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Litmus test for judges? You must support abortion rights, gay marriage, affirmative action -- or be rejected. It could happen in Massachusetts after Tuesday's vote!

Leftist former Springfield mayor vs Republican Mike Franco

POSTED: Nov. 3, 2012

Who will be choosing your judges? It could be people more radical than you ever imagined. This is what could happen when the conservative establishment starts to go soft.

In Massachusetts, the eight elected members of the "Governor's Council" decide on who will be your judges. Are they looking out for you -- or for the special interests? [MassResistance photo]

As we've repeatedly pointed out, in Massachusetts the elections for Governor's Council, though usually overlooked, are actually among the most important. These are the eight people who approve the nomination of judges. Judges serve for life (until retirement). An activist, biased, or incompetent judge can -- and often do -- affect the state for decades. As we know, Massachusetts has a horrible history with this.

The Democrat running in a key district, Michael Albano, a former Mayor of Springfield, would be every pro-family citizen's nightmare. If you think the activist judges who imposed "gay marriage" on this state were outrageous, that's just the beginning.

Litmus test for judges!

Here's what the local Hampshire Gazette wrote about Albano today:

He says he will use support for gay marriage, abortion rights and affirmative action as a litmus test for deciding on judicial appointments.

"I make no apology for that. We're not going back," Albano said. "I fought hard for those civil rights throughout my career and I am going to safeguard them as a member of the Governor's Council."

Bizarre video supporting "gay marriage" via courts

Albano has certainly not tried to hide his radical views about the judiciary. Earlier this year, Albano's campaign released a video wherein he describes his views on homosexual activism, the courts, and the peoples' right to vote very clearly.

VIDEO: Albano reveals his radical views.

Here's what Albano says in the video:

My record as mayor [of Springfield, MA] goes back quite some time. I was actually one of the chief litigants in that case back in 2004 before the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts, which legalized gay marriage. And I've also worked with legislators to make sure that it didn't get on the ballot for referendum in subsequent years.

Because as you know, there's been 34 states across the country that have attempted to put this question on the ballot and all 34 have failed. And any time you look at civil rights over the years, civil rights should not be subject to referendum. Civil rights should be the law of the land.

And going by state referendum has not proven successful. So we have to rely on the courts. And I'm confident that the Supreme Court of the United States will uphold it at some point when it reaches that point.

We've made progress in Massachusetts. We're the first state. I was very pleased to see President Obama come out in support of gay marriage. And we'll see how it plays out in the years ahead. But clearly, the gay, lesbian, and trans -- transgender community has made a great deal of progress over the years.

We thought we'd seen everything. But this really takes the cake.

Great Republican running against Albano, though shunned by GOP establishment

Mike Franco is a stellar pro-family Republican candidate, running against Albano. He knows about the problems with activist judges, is fearless, and won't back down to the liberal establishment. We've known him for years and he's a first-rate guy.

Mike Franco is well-known in conservative circles. And of course, he's dissed by the RINO establishment.

Unfortunately, Mike's long-time principled conservatism has had the usual effect: The RINO Massachusetts GOP has shunned him and the well-funded moderate "pro-family" PAC has refused to help him. Even Scott Brown's campaign, which is trying to curry favor with the "gay" community, has stayed away.

But despite all that, Mike is running one of the best Governor's Council campaigns we've seen. He has incredible support from the local Tea Parties. There are hundreds of signs around, constant standouts, great press coverage and even radio ads. (Albano, on the other hand, has no signs; he says that signs are "bad for the environment"!) Many experts are saying Mike has a good chance of winning this one.

Springfield newspaper endorses Albano

Albano has also been linked to corruption, which has become publicly discussed in the campaign. But today the (left-wing) local newspaper, the Springfield Republican, endorsed Albano -- no surprise there.

Here's the latest local TV coverage of this race:

We'll find out Tuesday

This is what we're up against. As we've said before, what starts here usually ends up spreading across the country. But real Massachusetts conservatives are fighting hard.

If you live in the 8th District (i.e., the western part of Massachusetts) please tell ALL your friends to vote for Mike Franco!