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Mass. GOP Governor appoints radical LGBT activist as Appeals Court Judge. Confirmation vote on Wednesday. Take action!

We’ve been saying it for years: This is what voting for “the lesser of two evils” brings.

POSTED: December 8 2015

Conservatives are always being told that we must hold our nose and vote for the Republican candidate, no matter how bad he is. We at MassResistance have consistently said that doing that simply gives them a green light to ignore conservatives completely. This should be a “teachable moment” in that regard.

Vickie Henry (left) poses with "gay" youth.
Photo: GLAD

Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker, less than a year into office, has nominated Vickie Henry, an activist lawyer at the infamous radical LGBT legal group Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, to be a judge on the State Appeals Court. You can read Gov. Baker’s letter nominating Vickie Henry.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker

If the legal system in Massachusetts isn’t already heavily biased against the pro-family people, it’s about get much worse. In our opinion, she the most frightening judicial nominees in memory. This includes the eight-year term the  recent far-left Gov. Patrick.

How dangerous is GLAD?

Vickie Henry is an attorney for the Boston-based Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD).  How radical is GLAD? These people are out to seriously change society. Some of their past efforts include:

  • Defending sex solicitation in public restrooms. GLAD’s first major case in 1978 was successfully defending the right of homosexual men to solicit for sex in the Boston Public Library restrooms.
  • Defending sex in public places. GLAD sued and successfully forced the Massachusetts State Police to allow public sex in the lavatories and the surrounding woods at highway rest stops, public parks (such as Minuteman Park in Lexington), etc.
  • LGBT activities schools. GLAD has successfully forced public schools to allow boys to dress as girls, “gay” clubs in the schools, and other LGBT activities.
  • Threatening schools. GLAD regularly threatens schools with legal action if they do not allow homosexual and transgender programs, clubs, and other activities. They also coach students and activist teachers to threaten such action against administrators.
  • “Gay marriage” lawsuits. GLAD was the primary group that sued for “gay marriage” in Massachusetts, and helped sue in several other states around the country to overturn their laws.
  • Sex-change public funding. Taxpayer funding of transgender "transitioning" procedures.
  • Suing Catholic school. GLAD is currently suing a Catholic school, Fontbonne Academy, to force them to employ a homosexual “married” to another man.

Nominee Vickie Henry is a key part of GLAD’s legal team.

Vickie Henry’s work at GLAD

GLAD has a special "Youth rights" page to help activists threaten schools that don't go along with their agenda. It includes Vickie Henry's photo.

Her title is “Youth Initiative Director.” This is activist-speak for being the legal point-person to force the LGBT agenda for children into schools and government agencies that deal with families. Her activities have included:

  • Threatening schools. Helped GLAD threaten schools which did not cooperate with the homosexual agenda. Her photo appears on GLAD’s special “LGBT Youth Rights” web area for that purpose.
  • State youth & family agencies.  She worked with the Dept. of Children and Families in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island to help implement policies to force oppressive “gay-friendly” policies on employees, case workers, foster parents, and others.
  • Anti-bullying law. Helped craft and lobby for unscientific state anti-bullying law that forces schools to implement LGBT programs and “diversity training.”
  • Overturn DOMA. Was part of GLAD’s legal team helping overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
  • “Gay Marriage.”  Was part of the lawsuit to overturn Michigan’s statewide ban on “gay marriage.”

How radical is she?  Read her article, “Have No LGBTQ Youth Clients? Think Again: What Every Attorney Representing Youth Needs to Know,” published in the Boston Bar Journal.

Unbiased judge in pro-family cases? Vickie Henry'photo is prominent on GLAD's LGBTQ Youth Rights page.

She is also a former member of the Board of Directors of MassEquality, a hardcore LGBT political lobbying group which pushes homosexual and transgender legislation and public funding for LGBT activities in the Massachusetts Legislature.

Needless to say, Vickie Henry will be every pro-family citizen’s worst nightmare as a judge.

Here's what GLAD is telling activists who want to pressure your schools.

What happens on Wednesday and what should you do?

The vote on Vickie Henry’s confirmation takes place this Wednesday, Dec. 9, at noon at the State House.

In Massachusetts the eight-member Governor’s Council, elected every two years, must confirm the Governor’s judicial nominations. In the case of a tie, the Lt. Governor, who usually chairs the meeting, can vote. The Governor’s council meets every Wednesday at noon in a room the Governor’s offices in the State House. The public may attend.

To be honest, the current Governor’s Council members – 7 Democrats and 1 Republican, and also the Republican Lt. Governor – are basically in the tank with the liberal agenda. On paper, this vote is pretty hard to stop.

NEVERTHELESS, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Amazing things can happen when lots of people voice their outrage.

The Governor’s Council Contact Page is HERE. You can EMAIL and even CALL all eight counselors. Let every one of them know that it is unacceptable to have someone so radical, so biased, and so outrageously anti-family as a State Judge.

Yes, blame this on Mass. “sunshine conservatives”

We cannot accuse Gov. Baker of being duplicitous in any way. From the very beginning, when he started running for Governor, was upfront about where he stood. He told the Boston Globe he was “to the left of Barack Obama on social issues.”  He marched in the Gay Pride parade. He was publicly pro-abortion. His campaign featured a video of his “gay” brother promoting “gay marriage”. His staff was surprisingly candid about their disdain for conservatives.

Baker could have been put through a spirited primary fight with a real conservative. He could have been forced to heed a determined pro-family constituency in his election run. But instead, conservatives across the state sold their souls for the “sure” possibility of electing a GOP governor again. Prominent conservative activists and office holders worked to derail and marginalize the campaign of businessman Mark Fisher, Baker’s pro-family challenger in the Republican primary.  

If pro-family conservatives had stuck to their principles from day one, would things be different? We think so.

But for now, PLEASE contact the Governor’s Council members about this!

And of course . . . fawning media coverage of upcoming vote

What would an LGBT activist be without fawning media coverage? State House News Service covers the State House for lots of area media outlets. They rarely mention much about judicial appointments except for the name and maybe a sentence or two of background in an encapsulation of the day’s events.

But this was different. The News Service tossed aside all objectivity and did an entire puff-piece article on this “hard working” nominee! Read the article here.


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