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Another “gay marriage” battle looming in Australia. MassResistance helping educate pro-family citizens there!

It’s failed to pass numerous times in the National Parliament. But another fight is on the horizon.

Australia's the latest battleground!

October 23 2016

Passing out MassResistance booklet "What same-sex 'marriage' did to Massachusetts" at pro-family meeting in Australia.

Over the past several years “gay marriage” has been defeated numerous times in the Australian National Parliament. But the battle is back again this year. And as before, MassResistance is part of the fight!

This year, Australians were expecting Parliament to call for a national vote on “gay marriage” to take place in February 2017, putting it before the people to decide. But instead, it appears that the fight will continue next year in Parliament – the forum preferred by the relentless LGBT movement.

Whatever direction it takes, the nation’s pro-family movement is wasting no time preparing for what will likely be their biggest battle ever.

The Australian Family Association is a major pro-family group in that country.

Our booklet, “What same sex marriage has done to Massachusetts”, has been reprinted in Australia and activists began passing it out this month.

Last Tuesday, Oct. 18 in Warrnambool, Victoria, more than 60 people attended a presentation on what redefining marriage would mean for Australians. The speaker was Mrs. Terri Kelleher, the Victoria chapter president of the Australian Family Association.

Activists pass out the booklet at the meeting.

Activists distributed the MassResistance booklets to attendees. The booklets are definitely helping people understand what’s really at stake, one of them told us.

Here is a report from one of the pro-family activists:

Following the presentation a concerned dad asked, “Why wouldn’t he be able to remove his children from school?” Michael Toms, who had brought with him copies of the booklet “What same-sex “marriage” has done to Massachusetts,” was able to tell him what has happened in the US, which shocked everybody present. Later, folks eagerly took copies of the booklet from Michael (pictured) together with the information kit prepared by the Australian Family Association (AFA).

The audience was reminded that the national plebiscite on same-sex “marriage,” planned for February 2017 in Australia, had been blocked by the parliamentary opposition. The AFA and similar bodies, and all those present now have a window of opportunity in which to get the message out to the wider community of how same-sex marriage will affect everybody.

Finally, when the audience was asked by the MC “had they been enlightened,” hands went up and Mrs. Kelleher was given a round of applause.

Definition of marriage: a Federal decision, not a State decision

In Australia, “gay marriage” is a national fight. It doesn’t include a series of state fights as in other countries such as the US and Mexico. The power to define marriage is given only to the Federal government. Various states in Australia have passed homosexual “civil union” or “domestic partnership” laws, but they can’t pass “gay marriage.” Thus, the LGBT lobby must win in the Federal Parliament. So far that hasn’t happened.

MassResistance was asked to help twice in past years

This is the third time that Australian activists have called on MassResistance for support in this battle.

In September, 2012 the LGBT lobby pressured Parliament very hard, and it looked like it could pass. But pro-family activists across the country pressed hard also. Our MassResistance booklet had just been published a few months earlier, and activists were eager to use it. Among other things, they made sure that every member of Parliament received a copy. The various education efforts paid off, and “gay marriage” was defeated overwhelmingly.

Copies of MassResistance booklet that were delivered to every Member of Parliament during 2012 "gay marriage" battle.

In 2013, it looked like the LGBT lobby was coming back even harder in Parliament. Australian pro-family activists again appealed to MassResistance for help.

At first, the plan was to have Brian Camenker travel to Australia and make speeches across the country. But instead, the Australians decided it would be more efficient for MassResistance to make a video that could be distributed widely. So we created our video, “What ‘gay marriage’ did to Massachusetts.” It was sent across the country, and was very effective. Since then, it’s been translated into Spanish, Finnish, Chinese, Polish, and other languages.

The LGBT movement in Parliament that year didn’t get off the ground. They also tried some maneuvers to get the courts to impose it on the whole country, but that didn’t work either.

Our video, "What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts" has been used around the world!

This year: Conservative majority in Parliament calls for nationwide ‘gay marriage’ vote (rather than Parliamentary vote)

Despite their defeats, the LGBT lobby and their allies (in the media and elsewhere) have continued to push relentlessly. More fights in Parliament seemed inevitable. So earlier this year the Conservative majority coalition in Parliament announced a plan to settle it: They would put it before the people in a nationwide “gay marriage” vote.

On Sept. 14,, 2016 a bill was filed for a nationwide vote on “gay marriage” to take place in February 2017. In addition, the bill states that if the vote fails, there could be no further action on ‘gay marriage’ for three years.

LGBT lobby strongly opposes national referendum, and the bill will likely die

However, the pro-LGBT Labor Opposition party announced that they would oppose a nationwide vote. They want Parliament to settle it. With Labor’s strong obstruction, it can’t get through both Houses of Parliament.

This past Thursday, Oct. 20, a vote was taken in the Lower House of Parliament. The bill passed by one vote. But it’s sure to fail in the Upper House, according to both sides.

Why doesn’t the LGBT movement want a nationwide referendum?

Their official reason is that the people shouldn’t be allowed to vote on “marriage rights,” and that holding the election would cost too much taxpayer money.

But as CNN reports, they also complain that an election would “inflict several months of aggressively negative campaigning on LGBT people.”  In other words: They don’t want to deal with people telling the truth about the LGBT lifestyle and what “gay marriage” really does to a country.

Another likely factor in a “gay marriage” referendum would be the growing national outrage over the LGBT “safe schools” program being pushed in schools across Australia.

At the Warrnambool meeting the speaker described what’s being taught to children right now at a local school:

Gender is how you feel and may not be the same as your biological sex.

If a boy "identifies" as a girl he should be able to use the girl's toilets if that is what he is most comfortable with.

Boys who "identify" as girls should be allowed to wear a dress.

STIs are just a normal part of being sexually active.

Young people can be attracted to the opposite sex, to the same sex, or both.

As MassResistance has pointed out, with “gay marriage” all of this will get worse and parents’ rights erode even more.

The LGBT movement seems to get the message. The Australian LGBT lobby has published a joint statement signed by over 60 groups and prominent individuals condemning the proposed national referendum. They clearly seem to be afraid that they’d likely lose the vote. Interestingly, although they claim to have the support of two-thirds of the nation and a majority of both Houses of Parliament, they can’t explain why they can’t get it passed there.

Of course, with the massive funding that would likely come in from the United States (as happened with the “gay marriage” referendum in Ireland) anything could happen.

Getting ready

In the meantime, the pro-family groups are wasting no time ramping up. And MassResistance will continue to help in every way we can!

We’ll keep you informed on this!

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