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School district strikes back at Omaha parents’ group that exposed graphic “comprehensive sex-ed” curriculum

District-wide email attempts to “debunk” parents’ examples

A disingenuous tactic being used by school officials across the country

(Part 2 of 4)

December 14, 2016

A parent volunteer (center) hands out literature exposing the school district's "comprehensive sex-ed" curriculum to a parent with her daughter across the street from a middle school in Omaha.

This has incensed school officials who want to keep parents out of the loop.

As school districts around the country have begun implementing radical, graphic, and LGBT-laced “comprehensive sex-ed” programs in grades K-12, they have also stepped up their tactics to try to discredit, demean, and intimidate parents and others who actively oppose it.

As we recently reported, the MassResistance Nebraska affiliate in Omaha -- Nebraskans for Founders’ Values (NFV) -- passed out literature and opt-out forms at every middle school in the city. Their flyer exposed the pornographic content of the Omaha Public Schools’ (OPS) new “comprehensive sex-ed” curriculum. In just two days, over 700 parents took forms to opt-out their children.

Three weeks later, OPS went on the attack. School officials sent emails to thousands of parents in the school district attempting to debunk the NFV group’s information, and assuring parents that everything was “just fine.”

School district’s response: disingenuous and misleading

Not surprisingly, most of the school district’s so-called “fact-based information” was disingenuous and misleading. It follows tactics similar to what we’ve seen in other states.

Here’s what’s happened:The school officials subsequently modified or deleted the particular examples which the parents published. So they now can claim that the parents’ examples are “wrong.” But in fact, those examples were part of the material selected by the school for children. Had the parents not publicly exposed them, they would still be there.

This begs other questions: Why were these horrific things there in the first place? Who is responsible for putting them there? Will they quietly be put back after the furor dies down? What other radical, graphic material is still there -- that the parents didn’t find? (Most the “modified” material is still very objectionable.)

Here are the two pages from the "fact-based" comparison sheet that the OPS emailed out:

None of that material was originally included “by accident.” It was all done on purpose by people who obviously should have no business even being around children. The school district has no credibility in this matter.

“Frequently Asked Questions”

In addition to the above, OPS also included in the email this list of “Frequently Asked Questions for Families” about the comprehensive sex-ed program, which they’ve titled “Human Growth and Development Curriculum.”

It's shrewdly worded to make parents feel comfortable with this radical curriculum. But careful reading raises a few red flags.

Among the problems with this are:

(1) They do not tell parents HOW to opt-out their children. In fact, it is a cumbersome and confusing process.

(2) They do not reveal what the “alternative” curriculum for those who opt-out will be.

(3) They admit that the comprehensive sex-ed topics may overlap into other, normal academic subjects. This is a big problem across the country. (We’ve even seen LGBT issues brought up during math classes!)

(4) They say that OPS does not “distribute” condoms. But they describe in detail how to use condoms. And ten days after this was sent out, OPS sent some kids to a Planned Parenthood event where condoms were given to them.

In other words, the NFV parents still have a lot of work still to do!

“Fact sheet”

The OPS email to parents also included a one-page “fact sheet” showing the timeline of the development of the Human Growth and Development curriculum. It seems this is intended to make the curriculum look “official” and “professional”.

Interestingly, the fact sheet also states that “the [OPS] curriculum supervisors thoroughly vet all materials.” If so, then why was it suddenly changed after parents exposed parts of it?

Following a disturbing pattern from the beginning

The NFV group has attempted to monitor the creation and implementation of this radical program by OPS staff and School Board over the past few years. During that time, these parents have suffered a disturbing pattern of abuse that also we’ve seen in other places around the country, as graphic LGBT-related “comprehensive sex-ed” gets set up.

When parents begin to complain, expose, and confront what they’re seeing, they naively expect that the school officials would be as shocked and concerned as they are. That is never the case.

Instead,  there is generally an escalating series of reactions against them.

(1) When they first complain to school officials, they are given “the run-around.” See this person. Then see this person. No, this person. But nothing happens.

(2) When they continue and go to before the School Board, they are simply ignored. School board members will even refuse to meet or talk with them privately.

(3) If they continue to press, we’ve seen situations where parents were threatened by school administrators. (This even happened to a non-cooperative school board member in the Midwest.)  This can also lead to harassment by local pro-LGBT activists, social-media attacks, etc.

(4) If they continue and publish excerpts from the curriculum, the school administration will counter-attack with their own disinformation or misinformation, as seen above.

It’s also worth noting that school officials will fight hard to force parents to “opt out” their children from comprehensive sex-ed, rather than make it simply “opt in” like all other elective courses. (Occasionally they will relent on this for elementary school grades.) They know that when this happens, very, very few parents opt-in their children!

What can parents do?

All of this is done to intimidate and wear down parents, and get them to quit. They know that what they are doing is considered beyond the pale by the general public. If parents don’t quit and keep going, they  will eventually prevail.

In the case of the NFV parents, they are making very good positive progress. The School Board is starting to back down. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series for their recent victory.


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