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What Boston "Gay Pride" reveals about the LGBT movement in America. Multi-part series begins.

POSTED: June 19, 2013

Is this our future?

Everything you'd want to know about the homosexual-transgender movement in America -- its goals, its dark and destructive sides, its targets, its supporters (including many you'd be surprised by) -- is brought out in the open during the huge public "gay pride" events in major US cities. In many ways, these are their public statements to the rest of us.

Most of America is shown "gay" life on television and in the media in a very sanitized way, as if it were natural and the latest "civil rights" struggle.

But almost no one in America has ever seen a "gay pride parade" or an accompanying "gay festival." Boston's are among the biggest anywhere in the country.

The "gay festival" at the end of the parade on June 8.

A multi-part series

On Saturday, June 8, the largest "gay pride parade" and "gay festival" in the city's history took place in downtown Boston. There are very few places where the homosexual movement is this open about what they're really all about.

Over the next several weeks we will be publishing a multi-part series on themes from the Boston parade and the festival. It will include topics such as attacks on religion, health issues, destructive sex practices, domestic violence, corporate support, and more. You will be shocked by what you see.

Part 1: The transgender agenda