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Pro-family citizens fill the streets of Mexico City. Demand end to “gay marriage,” gay couples’ adoption of children, and transgender agenda in schools.

Over 200,000 came and rocked the city

Shows huge gap between government and people on this issue

Citizens unafraid – much different than in USA

September 26, 2016

The march went back miles, and ended at the Angel of Independence Monument in the center of Mexico City.

The action is in Mexico! The world’s pro-family movement needs to take a good look.

Over 200,000 pro-family citizens converged on Mexico City on Saturday, and filled the streets leading to its famed Angel of Independence Monument. The enormous turnout for the march rocked the city and reverberated across the country.

There were three main themes in the speeches and signs at the march: They opposed “gay marriage;” they opposed homosexual couples being allowed to adopt children; and they opposed the transgender brainwashing of children in schools.

Recent events in Mexico have outraged and galvanized the pro-family movement. Last year, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that a law against homosexual couples adopting children is unconstitutional. Earlier this year the Mexican President announced that he was seeking to push a constitutional amendment through the Congress to legalize “gay marriage” nationwide. (It is legal in some parts of Mexico but not nationwide.) He also began a nationwide pro-LGBT propaganda campaign, which especially targets the schools.

Logos for the march: A clear message to the government and LGBT movement:

"YES for the family."

"NO imposition of gender ideology."

As we reported, on Sept. 10 there were pro-family marches in 122 cities and towns across the country. But the Mexico City march was to be the pinnacle – to directly send a message to the Congress and the rest of the national government.

What this march really represents: No fear!

More than anything else, it was a public show of fearless defiance against powerful institutions. The march and its message were strongly opposed by the media, the virulent LGBT movement, and the government. But that did not deter the people from speaking out and making demands.

Entire families came with signs and blue and pink balloons, which signify man-and-woman marriage.

When it comes to these issues it’s clear that there is no “silent majority” in Mexico – the majority is loud and boisterous! This is how the future of pro-family activism needs to be.

The grass-roots nature of it was also quite amazing. Although the effort was supported by religious communities across the country, it was organized and funded by a very dedicated pro-family coalition, "Frente Nacional por la Familia" (National Front for the Family).

Signs like this were everywhere. A message to the "gay" movement that wants to impose it's will on society.

Quite unlike what’s happening here in the USA

Sadly, it’s safe to say that there would not be a march like that anywhere in the United States today. There are two main reasons for that. First of all, people are afraid. They’ve allowed the anger and hate of the Left and the LGBT lobby to intimidate them.

Second, that the mainstream pro-family movement in the United States has itself largely capitulated and compromised. They don’t want to be portrayed as “haters” by the Left, so they’ve softened any direct confrontation with the radical LGBT movement. Instead, they prefer to talk about “religious freedom” and “safe bathrooms.” They’ve completely caved on the adoption issue ever since the “gay marriage” began to heat up.

As a result, in this country the general cowardliness and fear of speaking out is overwhelming. Beyond “gay marriage,” even when it comes to opposing cross-dressing and transgenderism being promoted to their elementary school children, most parents are willing to simply let it happen.

This is a trend that that MassResistance and other front-line groups are fighting. We need to be more like the Mexican people!

Some of the speakers at the stage set up at the Angel of Independence Monument.

Homosexual movement lashing out (of course)

Besides the usual vitriol and demonizing of their opponents, the LGBT movement in Mexico has continued with its attack strategy. According to news reports, in August the prominent gay-rights lawyer in Mexico filed charges against bishops in the Catholic Church for allegedly illegally helping the protest movement. Mexican law bars the Church or any religious leaders from engaging in political affairs.

Nevertheless, Catholic bishops in Mexico are less intimidated than in other places. Despite the lawsuit, the Archbishop of Tijuana publicly marched with the protesters on Sept. 10. And just to make the point, the day after the Mexico City march, Pope Francis expressed his strong support for the marchers and their cause.

However, a report from the Associated Press suggests that the Church’s strong opposition to gay marriage may have come with a price: Two Catholic priests were recently murdered, possibly related to the government’s clash with the Church on this issue

And the press is always willing to be a forum for the LGBT movement’s twisted logic, similar to here in the US. For example, as one Mexican activist was quoted in the media:

“They may be the majority,” said Felipe Quiroz, a gay activist and school teacher. “But just because they are the majority, doesn’t mean they can take rights away from minorities. That would lead us to a dark period, to fundamentalism.”

But for some reason, it just doesn’t get the same traction in Mexico as it does here!

These people are not about to be intimidated!

What happens after this?

From what we’ve been seeing over the last several months, the outrage in Mexico has had an effect The ruling party took a huge loss in the election back in June, and many experts blamed the backlash on the President’s “gay marriage” proposal which he had made the previous month. We think the pro-family forces have much more momentum now.

In order to be ratified, the President’s “gay marriage” Constitutional Amendment requires a 2/3 majority of both Chambers of the Mexican Congress, and then half of the country’s 31 states, to agree. After this weekend, we predict it will fail miserably.

As for the future of “transgender” education in the public schools in Mexico, its days are probably numbered if the Frente Nacional por la Familia keeps up its fight.

As we said, we wish this kind of outrage would ignite here in the US. We hope to help make it happen.


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