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What really goes on at a school “gay straight alliance” club event – Part III

Helping kids become “transgender”. Deadly diseases versus “safer” gay sex. Telling kids that Christianity is actually pro-gay.

Targeting middle school and high school students!

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June 19 2016

The LGBT movement publicly says that school "gay" clubs are about safety, love, and support. Kids are encouraged to repeat that mantra. These stickers were given out at the Massachusetts Youth Pride event.

Most people have no idea what goes on in the “gay straight alliance” (GSA) clubs in high schools (and now middle schools!) across America. Parents are told that these are simply “support” groups for youth. But in fact, it’s far worse than most realize.

On Saturday, May 21, 2016, an annual gathering for middle school and high school “gay straight alliance” clubs across the Massachusetts was held in Boston. Massachusetts Youth Pride included a parade through the downtown streets, and a festival at Boston City Hall Plaza. 

Luckily, MassResistance was there. And it was extremely disturbing.

In Part I and Part II, as well as in our accompanying video, we covered a lot of it. This report completes the picture.

We were able to see first-hand what they’re really teaching the young students whom they attract to these clubs, and the aberrant adults who are involved. As we’ve often warned people, these activists are very serious when it comes to your children. They encourage kids to feel comfortable engaging in homosexual and transgender activity. They provide the kids with sexually-oriented literature and paraphernalia, and a heavy dose of destructive LGBT ideology.

At the "Youth Pride festival" in City Hall Plaza the booths were giving out heavy doses of LGBT propaganda and other paraphernalia to the kids. [All photos by MassResistance]

And keep in mind: The event is organized by various outside adult homosexual and transgender activist groups. It receives financial support from the state government, including the state-funded (adult-run) Massachusetts Commission for LGBTQ Youth.

Here is the final installment of our report on “topics” from that event:

Helping kids become “transgender”

A lot of effort and money, including tax dollars, goes into resources to help kids “become” transgender -- and steer them through the inevitable emotional and medical trauma that goes with it, which can often lead to thoughts of suicide. Keeping youth away from this path, of course, is not one of their options.

There were a lot of adult cross-dressers at this "youth" event:


And there was plenty of "transgender" literature:

Transgender "health" information. Note that the "medical care" includes feminizing or masculizing hormone therapy. "Social support" helps kids change their names and records of their "birth" sex.

Thoughts of suicide often accompany transgenderism, following denial of one's true nature, and mutilation of one's body. Here's a sample of the transgender suicide literature.

Note that this "Trans Youth Summit" is for "youth 13-24." In other words,adults mingling with middle and high school students. They'll "learn about the larger transgender community ... and have fun!"

"The Girls' Room" refers to "transgender women" -- meaning boys and men ("ages 29 and under") cross-dressing and "transitioning" to females. The organization hosting the event, BAGLY, has long been headed by a "male-to-female" transgender.

The "Transcend" organization caters to men who are "transitioning" to female and also male-to-female transgenders working as prostitutes (which they term "sex workers"). They were giving out these condom packets advertising their "Safer Sex and Injection Supplies" at Youth Pride.

Dealing with the diseases from LGBT behavior

The inevitable range of diseases and mental health issues that come from LGBT behavior can be horrifying and very deadly. Rather than steer kids away from this behavior, the LGBT movement (again, fueled by tax dollars) instead attempts to help kids somehow mitigate it through a disturbing “safer sex” approach, combined with constant “testing for HIV. ” This whole Russian-roulette type scheme goes against all normal public health standards.

And sadly, in the long run it doesn’t work. (The CDC now estimates that among "gay" or bisexual males, the chance of contracting HIV/AIDS in their lifetime is 1 in 11 for whites, 1 in 4 for Latinos, and 1 in 2 for blacks. Russian roulette indeed!)

It's frightening to think that they're putting kids into an environment where they would even need this literature:

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health passed out this pamphlet on "How can I lower my HIV risk?"

Note that staying away from all sexual behavior is NOT one of the suggestions. (In fact, it's not mentioned in any of the literature we saw at the entire "Massachusetts Youth Pride" event.) Also, the pamphlet implies that one can have HIV and stay "healthy" which is not true.


More "Youth Pride" literature (at right and below) handed out to kids by the LGBT movement.

"Confidential" health care for 12-year-olds. In other words, parents are not told about diseases their children may have or dangerous sexual behavior they're engaged in.

From a pamphlet on disease testing services for youth. Note that Hepatitis C is often contracted by drug use or anal sex. (Boston GLASS stands for "gay lesbian adolescent social services." The agency connects youth with LGBTQ adult mentors and runs a drop-in center for "youth between the ages of 13-25.")

This is a magazine catering to HIV-positive men. It was handed out at the Youth Pride event.

A pamphlet to remind you to take your AIDS/HIV medicine - for HIV-positive people, obviously. This sort of handout spreads "treatment optimism," and is not telling the truth about the real damage HIV/AIDS does to one's body even with medication. Young males are the fastest growing group of new HIV infections, perhaps due in part to such misleading information.

“Christianity is pro-gay - your parents & church are wrong!”

One of the biggest things that the GSA movement gives kids is a very heavy dose of anti-Christian propaganda and disinformation. We have seen several instances of kids who got recruited into GSA clubs and then confronted their parents with completely twisted ideas about the Bible, Jesus, and Christianity. This even affects kids who were raised in the church. The LGBT activists are extremely skilled at manipulating kids’ psychology and emotions.

Here is some of what kids were given:

The LGBT movement has been handing out this pamphlet for years. It has topics such as "Our Queer Spiritual Ancestors." For more information, it steers kids to books such as "The Lord is My Shepherd and He Knows I'm Gay," "Gay and Lesbian Theologies," and "Queering Christ."

Lying to kids about the Bible is a major part of the LGBT propaganda.

Below is an excerpt from the pamphlet (left), "God didn't say that!"


This is another collection of blatant fabrications of the Bible, to attempt to justify homosexual behavior from a Christian perspective.


Below is a sample from this pamphlet.


An invitation given to kids to a Christian "lesbian transgender gay queer bi" worship service in Boston.

There was also some literature from a phony Catholic pro-"gay" group.

What can you do?

As we’ve been saying, the LGBT “War on Children” is not just a platitude. It’s really happening across the country. Youth are being victimized.

What can you do? What we’ve published in these three posts should certainly anger and sicken people. But in every place where this is happening, public officials are allowing it to happen. In many states, politicians are using public money to fund it.

Probably the biggest outrage is that what happens when these officials and politicians are confronted with the evidence of this. In our experience, they avoid doing anything. Their reluctance to offend the LGBT movement always wins.

Unfortunately, in our experience it takes an extraordinary amount of anger and pressure from citizens to stop these things. Yes, it’s possible. But it requires much more from parents and citizens than just writing a letter. (And sometimes you have to be a little less polite and more direct than normal.) As a famous US Senator once said, “When I feel the heat, I see the light.” But not until then!

This must be stopped! That’s why MassResistance is now organizing across the country.


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