerable minds of young children. This past summer renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman gave this stirring testimony before the California Legislature on a bill to promote the teaching of transgenderism in public schools. It's pretty shocking.

VIDEO: Child psychiatrist Dr. Miriam Grossman testifies before the California Legislature on the effects of acceptance of "transgenderism" on children.

Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow recently wrote a powerful column about the dangers of the transgender movement for Fox News during the Chastity/Chaz Bono hype. It is one of the best pieces published in any of the major media on the subject. Sadly, Megyn Kelly subsequently turned on him in a nasty interview (see video at bottom of linked page), as promoting "hate" for his conclusions — a surprising reversal from her interview with Camenker. Is the propaganda machine even getting to Fox?

Ex-transsexual has chilling horror story to tell

The first-hand accounts of transgenderism are even more disturbing.

Walt Heyer, a former transsexual (who had surgery to "become" a woman) has lectured internationally about his horrible experience "becoming" a woman and realizing he wanted to be a man again. He describes his experiences in a book titled "Paper Genders." Working with MassResistance, he submitted compelling testimony before the Massachusetts Legislature earlier this year.

Tragic story. Walt Heyer as himself, and as a woman.
He wants to warn people about how destructive it really is.

Interestingly, like Wyatt (now "Nicole") in the Globe article, Walt Heyer was given a dress by his grandmother when he was a small boy. This helped start him on his terrible path to gender confusion.

Heyer testified that there are astronomically high suicide rates among transgenders because they are not getting the psychological help they need, and activist groups are instead pushing for sex-change surgery.

Regarding the situation in Globe article, Walt told us:

"They are only looking at the short term 'solution.' But in ten, fifteen, twenty years out there is tremendous regret, invariably accompanied by alcoholism, drug addiction, and even suicide attempts."

He added that when one realizes what one's done to himself, it's horrible enough. But to begin this process with young children is even worse. Even the Dutch, as radical as they are, only recommended these treatments for people beginning at 18-24 years old.

[NOTE: MassResistance delivered a copy of Walt Heyer's book to every member of the Joint Judiciary Committee. We have had no response from any of them.]

Boy's parents had become pro-homosexual/transgender activists

Not surprisingly, the Globe article revealed that the boy's parents have been activists for the homosexual/transgender cause for several years. In other words, they are not simply concerned observers of this larger cultural issue. Apparently, early on they began to drink the Kool-Aid served by that movement and are now active advocates.

This often happens. When parents are in this kind of troubled situation, radical activists swarm in and lend them "support" in return for exploiting their situation in order to further their agenda. It's often much easier and more emotionally comforting to accept the easy, politically correct approach than face legitimate but politically unpopular and difficult-to-accept medical facts.

As the Globe article reveals, both parents have heavily lobbied the Maine Legislature for the right for men in dresses to use female restrooms. (The family lives in Maine.) They were recently honored by the ACLU in Maine for those efforts. They got involved with GLSEN and the Gay Straight Alliance club in their school. The father spoke at a recent fundraiser in Boston for the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), which sued the Orono School district in Maine for the right of boys to use girls' bathrooms in elementary schools if they consider themselves "transgenders." The parents also filed a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission. Last year they participated in the "Transgender Day of Remembrance" in Maine.

MassResistance first reported on this in 2010 when the Maine Human Rights Commission was attempting to force public schools to institute single-sex facilities as a result of these parents' efforts. But the parents had put it into motion well before that.

The homosexual/transgender movement across America has a very clear agenda in this regard: They intend for the concept of "transgender children" considered "normal" in society, and its acceptance forced by law. And the Boston Globe is pretty clearly on board.

Globe article: Terribly one-sided "journalism"

In this article the Boston Globe goes beyond its normal bias into shameless promotion. Longtime Globe writer Bella English, a liberal who often writes on homosexual and "culture" issues, doesn't even pretend to be objective in this case. She has always been a reliable foot soldier for the left, but this is extreme even by her standards.

It is a classic approach of the left to present their absurd and bizarre viewpoint as normal. Any criticism of it is portrayed as fringe and intolerable. The Globe plays that song extremely well. It's related to the "Big Lie" theory that goes back nearly 100 years.

Thus, the concept of a "transgender child" is presented as if the opposing viewpoint barely exists. This bizarre and ghoulish child abuse is presented as positive, courageous, and groundbreaking. The vast medical evidence against this is presented as brief comments by a single doctor. The Globe gives much more space to GLSEN and GLAD — homosexual/transgender activist groups — as authorities on this issue, as well as the ACLU. (They've even blocked out readers' comments at the end of the story that they deem "inappropriate.")

And it is done in a progressive, "civil rights" tone that implies that any criticism is "backwards" or even bigoted. (The reader is led to think that maybe HE is the one who is out of touch, not the Globe!)

Globe video of reporter's thoughts and comments. The extremely biased and self-righteous approach taken by the writer is revealed in a video the Globe posted about the "challenges" of presenting this story. We're a bit surprised they posted it. But the Globe's left-wing arrogance is pretty well-known.

VIDEO by Boston Globe: Globe writer Bella English (left) talks about her [left-wing] approach to the story in this Boston Globe video. Very interesting but unfortunately not shocking.

What YOU can do . . .

As incredibly shocking as this is, it will get worse if good people don't do something. This is what the activists want society to accept as normal for your kids. Don't let them get away with it.

The average person can fight back by telling the truth. And telling it forcefully and directly.

Very few conservatives actually talk back to the liberal media. Maybe it's time for a flood of honest feedback! (You'd be surprised how much it really does affect journalists. It's a tactic that liberals use a lot.)


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