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LGBT activists attack parents -- as Missouri MassResistance families continue to confront School Board over graphic sex ed programs targeting young children.

But parents weren't intimidated and kept on fighting.

Rumors that school board would re-vote on program.

Radicals & school board didn’t expect a group like this!

Part 3 of 3 on the battle in Missouri.

October 10, 2016

What you are about to read about will be happening more and more around the country. Are you ready to fight it?

Here's what parents are up against. This man came to the meeting to lobby the School Board to keep the graphic K-12 LGBT-sexuality program.

Parents from Missouri MassResistance stood up to pro-LGBT activists and continued to confront the school board in their effort to stop a horrific LGBT-sexuality curriculum being imposed on their school system in suburban St. Louis.

The parents were not subtle in their outrage.

As we reported earlier the new district-wide “comprehensive sexuality” curriculum voted in by the Parkway District School Board in March aims to normalize homosexuality and cross-dressing beginning in the lower elementary school grades. It includes lessons about oral and anal sex for middle schoolers, abortion counseling for young girls, a pornographic children’s book in its reading list, and much more. School officials are clearly working closely with national LGBT groups and Planned Parenthood.

They’re not used to smart, aggressive parents!

However, the LGBT movement and school officials around the country are not used to parents intelligently and aggressively fighting back. They’re accustomed to steamrolling parental opposition or quickly wearing them down through intimidation, distorted arguments, and other well-worn tactics. That’s not working against the Missouri MassResistance parents, and the activists and school officials don’t seem to know what to do.

Clash at Aug. 24 School Board meeting over "re-vote" rumor

The latest confrontation took place at the August 24 Parkway School Board meeting. There had been rumors that the Board might agree to the demands of hundreds of local parents and re-vote -- to rescind the curriculum.

So local LGBT activists came to the meeting to pressure the Board and harass the parents. The school maintains a fa├žade that these programs are independently generated. In fact, the national homosexual movement, along with Planned Parenthood, are the forces behind them.

But the Board reassured the LGBT community that their pet project is safe. At the beginning of the meeting the Chairman arrogantly announced that the original vote stands and the Board is not even considering a re-vote. That was followed by a long period of loud clapping by the LGBT group. Nevertheless, the real message was that the parents are getting to them. The parents were not intimidated.

Board Chairman Chris Jacob announces that he won't hold a re-vote to the applause of the LGBT group..

Tactics to harass, intimidate, and deceive

When they get opposition from parents, LGBT activists often react by becoming more aggressive. Their tactics include harassing, intimidating, and confusing parents. This is what they employ around the country:

  • Any criticism of the sex-ed program or the methods used to implement it constitutes “hate”. This charge is levelled constantly.
  • They say the reason for these sex-ed programs, even in the elementary grades, is student “safety” and to prevent “bullying.” Thus if you don’t support it, you are against students being safe.
  • They accuse pro-family people of saying mean and horrible things about them personally. (In fact, the opposite is true.) They rarely offer any actual evidence. If parents record their testimony at school board meetings (which is also videoed and posted by the school) they claim that is “mean” and “intimidating.”
  • They harangue conservatives with “Why can’t we co-exist?” This “foot in the door” tactic is very deceptive because means that conservatives must accept the destructive LGBT programs in the schools. They often add “Your kids can opt-out.” But the opt-out process is invariably crafted to be a difficult and humiliating process.

Attacking the pro-family parents and their values

At the Aug. 24 meeting, members of the pro-LGBT group spoke before the Board and also interacted with individual parents during the intermission and immediately after the meeting.

This woman (right) identified herself as “cis-gender” (a bizarre term meaning non-transgender). She thanked the board for continuing to support the sex-ed curriculum and said there are "many parents" who support it.

A particularly appalling tactic was for some of them to take the podium, but instead of addressing the Board, they would turn and scream insults at the pro-family parents sitting in the audience. The Board chairman clearly had no problem with that.

This “gay” high school student has spoken at several Board meetings. He seems very troubled. He appears obsessed with forcing these sexuality/ homosexuality programs on all K-12 students. Parents have noticed that his Twitter feed includes a picture of a full-frontal nude man. When he got to the podium he turned to the pro-family parents and began a disjointed rant at them. He said he was “shaking right now”. He accused them of “spewing lies upon lies” and saying that he “would go to hell.” He told the parents that if they don’t like the sex-ed program at Parkway schools “there lots of other districts and private institutions that you may go to, but we stand for equality.”

Parents told us that the boy became so unhinged that police eventually had to escort him out of the building. One of the parents took this quick photo (right) which he said was the boy being led out.

That same evening the student appeared on local St. Louis television and repeated his bizarre accusations against the pro-family group (apparently taped earlier in the day).

This woman identified herself as the “gay” student’s mother. She also turned and screamed at the parents sitting at the meeting, instead of addressing the Board, saying, “We are trying to prepare the students to be citizens of the world. There’s not going to be the same belief system out there. We have to learn to co-exist.”

During a recess of the meeting,
a pro-LGBT parent (accompanied by a "gay" man apparently from outside the district) confronted some pro-family parents. Their interaction reveals the kind of self-centered irrationality that is commonly used on pro-family people questioning the curriculum:

Pro-LGBT parent: “We can have different opinions.”
Pro-family parent: “Tell me. Why do you want my child in the 5th grade to know that it’s okay for contraception? Tell me why my 7th grade child should learn various ways to have sex. You tell me why.”
Pro-LGBT parent: “My child’s been ostracized since he was 7.”

LGBT activist at the meeting talks with a reporter.

The parents lash out

Nobody was intimidated by those tactics. Parent after parent took the podium. They were very firm and direct.

This mother wanted answers about a pornographic book on the reading list for third graders.


Among the statements directed to the Board by various parents who came forward:

"Why do you insist on using taxpayer dollars to push an illegal curriculum that a majority doesn’t want?"

"You should re-vote [on the curriculum] or else resign."

"Why are pornographic materials being used for young children?"

"Does the curriculum teach anywhere that pornography is harmful or addictive?"

A mother stares down the school board. The superintendent wearing tie) finally answered her.

A mother stares them down. Most school boards refuse to answer address any questions from citizens at the meetings. But one mother took the podium and insisted that the Board tell her “What medical panel has signed off on the medical accuracy of this curriculum?”

As usual, the Board refused to answer. But she kept at it, saying: “Taxpayers are owed an answer to this question. This is medically inaccurate. This is indoctrination, not education.”

Then she just stood and stared at them.

After several long, silent seconds, the Board superintendent finally answered. “We will respond to you in writing.” And the Chairman said, “Okay, your two minutes are complete. Thank you.”

That was a game changer, one of the group leaders told us. The Chairman and the superintendent were visibly rattled by that. (We’re waiting to hear if she’s received the response yet.) And actually, doing this was outside of that mother’s comfort zone. But parents are getting angrier and angrier.

Ed Martin, the national President of Eagle Forum, lives in the district and came to testify. He pointed out that the “opt-out” approach (instead of “opt-in” like all other electives) is a way of making people feel ostracized. He also told the Board that they needed to be more truthful about their “transgender” plans.

Board attempting to placate parents: One step backwards, two steps forward

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman said that even though they won't re-vote to get rid of the curriculum, in light of the criticism of it they planned to "revise" it:

“We do support revisions and modifications to the curriculum and will continue to monitor the implementation now and throughout the school year. The goal is for students to develop healthy and safe relationships.”

This is a universal tactic used to placate parents -- to say that they will "modify" the most outrageous parts of the program. But these parents aren't falling for it. It only strengthens their resolve to end it entirely.

Why should anyone believe in that? These same school officials created and approved this horrible program for kids. They cannot be trusted to “fix” it. And even if they did, our experience has been that it would only be temporary. Eventually it evolves back and eventually becomes even worse than before.

Moving ahead

Of course, speaking up at a school board meeting is only a small part of the battle. Most of the fight takes place elsewhere, as we have reported. But there are times you need to make a statement, and this was one of them.

In general, once a school board pulls the trigger to implement an aggressive sexuality program, the pressure is on from the Left to move forward -- and it’s never allowed to go back.

But on Aug. 24 the rumors that the Board would capitulate were so strong that St. Louis TV reporters were there and the LGBT activists felt the need to converge on the meeting! That shows that the parents are breaking them down.

And trust us, the parents are not stopping. There's more to come from them in this battle that this Board and the hideous LGBT activists won’t like at all!

Aa gruesome battle for parents to take on

A School Board situation like this can be the most unnerving because you are face to face with people who are pushing things onto vulnerable children, and eventually their families, that can only be described as evil. How does a second-grader’s mind handle transgenderism? How does a fourth-grader handle explanations of masturbation or homosexuality or sex acts? These people don’t care. It’s very hard for the average person to come to grips with that.

In this situation there’s an additional twist. This past March, the sex-ed curriculum was passed by a 4-3 vote. It was four liberals versus three church-going conservatives. The following month there was an election and one of the liberals was replaced by a new conservative. It would appear that the vote was there to repeal it. But soon after that, the three other conservatives (including the present Chairman) announced they now strongly support the sex-ed curriculum. Something got to them. (The “new” conservative is the only one left opposing it!) We’ve seen that happen before. In this case, it makes the parents even more incensed!

This group of Missouri MassResistance parents is really outstanding, and “gets” it. After this August 24 meeting, they are growing and have continued to fight this fight very hard. After all, it’s their children in the crosshairs! We believe they will win this. We’ll have a lot more to report in the coming weeks!


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