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Did State Board of Education use radical transgender group's document to draft their directive for state's schools?

Radical lobbying group's similar document published three months earlier

POSTED: March 1, 2013

Parents across the state have been outraged at the extreme nature of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's controversial Guidelines document released on February 15, 2013.

How did that bizarre document come about? Who came up with all those outrageous "queer theory" requirements for schools? Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester recently explained that the Department talked to a wide variety of administrators, athletic people, superintendents and "a variety of other groups."

This may be closer to the truth: A document dated November 2012 -- just three months earlier -- was published by the radical Mass. Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC). It's titled "Best Practices for Serving Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students in Schools". It is shockingly similar to the Department's document. Moreover, along with other homosexual and transgender groups, the MTPC appears have been working closely with the Department on this issue.

This document was not released publicly on the MTPC website until this week. So they were likely working behind the scenes with Department since it was published in November.

To say the least, it's very disturbing. MTPC is in our estimation one of the most dangerous groups in the state regarding children.

It would appear that most of it came from this outrageous group's recommendations.

Like the Department's document, it makes reference to GLSEN's climate survey. But it also references the ultra-radical World Professional Association of Transgender Health Standards of Care. It recommends BAGLY and Boston Glass as youth support groups. In our opinion these are very dangerous organizations for anyone, particularly children.

The MTPC also is bragging that they are sending this document to every school in the state. There's no question in our minds that this is being done with the Department's cooperation.

It no longer surprises us when education officials are driven by their connections with radical homosexual and transgender groups. But at this level of government we would have thought they could have been a little more honest about it.