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Mass. General Election 2012
Voter Guide and results

Intro & Key

POSTED: Nov. 7, 2012

Intro & Key


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About the 2012 voter guide

When you go to vote, you need to know where candidates stand on the issues you care about. But too many pro-family voter guides rely on questionnaires that candidates often ignore, or limited voting records. We take a different approach.

Many people don’t realize just how radical many members of the Massachusetts Legislature and Congressional delegation actually are. We have meticulously researched how the spectrum of pro-abortion, homosexual/transgender, socialist, and other groups evaluate our politicians.  We list endoresments and ratings from those groups, and also the politicians' key votes on defining pro-family issues, as well as other activity (such as marching in the “Gay Pride” parade). We also included the endorsements and ratings from Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL), a pro-life group.

We also give you our honest commentary, which you don’t often get from conservatives.

The Mass GOP heads south

When Rep. Daniel Webster (D-Pembroke) chose to withdraw from his re-election race, that was a milestone to us. We’ve been working with the Massachusetts Legislature for almost 20 years. In our opinion, Webster was the last true, fearless pro-family Republican in that building. There may be some good Republicans on taxes, guns, immigration, etc. But we can’t think of a single Republican state rep or senator who isn’t afraid of his own shadow (or is simply against us) when it comes to the homosexual agenda, “gay marriage,” and to a lesser extent abortion. It’s a huge change from even a decade ago. To tell you the truth, these days we’re usually more comfortable talking to Democrats on these issues because they don’t squirm and try to change the subject.

Of course, part of this is because the GOP leadership in the Legislature is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual. But a big part is the result of a certain well-heeled moderate Massachusetts pro-family group (whose leader supported civil unions in California) -- which funds Republican campaigns and pressures the pols not to be seen as “extreme” but instead as "reasonable." Our former colleague at Parents' Rights Coalition, John Haskins, once described this approach as “Defeat with dignity.” Very true.

This year’s guide

This guide is presented from a pro-life, pro-family perspective. We have not included ratings of tax groups, gun groups, immigration groups, etc., which have no problem endorsing politicians who are pro-abortion and pro-homosexual. However, we’ve included the socialist groups because they invariably march in lockstep with the rest of the liberal social agenda. (For a good analysis of candidates regarding those other issues as well as pro-family issues, we highly recommend the website

Unlike previous years, we are not “endorsing” people in every race with color-coded ratings. But there are some special races which we’ve commented on.

It's going to be a bruising election. It’s unfortunate that this year the Massachusetts State GOP seems to be putting the overwhelming amount of its energy into getting Scott Brown elected here and Mitt Romney elected in New Hampshire, to the detriment of everyone else. (So, what’s new?) But nevertheless, there are some great challengers with an excellent chance of breaking through, for whom we have high hopes if they get in. Good people deserve your support!

We hope that this voter guide is useful for you -- even if you don't live in Massachusetts!