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Mass. General Election 2012
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POSTED: Nov. 7, 2012

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Ballot Questions


Question 1: Motor Vehicle "Right to Repair"

Yes:  85%
No:    15%

Our vote: YES

Summary of Question 1 on Secretary of State website

We had originally suggested that voters "Skip this one" but we've changed our minds. This was was brought up by independent car repair shops to force the automakers to give them access to technical information about repairing late-model cars. However after the ballot question deadline, a compromise was reached in the Legislature which both sides agreed to, apparently negating the need for this referendum. Nevertheless, the AAA points out that the compromise is weak, and still restricts access to certain important information.


Question 2: Allow Physician Assisted Suicide

No:    51%

Yes:  49%

Our vote: NO

Summary of Question 2 on Secretary of State website

This is a terrible idea, and is a poorly written bill which presents enormous problems for patients, their families, and doctors. For more information on this from our affiliated ballot committee, go to


Question 3: Medical Marijuana

Yes:  63%
No:    37%

Our vote: NO

Summary of Question 3 on Secretary of State website

This is another terrible idea, and a poorly written bill, which is overwhelmingly opposed across the political spectrum. If marijuana has such good medical attributes, it should be disppensed in pharmacies like other drugs, not in "marijuana stores." The way this bill is written, it will only encourage and facilitate more recreational use, particularly by young people.