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Tennessee county battling LGBT onslaught over “gay” club in high school. Showdown at school board meeting this Monday. MassResistance coming to help!

Local parents ask MassResistance to come to Tennessee and help with this fight!

POSTED: March 12 2016
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[NOTE: Our report on Monday's school board meeting here.]

Public school officials and outspoken local parents in Franklin County, Tennessee, are being viciously targeted by state and national LGBT activists because the community objects to a homosexual “GSA” club in the local high school, and is taking steps to remove it. A showdown will likely take place at this Monday’s school board meeting (Mar. 14) when an official vote to ban the club is taken.

Homosexual activists from across the state came to a recent School Board meeting to intimidate local parents.

But the local parents weren't intimidated. They held up Christian flags in solidarity.

Local parents, including a School Board member, have contacted MassResistance for help dealing with the situation. Brian Camenker of MassResistance will be arriving in Tennessee on Sunday!

Over the last two months this issue has erupted like a forest fire throughout the county. Hundreds of people have become involved. LGBT activists from the nearby University of the South, from across Tennessee, neighboring states, and as far away as Colorado have come to Franklin County to demonstrate and to intimidate the townspeople. A savage social media campaign against some of the outspoken parents, their families and their businesses is also taking place.

This has also been heavily reported in the local media and even some national media. (See some links below.) And of course, prominent homosexual blogs and websites have obsessed over this.

Posting on the MTV webbsite to gather support from homosexuals across the country against the Franklin County parents.

What are GSAs?

“Gay Straight Alliance” clubs (GSAs) are not local student-run clubs the way most people understand them. GSAs are a product of the national homosexual activist organization GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network). GLSEN’s website provides instructions and curricula for GSAs, and strategies for setting them up, running them, and even dealing with uncooperative school officials.

GSA clubs have been organized in high schools and middle schools across the country by activist adults, and are usually run by homosexual activist teachers. Among other things, these “clubs” attract troubled kids and seek to make them comfortable with homosexuality and transgenderism, push LGBT programs and activities school wide, connect the kids with outside LGBT activities, and even give kids homosexual sex paraphernalia and literature as well as anti-religious propaganda. GSAs were started by nationally known homosexual activist and GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings.

“GSA” club suddenly appeared in school, in mid-January

These things usually get started in secrecy. According to reports, the planning for the GSA club in Franklin County High School began in December of last year.  The key players were members of the nearby University of the South (of which Brian Camenker of MassResistance is an alumnus) many of whom were already involved with the high school, and also at least one other adult-run homosexual activist group in the region. They got a faculty sponsor, and the pro-LGBT school superintendent approved the project. Parents were not informed of these plans.

In mid-January, the GSA club burst onto the scene in the high school. It took a lot of people by surprise in the school and the larger community.

Reaction in the school and community – and retribution by LGBT activists

Franklin County considers itself to be part of the “Bible belt” and a homosexual club suddenly appearing in the high school shocked and angered a lot of people. One student said that a recent effort to start a fishing club at the school was rejected -- and he couldn’t understand why a “gay” club was allowed instead.

The reaction came pretty quickly. After the club began putting up its GSA signs in the school, some Christian students started posting “straight pride” signs. (Homosexual activists demanded they be taken down, as “hate speech.”) Two outraged parents started a FaceBook page to discuss the GSA issue and encourage parents to attend the next School Board meeting. The page garnered a heated discussion about homosexuality and is no longer up.

The GSA poster and the students' reaction

But it got the attention of a large number of parents in the county – as well as the ire of homosexual activists across the U.S. It got even bigger as local media and the national LGBT blogs and websites (and some national mainstream media) started to cover the story.

Retribution against the parents, families, businesses by LGBT activists

The parents’ public criticism of the GSA in their children’s school infuriated the local LGBT activists and those at the nearby University of the South. They lashed out and began a vicious, profane, and hateful social media campaign against the parents, their businesses in the community, and their children. It was disgusting. Here are a few examples:

From the "love and tolerance" crowd:

John Wimley, a parent, spoke out against the GSAs. Homosexual activists are viciously attacking him and his young daughter, on social media and are trying to close down his local business.

In this post, his daughter Alysia tries to defend her father -- and here's how they reply . . .

Read more of the homosexual activists' disgusting posts against this family. (Caution: obscene language)

It doesn't stop with social media. At least one of the School Committee members has received numerous threatening phone calls referring to his criticisms of the GSA. The caller-ID numbers are from the University of the South campus, he said.

Hundreds show up at Feb. 8 School Committee meeting

The following School Committee meeting, held on Feb. 8, did not have the GSA issue on its agenda. But after word got out that a parent had signed up to speak against the GSA before the Board that evening, two LGBT activists also signed up to speak. (People must sign up at least a week in advance in order to speak.)

In addition, approximately 300 people filled the hall to make a statement by their presence. About two-thirds were LGBT activists who came from the University, from across Tennessee, and (we were told) as far away as Colorado. They came to pressure and intimidate the School Committee and the community not to do anything to stop the GSA. The other third were local parents who were there to protest the GSA.

At that meeting, the parent who spoke against the GSA passionately discussed GSA-related material from the MassResistance website, including the horrific GLSEN “Fistgate” conference that kids from GSAs across the state were brought to. The LGBT activists who spoke tried to persuade the Board that the GSA’s were only about “love” and “tolerance”.

Legal threat from the ACLU – and Liberty Counsel comes to the rescue!

School Board members began feeling the same concern and outrage as their constituents about the GSA clubs and their true nature. There was talk about a vote to ban the club from the school at the next meeting.

The LGBT movement turned up the heat. The ACLU sent a letter to each school principal in the county, telling them that they had no legal recourse but to allow GSA clubs. And they warned that they would sue the school system if it tried to hinder the current  GSA club in any way. Board members became very uneasy and were considering giving up. One Board member told MassResistance that the Board didn’t know of any lawyers who believed they could legally stand up to this.

We contacted our friends at Liberty Counsel, which has a strong record fighting these kinds of legal battles. Liberty Counsel immediately called the School Board member and told him that the ACLU was wrong, that the School Board could definitely move forward on this, and that Liberty Counsel would assist them! That solved a lot of anxieties.

It’s generally been assumed the Federal Equal Access Act requires that all school clubs be closed down if a GSA is closed down. Board members are willing to consider that. But a closer reading of the text of the Act doesn’t require that in the case of national GSA-like clubs, others say.

Showdown this Monday, March 14

With a good legal group now backing them, a decision has been made to take a vote at the School Board’s upcoming meeting this Monday, March 14.

When word of an upcoming vote got out, local parents asked Brian Camenker of MassResistance to come to Franklin County and be part of the fight!  Even though the parents in Franklin County are solidly against the GSA, because of the intimidation and the waves of propaganda in the media, it could be a close vote or even a tie. The LGBT movement is gearing up for a big battle. But parents across the county are not backing down one bit. And they consider our help to be essential.

If the Board does the right thing, listens to their outraged constituents, and votes to disband the GSA club in the face of the LGBT movement, it will be a great show of pro-family strength. And it could be the start of a larger counter-revolution  in other places!

We will have a full report for you from Franklin County, TN.

The LGBT movement plans to be at the meeting, to intimidate, etc.
The LGBT activists aren't happy that MassResistance is going to be there!

Some of the media reports so far:



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