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"Gay marriage" bill overwhelmingly defeated in Australian Parliament!

Despite huge effort by homosexual lobby, pro-family groups successful in educating lawmakers.

POSTED: Sept. 25, 2012

The Australian National Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to defeat the "gay marriage" bills in both houses despite months of heavy lobbying by the homosexual movement, including parades, speeches, and political pressure. On Wednesday, September 19, the bill was defeated in the House, and the following day a similar bill was defeated in the Senate.

Australia homosexual lobby organized this march through streets of Melbourne demanding gay marriage. [Photo: Herald Sun]

Although Australia is a relatively liberal and secularized country and many polls show support for "gay marriage" in the country, the Australian pro-family groups and churches prevailed in their efforts to educate the lawmakers.

Overwhelming defeat in the House

Shortly after Wednesday's 98-42 vote, we received an email from Patrick Andersen, a pro-family activist in Queensland (who had previously mailed copies of MassResistance's booklet "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts" to every member of Parliament):

I am over the moon, a great day for this country.

The SSM bill that was before the Federal Parliament has been defeated in the House of Representatives by an overwhelming majority - 42 For, 98 against. This means it is dead.

I am sure a tiny bit of the credit should go to MassResistance for your help in this endeavour.

Perhaps the large vote against will convince the proponents of the remaining bills to withdraw them, only time will tell.

We cannot be complacent though, they only have to have one victory -- we have to win every time!

Here is the Sydney Morning Herald (daily) reporting on Mr. Jones -- author of the same sex marriage bill that just failed in the House -- addressing reporters: "His message to folks who support marriage equality? Maintain your rage."

Homosexual activists and pro-gay lawmakers were visibly angry. One prominent member told the press that "hearts were broken all over Australia today."

Adding to the overwhelming success in the House was the fact that although the ruling Labor party is "progressive" and recently officially endorsed "gay marriage," the party leader allowed the members to vote their conscience. The leader of the more conservative Opposition coalition did not allow his members to stray from a "no" vote. Thus, several Labor House members voted against the bill.

The next day: Defeat in the Senate also!

The following day the Australian Senate voted on a separate "gay marriage" bill. It, too, went down in defeat, 41 to 26. As in the House, the ruling Labor party was allowed to vote their conscience, and the more conservative Opposition required their members to vote "No," though it was clearly destined for defeat in any case despite the haranguing of some members during the floor speeches.

How bad a defeat was this for the homosexual lobby?

Even Liberal Party Senator Dean Smith who is openly homosexual spoke out on the floor against the bill!

''I accept that to some, the idea of an openly gay man rejecting a proposition to extend the definition of marriage to same-sex relationships seems unusual or counter-intuitive,'' he said.

''In response, I say that it speaks to the often overlooked fact that opinion on the issue... is heavily divided, even among gay and lesbian Australians.

''My primary opposition to this proposal is born from my strong regard and faith in the cautionary, conservative and traditional approach to these matters,'' Senator Smith said.

''I distrust sentiments and actions that seek to dismiss, modify or reject as relics our institutions and customs, institutions and customs that have evolved to serve our community well.''

Even civil union bill idea dismissed

Almost immediately after the votes, there was talk of introducing a civil unions bill instead. One Liberal Party MP said he has a bill already to go and is considering introducing it. But the general opinion of the leadership of both houses is that they want to move on to other business. Other Liberals said they didn't want to "take a step backwards." So that approach is likely also dead for the foreseeable future.

Copies of MassResistance booklet were sent to every member of the Australian National Parliament -- House and Senate.

The battle continues: in the Australian states

The same-sex "marriage" lobby has vowed not to give up, but to take the battle to the various State Parliaments. As Patrick Andersen emailed us:

The state of New South Wales yesterday announced that:

Liberal, Nationals, Labor and Greens MPs have formed a working party to draw up a bill to allow gay and lesbian couples in NSW to marry, if legislation before Federal Parliament is voted down, as expected.

This doesn't bode well.

So here we go again - another round of postings :-) I have not long completed mail outs to the Members of the Legislative Council (the Upper house) in Tasmania who will vote in the coming weeks on the bill that was passed in the Lower House a little while back.

So the battle goes on. Currently, the State Parliaments in Tasmania and Western Australia have fast-track bills that push some form of "gay marriage" in their state Parliaments. However, as we have observed earlier, marriage in Australia is constitutionally a federal matter. Thus, anything passed by the state parliaments will likely face a stiff fight in the courts. Though as we know from dealing with our courts, anything can happen.

What this shows us

Although Australia is a liberal secular country supposedly ripe for "gay marriage" with passionate political support, it's by no means inevitable, and was overwhelmingly defeated. Thanks go to the tireless efforts of pro-family and Christian activists like Patrick Andersen and so many others. If they can do successfully fight back there, it can be done anywhere!

The homosexual movement likes to portray "gay marriage" as an inevitability, like the Civil Rights movement. But that's a political fantasy. The truth is more that "gay marriage" is a passing aberration that may peak at some point and will never get overwhelming popular support. The problem is endemic: The raw concept of homosexuality is naturally repulsive to human beings and can only be undone with a great deal of psychological manipulation which must constantly be repeated.

Here in the US, four states are holding referendums on it in November. Let's see how we can fight it here.