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Australian Parliament still waiting to take "gay marriage" vote.

Reaction from politicians to our marriage booklet.

POSTED: August 27, 2012

As we recently reported, the Australian Federal Parliament is on the verge of voting on a bill to force "gay marriage" on the country. The latest report is that it has been delayed at least another week.

Our activist in Queensland, Patrick Andersen, told us on Friday that it had looked like it would be taken up this past week, but "Other things (political survival) are occupying the government's minds." Our sense is that the longer they stall, the better chance we have that it will fail to pass when taken up.

Movement in the states to attempt "gay marriage" legislation

Should the vote in the Federal Parliament fail, two Australian states, Tasmania and South Australia are bringing forward their own legislation. But since the Australian Constitution gives the federal government the power to regulate marriage, this would be an interesting conflict.

Here's a good write-up on the gay marriage push in Tasmania, and the federal vs state marriage law situation in Australia.

It's written by the Australia Family Association.

Reaction to MassResistance booklet brings up important lesson

As we reported, Patrick Andersen had sent a copy of our pamphlet, "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts" to every member of the Australian Federal Parliament, both House and Senate.

This past week he reported that among the feedback he got from the Members of Parliament was a letter (left) from one MP in particular, the Hon. Philip Ruddock. You can read his letter HERE.

Regarding that letter, Patrick told MassResistance:

In the first line of that letter he made the comment:

"..(the) brochure, makes for an interesting read."

The writer of that letter was the Hon Philip Ruddock. Presumably this comment indicates that he was at the least partially unaware of the consequences of s-s-m outlined in your text.

Now the interesting fact, Philip Ruddock when his party was in Government held the post of Attorney General (2003 to 2007). That is the main legal advisor in the Federal Government here in Australia.

With that thought in mind I think it was timely my sending to booklet to all MPs. If he didn't know these facts - what chance has the ordinary MP got?

In other words, a major problem that our side faces is that our politicians are largely uneducated about the actual effects of "gay marriage." They hear all of the propaganda and the platitudes. But they don't usually get the actual facts.

We saw this first hand here in the US, in Maryland and Rhode Island. In both places when we testified in their state houses, politicians (even some liberals) were genuinely moved when we described to them what's in our pamphlet. On many occasions we got requests for more material.

We're hoping that our research and this pamphlet can help make a difference across the country - and around the world!

In the meantime, we will keep you up to date on the situation in Australia. The activists there are continuing to fight back!