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Battle continues in Mass State House over LGBT bill to ban therapy for youth on sexual orientation issues

Nationwide push by radicals now in Massachusetts

Vote postponed until next Wednesday, Jan. 27!

POSTED: January 22, 2016

The battle continues in the Massachusetts State House to stop Bill H97– the cruel bill being pushed by the LGBT movement which would make it illegal for licensed therapists to give critical treatment to youth on sexual-orientation or gender-identity issues.

Office to office. A team of MassResistance activists pauses for a photo just outside of the office of Rep. Paul Donato, the Second Assistant Majority Leader.

This bill is being pushed in legislatures across the country by well-funded LGBT lobbying groups. The battle that happens here will also be happening in other states!

Some breathing room. As we previously reported, the bill had cleared all its House committees and was scheduled to be taken up in the full House session yesterday --Thursday, Jan. 21. But earlier this week we were informed that the House session has been postponed until next Wed., Jan. 27 (due to the Governor’s address to the state). So there’s some more breathing room!

We told it like it is. (See the handouts below.)

Into the State House

On Tuesday and Wednesday, teams of MassResistance activists went office to office in the State House to educate State Reps and their staffs about the critical importance of stopping this bill. They also distributed packets of information.

Lots of Reps also heard from their constituents. The American Family Association stepped up and, teaming with MassResistance, emailed all their Massachusetts people, informing them of the bill and urging them to call their State Reps immediately.

American Family Association sent emails to all their people in Massachusetts to alert them and activate them!

In addition, key legislators received phone calls from upset people in Massachusetts, across America (and in Canada!) about the offensive nature of this bill!

Handing out hard-hitting information

The MassResistance activists came to the State House armed with lots of powerful information, which they hand delivered to the politicians’ offices. Among the handouts:

1. MassResistance overview of the bill - and the lies from the LGBT lobby.. We’ve studied the bill carefully, talked to people who would be affected by it, and watched the LGBT lobby’s dishonest efforts to persuade lawmakers to pass it. This handout tells it like it is in less than two pages.

2. Letter to Massachusetts Legislature from American College of Pediatricians. Earlier this week, the American College of Pediatricians prepared this letter for Massachusetts lawmakers on Bill H97. It describes banning this therapy as “turning reality on its head.” It is signed by three distinguished doctors: Dr. Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins, Quentin VanMeter, a pediatric endocrinologist, and Michelle Cretella, president of the organization. They forwarded the letter to MassResistance to deliver to the legislators, which we did on Wednesday.

3. Letter from a mother whose son was seeing a therapist because of traumatic childhood experiences that often lead to homosexuality. This is very moving, and well researched. She doesn’t pull any punches.

In her letter, the mother tells the legislators:

This law would prevent these young people from receiving the therapy they need to overcome childhood traumas and would instead only allow therapies that would encourage feelings and behaviors that have developed from them.

Would we ever encourage a child to accept their anorexia? . . . We would not because anorexia is linked to negative childhood experiences causing behaviors and feelings that are physically and psychologically harmful to the individual experiencing this condition.

Likewise, homosexual thoughts and behaviors lead to unstable and multiple relationships throughout their lives, a 25 to 30 year decrease in life expectancy, chronic and potentially fatal liver disease, infectious hepatitis and risk of liver cancer, HIV/AIDS and other immune diseases and associated cancers, fatal rectal cancer, multiple bowel and other infectious diseases, depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, higher than average rates of alcoholism drug addiction and other mental health issues. (See the Center of Disease Control website, which also consistently shows that only 2% of the population is LGBT, as opposed to the 10% figure propagated by the activist community.)

Confronting the Reps on H97: What we found

After two days of going office to office in the State House (there are 160 State Representatives), there weren’t a lot of surprises. The LGBT lobby is powerful, but they are not as overwhelming as many people think. Most Reps had heard of the bill but only vaguely knew what it was about. A few had never heard of it at all. We made sure to change that, usually talking with their staff. Some were quite shocked when they got our information.

Many of the Reps commented on the volume of calls they’ve received on this!

The hard-left contingent were already lined up to support the bill. And a surprising number of both Republicans and Democrats were already against it. We did our best to reinforce that!

A battle to the end

We don’t think that the LGBT lobby was counting on this kind of confrontation from our side. But even though this should be a relatively easy fight – this bill is so horrible on its face – it's not. The opponents and their allies in the mainstream media do not give up any ground. They will use any kind of deceit and disinformation to get their way.

So it will be an uphill battle right up to the end. And we intend to fight it. The House session – the bill’s so-called “second reading” and initial vote -- is this coming Wed, Jan. 27. We’ll keep you informed.

What you must do:

If you live in Massachusetts:

1. Find who your State Representative (House member) is and click on the photo to get the contact info. Then CALL and demand that he vote “NO” on this bill. (See sample phone script below.)

2. Can you come to the State House with us on Tuesday, Jan. 26 for a few hours? There are still a few more Reps to contact. If you can help, please email us or call our office (781-890-6001).

If you live inside or outside of Massachusetts:

Can you make some additional phone calls from your home? If so, please email us or call our office (781-890-6001) and we’ll give you everything you need!


Sample phone script:

1. Make sure that you’re speaking to Rep. XXXX’s office

2. “Good morning/afternoon, my name is XXXXX”

3. Are you aware of Bill H97?

Bill H97 is coming up for a vote in the House session on Wednesday. H97 is a very dangerous bill. It would ban professional counseling that would help youth deal with sexual-orientation or sexual identity problems.

Many children have been the victim of rape, sexual molestation, exposure to pornography, abuse, etc., or other serious issues. They can become traumatized and even suicidal. This kind of counseling -- to help them heal -- can literally be a life-saver.

This bill has already been rejected by 20 state legislatures across America – because it puts vulnerable kids in danger in order to please some radical activists. Rep. XXXX must vote NO on this terrible bill.


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