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VIDEOS: Stand4Truth national conference on "Understanding homosexuality -- the politically incorrect truth"

Oct. 26 event in Salt Lake City was a big success! Watch it here.

UPDATED: Jan 21 2016

The Stand4Truth conference on "Understanding homosexuality - the politically correct truth" was a big success, despite shameful efforts by "pro-family" moderates to subvert it. We've now posted it below!

Sandy Rios of American Family Association served as moderator & host of the conference.

The impact of the normalization of homosexuality in the workplace, the classroom, the church, and the family reaches into every facet of modern life with ominous implications for the future of society. The average person must learn how to understand it and confront it. This conference will help you do that!

VIDEOS of the conference speeches and panels:

MORNING KEYNOTE: Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council
Deconstructing the phony “gay identity” paradigm, the false Civil Rights arguments being used to push LGBT non-discrimination laws, and more.

PANEL 1: The Truth About Reparative Therapy & Psychological Research
How reparative therapy works wonders to heal people who want help. Explores the abuse, addictions, psychological issues, personality disorders, and unmet needs behind homosexual behavior. This is what the LGBT movement is trying to stamp out.
Licensed therapists Robert Vazzo and David Pickup

PANEL 2: The Truth About Censored Medical Evidence
Diseases associated with LGBT behaviors. Examination of the homosexual movement’s issues with pornography and its push to lower the age of consent. How big business is pushing sexuality on children. The junk science being fed to people, and the medical profession’s aggressive refusal to recognize true science over political correctness.
John Harmer, JD, Keith Vennum, MD, and Paul Church, MD.

AFTERNOON KEYNOTE- Rev. Bill Owens, President of Coalition of African American Pastors
The REAL Civil Rights movement as told by someone who lived through it, and what it means today with the LGBT movement attempting to hijack it. A very moving speech.

PANEL 3: The Truth About Laws Based on Lies & Constitutional VooDoo
The vicious attack on our religious freedom by America’s legal system and our elected bodies – and what we should be doing about it.
Mat Staver, JD (Liberty Counsel), Frank Mylar, JD (Alliance Defending Freedom), David Pickup, LMFT, and Peter LaBarbera (Americans for Truth about Homosexuality)

PANEL 4: The Truth About Adulterated Doctrine
What the Bible really says, how bad things have gotten, and how people of faith need to take action. Also, how faith can help children caught up in homosexuality.
Dr. Michael Brown, Stephen and Janice Graham, Brian Camenker (MassResistance), and Pastor Dave Welch (President, US and Houston Area Pastors Council)

EVENING KEYNOTE - Pastor Dave Welch of “The Houston Five”
How the ministers in Houston fought against the brutal imposition of a transgender rights ordinance -- that’s been successfully overturned.

PANEL 5: The Truth About Real People and Homosexuality
Real stories about coming out of homosexuality and transgenderism, and a chilling first-hand description of what “gay parenting” really does to a child.
Kimberly Johnson, Drew Graham, Dawn Stefanowicz, Walt Heyer, and Janet Boynes

PANEL 6: The Truth About Where to go From Here
Where the pro-family movement’s strategies are failing. The frightening situation in Canada that will likely come to America. And what we should be doing to move forward.
Brian Camenker (MassResistance), Dawn Stefanowicz, Regina Griggs, Liberty Lineup Radio Show Hosts


Several of the presenters held a press conference to answer questions from the media. From left: Peter LaBarbera, Brian Camenker, Stephen Graham, Regina Griggs, Walt Heyer, Dawn Stefanowicz, David Pickup, Cherilyn Eagar, Peter Sprigg, Sandy Rios, Rev. Bill Owens, Janet Boynes, Pastor Dave Welch. Not surprisingly, the pro-"gay" media stayed away!

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