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Reacting to LGBT ‘gala banquet’ in Boston: Citizens confront corporate America’s lavish funding of the national homosexual movement.

People finally fighting back!

POSTED: December 5, 2014

In the week leading up to Nov. 22, MassResistance ignited an unusual pro-family backlash against corporate America’s funding of the destructive radical homosexual and transgender movement. And the companies were not prepared for it.

It is having an effect, and over time we will have more success. Yes, more of your work is needed. The attitude in these companies is bizarre (as you’ll see below). We are on the right track. This is a critical new direction we believe pro-family activists need to take.

The logo for the Nov. 22 banquet.

Human Rights Campaign’s “gala fundraising banquet” in Boston

As we reported, the national homosexual group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) scheduled its “gala” regional fundraising banquet in Boston for Saturday, Nov. 22. A who’s who of major corporations were listed as sponsors, donating as much as $25,000 each. We focused on four of the largest sponsors of the banquet: Liberty Mutual Insurance, Citizens Bank, Staples, and CVS.

The outrages they were funding

There is plenty about HRC that has outraged people. The group had recently begun a series of vicious personal attacks on several pro-family leaders, which have even incited death threats. HRC uses its funding to push aggressive and psychologically intrusive LGBT programs in the nation’s elementary schools. They also fund powerful and sophisticated lobbying efforts for laws to essentially criminalize Christian belief in the workplace.

From HRC's website -- an example of what they are doing in elementary schools
across the country.

And just days before the banquet, Terry Bean, the founder and current Board member of HRC was arrested for sodomizing a 15-year-old boy! You would think that news, which has been widely reported, would deter corporations from giving money to such a group. (Not surprisingly, HRC has not condemned this or even mentioned it on its website.)

See our report on the HRC’s attacks on the pro-family America here.

The backlash starts!

Starting a week before the banquet, people in Massachusetts, across America and as far away as Europe took action. They repeatedly emailed and telephoned the corporate headquarters of these four companies. They signed our petition.  There was a flood of outrage over all the issues we’ve brought up. 

Many people sent us copies of what they’d emailed and told us about their conversations with the corporations. Lots of people told these companies that they were going to take their business elsewhere, including moving their insurance policies and drug prescriptions and closing their bank accounts. (Very few people got the courtesy of a reply.)

Others took even more action. Some people leafleted the companies’ local stores. Some went to their local Citizens Bank branches and complained to the managers. But was it enough?

At the banquet

It appears that all four of the companies went to the banquet, although they won’t tell us one way or the other. Hundreds of photos were taken at the banquet by HRC’s people and posted on Facebook, in homosexual newspapers and other places. But none of the photos specifically identify anyone from those four companies, which is odd since two of the companies were the primary sponsors of the event. (You’d think they’d be proud of it!)

The backdrop had the names of the major corporate sponsors, but nothing else we could find identified them as being there.

On the other hand, the newly elected Attorney General, Maura Healey, an “out” lesbian, was very prominent at the banquet and in photos. (We can just imagine what the next four years are going to be like here in Massachusetts.)

Attorney General-elect Maura Healey, a lesbian activist, proudly addressed the banquet.
Photo: Bay Windows

Confronting the companies again

Ten days after the banquet and after the flood of emails and calls they had already received, we at MassResistance called all four companies and spoke with people in their corporate offices. 

As we’ve observed in the past, the broad homosexual agenda is only one of society’s pathologies that are funded by large corporations. It’s not by accident. Talking with people in the higher levels of these companies regarding these issues can be very strange. There is often a feeling of complete disconnect from reality. They have drunk the Kool-Aid, so to speak, and they have no interest or compassion for the effects on society -- or even how their customers feel about it. They simply see their efforts as promoting “diversity.”

We went over the sordid list of outrages with them. We told them that no normal people would give money to a group that is involved with these activities. From a general moral or ethical perspective, it didn’t seem to bother these people at all. But they became uncomfortable when confronted personally about them.

Nevertheless, no matter how horrific this subject matter is, there’s a certain arrogance at corporations that never goes away. None of the companies would rule out donating to this group again. None of the companies would even agree to meet with anybody from our side and discuss this. In other words, the pressure needs to continue.

Here are some of the things we were told. A few of the comments were pretty insulting.

CVS:  They claimed this was the first they’d heard of any complaints. We were told, “Thank you for reaching out to us. We are a diverse organization and we support diversity.” But the quote that says it all: Regarding HRC’s founder being arrested for sodomizing a 15-year-old boy, the person told us, “We can’t comment on personnel issues.”

Liberty Mutual Insurance: When we described how the targets of HRC’s attacks on pro-family individuals had resulted in death threats, the woman we spoke to had no reaction except that we should “Go to the authorities; notify the police” when that happens. She had no opinion about whether it was appropriate to financially support such a group.

Citizens Bank. They indicated they’d gotten a fair amount of feedback. But they seemed unaffected by the offensive nature of the complaints. They simply told us they were “documenting our thoughts” and “would take it into consideration.” They’ve logged the names, phone numbers, and messages of those who have contacted them. Citizens Bank also sent form letters to a few of those who are their customers.

Staples. Early on, Staples insisted to one person that they had never agreed to sponsor the banquet, which was clearly false. But the stock answer from Staples to those who phoned them has been that they haven’t had any prior complaints. The man we spoke with listened to ours, then asked us to email him the specific information we told him about. We were given no further clue as to what they were going to do with it or if they would get back to us.

It was certainly clear that no one had previously confronted these corporations regarding their support for the radical and destructive LGBT agenda. We’ve definitely gotten their attention and maybe shaken them up a bit. But it’s also very clear that we need to continue the pressure on these companies.

Our demands:

People everywhere are sick and tired of major corporations funding some of the most anti-Christian, immoral, and destructive attacks on society. Now that we’ve started, we can’t let up.

We are demanding that these companies:

1. Agree NOT to fund this organization (or similar groups) in the future.

2. Agree to meet with a pro-family representative to discuss their funding of other objectionable LGBT activities (such as participation in “Pride” parades).

3. Agree not to take retribution against any employee who disagrees with the LGBT agenda at that company.

But to make this happen, you must KEEP UP THE PRESSURE.  We will keep you updated. If you can get involved in any way, please let us know!

Please take five minutes and email (or call!) these companies.

Sign our petition HERE

Pro-family blackout? Help spread the word on this!

Many people have asked us why this crucial effort seems to have been largely ignored by the mainstream pro-family movement and right-leaning news sites. Except for a few hard-hitting sites such as BarbWire it’s basically gone un-reported.  (They’ve all jumped on the Terry Bean story, but not included our actions against the corporations funding his organization.)

Instead, News and information about this has been spread by a lot of emails and social media.

Actually, we anticipated that to some extent, so it doesn’t surprise us. What’s going on? Here’s what we’ve observed:

  1. “Too aggressive.” Some respected national activists recently told us that our “aggressive” approach makes most pro-family groups uncomfortable. They believe that our side must be polite and respectful. But how well has that worked?
  2. Afraid of the wrath of HRC. A lot of conservatives are very afraid of being labeled a “hater” by HRC, the SPLC, or the other homosexual groups. So they steer clear of overtly offending them by going after their funding.
  3. Fear loss of advertising revenue. Most conservative news sites are heavily funded by advertising revenue. If they support or encourage a confrontation against major corporations, that could lead to a loss of  advertising. It’s a real big problem with local talk radio in Boston, which is why “conservative” talk-show hosts won’t touch this.
  4. “Not our project.” Big pro-family groups are often reluctant to support a project that’s being run by another group. This has a lot to do with fundraising pressures, and to be truthful, a bit of institutional jealousy. Since the Left has more lavish funding (largely because of fewer cowardly big donors on the “gay” issue), it’s much less of a problem for them.

The pro-family movement can be very confusing and self-defeating at times. We think it’s important to move forward. In a previous post we discussed the New Movement and a new paradigm for taking back America. This is something that everyone can get involved with! The time is now!


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