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LGBT bill to ban therapy for youth on sexual orientation issues goes before Mass. House on Wednesday Jan 27

Also coming: Transgender ”bathroom” bill & Planned Parenthood sex-ed bill

The War on Children continues

January 17 2016  UPDATED: Jan 20 2016

[NOTE: We previously reported that this bill would be before the Mass. House on Thursday, Jan. 21. However, we were subsequently informed that the session has been postponed until Wed, Jan. 27.]

Around the country the LGBT movement and their allies are pushing their agenda more aggressively than ever in state legislatures, cities, and school districts. We’re seeing it in state after state. School districts that seemed normal are now promoting “transgender” restrooms and locker rooms, capitulating to name and pronoun changes, and even avoiding the words “boys” and “girls”.

Hardcore "transgender" activists: At left is a man dressed as a woman. At right is a woman with a beard dressed as a man. They were testifying at the Massachusetts State House for the bill to ban counseling for youth on sexual orientation/gender identity issues.

As 2016 begins, our work is cut out for us. And as usual, what happens in Massachusetts is reflected across America.

See our complete updated list:
Status of “culture war” bills now in Mass. Legislature.

Nationally, we are seeing three major types of legislation being pushed by the LGBT/sex-ed movements: (1) transgender public-accommodation “bathroom bill” laws; (2) extreme sexuality/homosexuality “health education” curricula mandated in schools; and (3) laws banning critical counseling for youth on “sexual orientation” problems. 

All three are in the Massachusetts Legislature right now. All are seeing major lobbying efforts by the radical activists, and could be voted on any day now. And all three involve children.

1. Transgender “bathroom” bill - H1577.
2. Planned Parenthood sex-ed bill – S2062
3. Bill to ban counseling for youth – H97

These three bills are not new in Massachusetts. They were stopped in the last session. This time their proponents are lobbying much harder, with more resources. But we believe they can be stopped again.

There’s not much breathing room. On Wednesday, Jan. 27, the dangerous LGBT “anti-therapy” bill, H97, is scheduled to go to the House floor in the Massachusetts Legislature. And the two other horrible bills are close behind.

The “anti-therapy” bill

Bill H97 is a cruel and dangerous bill. It would ban all professional counseling to youth who want help with their unwanted and often traumatic homosexuality or transgender issues. Many youth in this situation have been sexually molested, raped, or otherwise abused, and desperately need help. They are at a critical point where the right kind of help and healing can completely turn their lives around.

Homosexuality is very often a result of early sexual trauma such as sexual molestation, rape, exposure to pornography, abuse, etc., or serious issues with one or both parents. Young people who have emotional problems can be drawn into homosexuality by others. Skilled mental health professionals can often successfully help them work out the resulting same-sex attraction or gender-identity issues and heal their often severe emotional wounds.

More about the anti-therapy bill H97

Lies and deception by LGBT movement

Like the others, this bill is being aggressively pushed by the LGBT lobby in states across the country.

It's basically a campaign of disinformation, propaganda, and manufactured hysteria. They tell lurid (and completely untrue) stories about children being electrocuted and other abuses by therapists. They’ve told legislators that therapy causes depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behavior – when it actually helps heal it. They’ve claimed that virtually all the problems that homosexuals suffer are caused by “prejudice in society,” not childhood experiences, abuse, or trauma.

See and hear:
LGBT activists testify at public hearing on H97

Pro-family testimony: Telling the truth!

Many adults have come forward to say that this kind of professional counseling literally saved their lives. Their stories are truly moving.

This public hearing was too important to ignore. Several major figures came and testified to refute the lies of the LGBT activists. The LGBT activists clearly weren't prepared for this kind of rebuttal. It's likely that it was the first time many of the legislators had heard the truth on this issues.

See and hear:
Pro-family testimony at public hearing on H97

Similar bills rejected across the country – but still pushing hard

Across the country, twenty state legislatures have already rejected versions of this bill because a therapy ban would result in further harm to vulnerable children -- and also because these bills are being pushed for such blatant political reasons. Nevertheless, the therapy ban has been passed in California, New Jersey (signed by Gov. Chris Christie, to everyone’s horror!), Oregon, and Washington, DC -- and the LGBT activists believe they can get it passed it here in Massachusetts, also.

State House News report on pushing bill H97

Can you help this coming Tuesday or Wednesday?

We must stop it! But we need everyone’s help right now, since it will be before the House on Thursday.

As usual, a lot of effort goes into dispelling the lies and distortions of the LGBT movement.

Interestingly, we’ve found that most legislators don’t know much about Bill H97. That is bad -- because they tend to just mindlessly vote “yes” on anything that the leadership trots out unless they’re given a good reason not to. And most of the other legislators have only heard the LGBT propaganda about it. We need to change that quickly!

On Tuesday or Wednesday: Can you make calls from home? If you live in Massachusetts, can you come to the State House (if we provide a ride)?

Contact us HERE or call our office at 781-890-6001, and we’ll give you everything you need.

We need to read them the riot act on this bill! There’s only one acceptable vote: a loud "NO".


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