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The unbelievable LGBT “sex-ed” war on children in public schools. Helping the parents who are fighting it.

Here's the background of what's going on

November 22, 2016

From a suburban St. Louis district-wide sex-ed curriculum: This book -- one of the most pornographic childen's books ever written -- was on the "resource" list for grades as low as Kindergarten! (See some inside pages here. This book has been used in many elementary schools across the country.)

That same curriculum also included references to multiple sexual partners, abortion counseling for young girls, “gender identity,” and “gender expression”, homosexual relationships, and sado-masochism and pornography.

There is a terrible war brewing in public schools across America over so-called "sex education". Parents are starting to fight back in greater numbers.

The homosexual / transgenderism “sex-ed” materials now being presented to children in public schools -- from elementary grades through high school -- are beyond belief, much worse than even a few years ago. In many cases the material would be considered as hard-core pornography in any other venue. It is almost mind-numbing. It literally makes people sick to see some of it.

This was featured in a Colorado middle school website article that one girl's parents happened to stumble across.

The vast majority of parents have no idea that any of this is going on in their own schools. The schools are masterful at creating a barrier to hide it, and instilling fear into anybody who sees anything outrageous and questions it.

This is from the Omaha Public Schools “Human Growth and Development” lesson plan for Grade 7!

In many communities, parents are discovering what’s really happening, are overcoming their fears, and are even getting together to challenge this and try to stop it.

Several MassResistance chapters around the country (and also our newest chapter in Australia) are focused on confronting this indoctrination and rolling it back. Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you up to date on parents’ fights in three key areas of the country where MassResistance is currently involved: Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri.

What parents are up against

The radical sexual/homosexual agenda in the schools is well organized and very aggressive. In most of those places we are finding some disturbing commonalities:

1. Horrible Curriculum. Seemingly normal people are providing pornography to young children and teaching disgusting sex practices. They want to normalize homosexuality / transgenderism in the minds of the very young whether parents want it or not.

2. Gathered and presented by school staff. This material is gathered and presented by school staff and approved by the superintendent and officials in the system. It is done in a purposeful and methodical manner.

3. Connections to radical groups. The school officials and staff members who put this together invariably have connections to and work with some of the most radical LGBT groups in the country known for targeting children, such as GLSEN, Human Rights Campaign, and others such as Planned Parenthood. They often openly collude with these groups for testimony before a vote to approve parts of the curriculum.

4. Bland, misleading labels for the curriculum. It’s sold to parents as “health” and “education.” In Omaha the school board calls it “Human Growth and Development.” In the Missouri district we work with it’s called “Healthy Relationships & Sexual Health Education.” Occasionally, it’s simply slipped in among other subjects. In the Denver, Colorado suburban school district we work with, the sexuality material is included in a “knowledge base” of  links in each child’s middle school and high school website account. (Children are encouraged access it at any time, outside of the classroom setting without any supervision.)

5. Secrecy, misinformation, confusion, and even threats. When parents try to get more information, or find out who is responsible for this, they are met with hostility by school officials. Officials employ secrecy, confusion and purposeful misinformation. On more than one occasion we’ve seen school officials even threaten those who sought answers.

4. School boards refuse to intervene. This is the most outrageous part. When parents complain to school boards, they ignore parents and refuse to do anything about it. Instead, they will often publicly reiterate their support for the programs! They treat parents like they’re troublemakers. It would appear that the elected school committees have sold out to the special interests. (And we all know how tough it to get a clear-thinking person elected to a school board.)

Why is this such a big fight?

Parents naively think that elected school board members and school officials are there to serve them. In the public school arena, the needs and well-being of children and their families are skillfully sold as being “most important.” But in fact are usually at the bottom of the list.

In many areas, school boards have become the most corrupt part of local government. There are a number of factors in the mix that cause this.

  • A big factor is the enormous amount of money involved. There was a time when the school system took up a relatively modest amount of funding. But now, over half the budget of a community typically goes to the schools. Thus, the school board members are a target of powerful special interests. Prime among these are Planned Parenthood, the national LGBT lobby, and the left-wing teachers’ unions. These special interests occasionally even organize like-minded people in the community to help push their agenda. They often target the school board elections.

    Planned Parenthood activists outside of a School Committee meeting
    in suburban St. Louis, to intimidate School Committee members and
    pro-family parents.

  • Even more disturbing is that in recent decades the education field has attracted increasingly radical people. This has been fueled by increasingly radical education schools and unions. It is manifested not only in the introduction of sexuality and homosexuality programs, but in the rabid anti-American and anti-Christian curricula rampant in the schools. Moreover, the most radical educators have risen to the top. Thus, in our observation, superintendents and their staffs are often the most ideologically driven radicals, with school principals not far behind. This is not universal, of course, but it is extremely prevalent across the country.
  • Superintendents and school staff, actually as part of their training, are very adept at manipulating and pressuring elected school board members. We’ve even seen superintendents personally threaten board members who challenge them! Most school board members are more interested in “congeniality” and “appearing important” than making waves. Superintendents and professional staff can play that like a violin.

Because of all of this, it becomes much more comfortable for school board members to “go along with the program” than to do the hard work of protecting the interests of children and parents. Legally, the elected school boards have the power to force school officials to do their exact bidding. But that almost never happens. In many cases, school boards have effectively ceded all important control to the superintendent – and they act to protect him and his agenda from parents!

Parents at a huge disadvantage

Without proper coaching and strategizing, parents are usually at a tremendous emotional and psychological disadvantage.  They are faced with fear, confusion, and uncertainty of what to do.

Most importantly, don’t really understand the forces in the schools against them. School officials and school board members purposefully use the authority of their offices to intimidate, ignore, and mislead parents. (For example, we can’t count the number of times we’ve seen parents be told they must be “reasonable” -- and that, “You’re the only one who’s ever complained about this.”)

In addition, more than ever before parents have had the psychological challenge of dealing with what’s called “The Big Evil,” a repugnant mass-subjugation tactic meant to de-humanize. It puts them in the hopeless and absurd position of attempting to argue “reasonably and rationally” on subjects that are irrational and horribly destructive.

But parents can still win

Up against all this, it would seem to be insurmountable for parents to overcome. But that’s not true at all. MassResistance has over 20 years of experience dealing with school boards and school officials. We’ve seen a lot of successes.

Parents have tremendous powers and abilities that they usually don’t know how to marshal properly. And the school system’s “iron wall” is in many ways a house of cards with hidden and inherent weaknesses.

Several of our MassResistance chapters across the country are focusing on this. We are seeing successes. In our next few posts we will bring you up to date on their activities.


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