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Our latest chapter: Missouri MassResistance! Parents group fighting aggressive LGBT sex-ed curriculum being forced by School Board in suburban St. Louis.

Radical sexuality being pushed on young children by politicians

An incredible group of parents who aren’t backing down

Part 1 of 3 reporting on the battle in Missouri

September 1, 2016

Keeping up the pressure. Parents at Aug. 3 School Board meeting demanding the resignation of Dr. Keith Marty, the Superintendent and the force behind the sex-ed program, unless the Board agrees to re-vote on it.

Our latest chapter, Missouri MassResistance, based in suburban St. Louis, is fighting back in a local school district like nothing anyone there has seen before! Hundreds of parents have already gotten involved. As soon as parents open up the sex-ed materials, they gasp in horror.

They are confronting something we are seeing across the United States. Local school boards are covertly working with LGBT groups and Planned Parenthood to impose a new, more radical and graphic “comprehensive sexuality” curriculum in grades K-12. Much of it is laced with homosexual/transgender ideology. This is almost always followed up by a “transgender bathroom” policy being imposed on the school system. And the St. Louis parents are hearing those reports as well.

As the saying goes, there's a new sheriff in town!

We’ve already documented how our MassResistance affiliate in Nebraska is courageously fighting this battle in Omaha. And we’re seeing it in many other places. Unfortunately, most parents don’t know what to do -- or how to deal with this. Luckily we have over two decades of experience.

Radical LGBT sex ed comes to a suburban school district

Parkway School District covers several communities in suburban St. Louis. It is a fairly affluent area and relatively conservative. Parents tend to trust the school system to “do the right thing.”

But on March 9, 2016, the 7-member Parkway School Board shocked parents by passing a district-wide K-12 comprehensive sexuality curriculum that was extreme, graphic, and radical.

This was done despite widespread objections from parents, and others in the community, and after the pro bono law firm Liberty Counsel sent the School Board a letter warning them that the curriculum violated state law because of its connection to Planned Parenthood.

How bad is it?

It’s a pattern that we’ve seen a lot. At first glance, it seems relatively benign. It has an upbeat name, “Healthy Relationships & Sexual Health Education.” But when you look at the links to the “overview” and “objectives” for the various grade levels, though written in vague terms, they are clearly overbearing and very age-inappropriate.

It’s the “recommended resources” for each grade that are actually the meat of the curriculum. They are used to push extreme and graphic sexual and homosexual topics into even the lower elementary grades (as early as 2nd grade).

And Liberty Counsel’s letter describes, the resource list reveals that large portions of this curriculum were in fact taken from some of the most radical sexual and homosexual groups in the country, including Planned Parenthood, GLSEN, SIECUS, the National Abortion Federation, and several others.

Throughout most of the K-12 curriculum (often even in elementary school lessons) Liberty Counsel and the parents saw:

  • No moral issue with having multiple sexual partners.
  • Fairly extensive abortion counseling for young girls.
  • Attempts to normalize homosexuality and cross - dressing by teaching false theories about “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression.”
  • Lessons causing children to question “what it means to be a boy/man, and what it means to be a girl/woman.”
  • Attacks on the traditional family under the guise of combatting “discrimination” based on “gender roles and stereotypes.”
  • Promotion of sexual anarchy, abortion, homosexual sex acts, and homosexual relationships disguised as “health education”
  • Incorrect medical advice regarding contraception and AIDS prevention
  • Explicit subjects such as lessons about oral and anal sex for seventh graders, and references to positive experiences of sado-masochism and pornography.
  • And much more

It's worse than you can imagine:

This book -- one of the most pornographic childen's books ever written -- is on the "resource" list!

This Powerpoint file of excerpts from the "FLASH" sexuality materials on the resource list for 4th graders) includes few pages from the book.

Even more graphic are the "Life Planning Education" lessons, from the resource list for 8th graders.

An extremely important part of these lessons is the teacher’s guide for each grade level. These not only include how to use the “recommended resources” but also often include other resources, objectives, and teaching techniques not listed elsewhere.

However, despite multiple freedom of information requests, the Parkway School System has refused to make available the teachers guides to parents. This alone says a lot.

The Board has also refused to make the sex-ed program “opt-in” like other school electives. Instead, parents who don’t like the course must have their children go through an “opt-out” scenario that is often purposefully embarrassing and humiliating for the child.

Confronting the curriculum before the Board

The parents have been fighting this curriculum publicly for over a year and stating their objections in committees since 2014, when the school district first revealed it to the public.

The horrific issues listed above were tirelessly and meticulously explained to Board members in both public and private meetings by parents. A month before the vote nearly a thousand parents and local citizens had signed a petition opposing the curriculum. A group of five physicians representing 30,000 medical professionals came and testified that the curriculum had numerous medical inaccuracies.

But except for one Board member who is constantly outvoted, the majority have chosen to simply ignore these concerns and have publicly committed to refusing to reconsider the March 9 vote, despite pleas from parents.

Planned Parenthood and LGBT groups targeting local parents

These radical  national groups believe it’s critical to implement these lessons in the schools. And they’ve put together special tactics to stop parents from getting in the way.

Planned Parenthood's St. Louis area website to organize and mobilize teenagers to confront opponents (i.e., parents) of the sex ed curriculum.

Over the last year Planned Parenthood and the radical LGBT group GLSEN recruited local Parkway middle and high school students and pro-LGBT parents. They’ve organized them to aggressively support the implementation of the curriculum – and to confront, intimidate, and demean parents who publicly try to block or oppose it. This strategy includes an aggressive social media presence, going to Board meetings in large groups, and continuously lobbying Board members.

Planned Parenthood organized these students to intimidate parents both outside the meetings as they came in (above) and inside the meeting room (right).


In addition, national LGBT groups organized students and parents who came to the meetings in a large group.

Not your average parents organization

Given all of this lining up against them, most parents would be completely overwhelmed and would probably just give up. But Planned Parenthood and GLSEN are not used to seeing anything like the parents from Missouri MassResistance.

But parents have refused to be intimidated. They came and stood their ground!

These parents are smart, sophisticated, and they’re not intimidated by the liberals’ offensive and often disgusting tactics to demean them. And they’re not giving up! They show up at Board meetings and are unafraid. For every seeming defeat, they come up with 5 new strategies to resist.

On their website,, they have done a marvelous job of researching, documenting, informing, and activating every facet of this battle.

No backing down here! The home page of the MassResistanceMissouri website.

Latest tactic to silence parents -- Board introduces “civility policy”!

We had to include this! It’s always interesting to see what dishonest politicians will do to attempt to silence people.

At Parkway District School Board meetings the Missouri MassResistance parents have continued to be very respectfully vocal about their outrage over the sexuality and homosexuality about to be pushed on children. The LGBT school activists have tried to intimidate parents, but it hasn’t been working too well.

So at the Aug. 3 meeting, the Board proposed a “civility policy” that would be imposed on all people on school property – but clearly aimed at parents attending School Board meetings.

This proposed ban, with its open-ended language, would effectively keep parents from criticizing Board members, from describing the graphic content in the curriculum, criticizing homosexual or transgender behavior, or having any public or private discussion that the Board might consider to be “intimidating” or “insulting” to them!

The Parkway Board of Education poses for a photo at the Aug. 3 meeting, where they introduced the "civility policy." At right is the superintendent, Dr. Keith Marty. Next to him is the Board Chairman. At left is the lone pro-fmaily Board member.

It’s hard to imagine anything more un-American than muzzling how citizens can discuss or complain about the issues of government with their elected officials. Needless to say, this attack on the First Amendment seems to have sunk pretty fast. It was met with such a wave of outrage that it’s been “tabled” indefinitely.

But the stalwart group of Missouri MassResistance parents and citizens, which now has a local email list of nearly six hundred, has stepped up the fight considerably on this hideous issue.

More to report in our next installment!


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