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Pro-family "moderates" attempting to suppress next week’s conference on “Homosexuality – the politically incorrect truth.” Threats from LGBT lobby also expected.

Huge battle coming up in Salt Lake City starting this week. Major “culture war” conferences – from both sides – are in town.

POSTED: October 22 2015
The radical homosexual group "Human Rights Campaign" is also in Salt Lake City this week to harrass and intimidate our side -- and the pro-family "moderates" are terrified & backing down.

Salt Lake City is the epicenter of the “culture war” for the next several days. But if anyone wants to know why we’re losing this war (for now), what’s been happening there this past week is Exhibit A.

In order to appease the radical LGBT movement by sacrificing principle, a group of pro-family moderates in Utah is actively trying to suppress this Monday’s one-day hard-hitting conference on “Understanding Homosexuality – The Politically Incorrect Truth.” It’s shameful cowardice.

According to Cherilyn Eagar, a conference organizer,

We have assembled some of the most noted leaders from around the U.S. and Canada to gather at this first-time conference. The goal is to begin to educate and inform, to provide the latest medical and social science facts, to strengthen the religious and moral message, and to give hope and healing to those who are suffering.

Our group is responsible for covering the expenses of the speakers. We are less than a week away, but because of opposition to this event and to those who are speaking the truth, we've not yet reached our funding goal. We appreciate all the donations that have been coming in to help.

As we describe below, pro-family “moderates” have caved in to the LGBT intimidation.

Dubbed “#Stand4Truth,” it’s possibly the most powerful conference to date dealing with the radical LGBT agenda and has attracted an all-star cast of  nationally-known medical experts, scientists, therapists, a range of clergy, ex-gays, and others. It is sponsored by major national pro-family groups, including MassResistance.

You can still register to watch this conference online!

Converging on Salt Lake City

What is going on that has spooked the pro-family “moderates” so much? During these last two weeks of October, Salt Lake City is the eye of the culture-war hurricane. Here’s what’s happening there:

  • Last week, from Oct. 15-19, the “Parliament of World’s Religions, a left-wing group that supports “gay marriage,” had a massive conference in Salt Lake City, with thousands of people promoting the left-wing religious agenda.

  • This Friday and Saturday, Oct. 23 and 24, the radical homosexual organization “Human Rights Campaign” is having a conference in Salt Lake City, which they’re calling an “Inclusive Families Conference.” This was organized last summer specifically to counter the World Congress of Families conference a few days afterwards (see below).
  • Right after that, on Monday, Oct. 26, the unflinching #Stand4Truth “Understanding homosexuality – the politically incorrect truth” will take place in Salt Lake City, sponsored by major national pro-family groups, including MassResistance.
  • Starting the following day, from Oct. 27-30 is the huge World Congress of Families (WCF) conference. It features an impressive variety of critical family-related topics and issues, presented by scholars from around the globe. This is the first time the WCF conference has been held in the United States. Utah’s Governor and Attorney General are both expected to give speeches there.

Brutal harassment tactics by homosexual activists expected

According to numerous reports, the homosexual movement intends their Inclusive Families Conference as a springboard to harass and intimidate the WCF conference and likely the #Stand4Truth conference (though ours is in a very secure venue). They have already launched a vicious campaign of hateful rhetoric against WCF in the Salt Lake City area.

This, of course, is the modus operandi of the LGBT movement. They cannot answer the documented facts, research, and testimony by victims of homosexual-related behaviors. So they always resort to the most savage tactics they can muster to demonize and intimidate pro-family people. But it won’t work with us. And MassResistance will be there.

Reaction by pro-family moderates: Appeasement and compromise

Sadly, the reaction by pro-family moderates in Utah to the hate-filled LGBT fury has been appeasement and compromise of principles. Some have made statements to the effect that they’re really not “anti-gay” and are willing to “come together” to work out our differences with the LGBT radicals. This approach never works. It only incites them further because they (rightly) sense spiritual weakness.

Over the last week, a group of prominent Utah pro-family establishment types has aggressively put out the word by email, phone, and some social media that the Understanding Homosexuality conference on the 26th is sending the wrong message. They are advising people to steer clear, refuse to attend, and not support it with donations. This has had a difficult financial effect, of course. But it has not stopped the energy and enthusiasm for this conference, and people are still registering. Many regular people have reacted by sending in their own donations.

A big week coming up

This will be a big week in the culture war. People from literally all over the world are converging in Salt Lake City. There has never been a national conference in the US like “Understanding Homosexuality” that will take place on Monday. The organizers deserve your support! You can donate here (scroll down on page).

MassResistance will be there to get you a full report.

NOTE: You can still register here to watch the “Understanding Homosexuality conference via streaming video.

The conference is organized by The Liberty Lineup, a group of incredible pro-family activists in Utah with a daily show on KTKK/KTalk Radio AM 630.


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