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Here’s what we expose – watch this disturbing 3-minute video of a state-sponsored “gay youth” event.

MassResistance does what no other pro-family groups do.

POSTED: Dec 29 2015

No other pro-family group anywhere does what MassResistance does. The radical LGBT movement targets kids in public schools across the country. And they lure them to their off-campus “pride” events – usually paid for with tax dollars. Most citizens have no idea. But we expose it so you know what’s really happening. And we help you fight back.

Here’s a 3-minute MassResistance video taken at a state-sponsored “Youth Pride” event in Boston. Kids as young as 12 were brought in from across the state. 

The LGBT activists claim it’s about “safety.”  You decide . . . .

Wait till you see our videos from the 2015 event, which will be posted soon.

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At the "Youth Pride" event -- a table with condoms, sex lubricant, other sexual paraphernalia, and ... candy bars.


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