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At public library meeting: MassResistance-Texas parents present shocking facts on LGBT & sex-ed agenda in elementary schools. LGBT activists try to disrupt event.

Includes new material from Freedom of Information Act requests

Parents stand tall, not intimidated by LGBT harassment

See VIDEOS of the event: You’ll learn a lot!

September 7, 2017

VIDEO: Here is the video of the presentation. It is 38 minutes long, but well worth watching. (Note, we edited out the disruptions from the LGBT activists, which are included in Video #2.)

VIDEO #2: The disruptions by the LGBT activists -- and attempts to shut down the meeting -- during the presentation and the question period following it.

On Saturday afternoon, Aug. 12, three MassResistance-Texas mothers (including a former elementary school teacher) presented a fact-filled and uncompromising public presentation about the LGBT and “comprehensive sexuality” agenda in the local elementary schools. It took place before an overflow crowd at the Pleasant Hill Library in Austin.

Titled, “Sexual Indoctrination in the Public Schools,” the presentation included a lot of startling information that the public hadn’t seen before. Much of that came from a large cache of documents from the Austin Independent School District (AISD) obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. It revealed that the LGBT and “comprehensive sexuality” agenda in the local elementary schools is worse than anyone had realized.

The presentation also included a well-researched description of where these programs came from and how they are getting into the public schools.

The three presenters taking questions after the formal presentation. They stood their ground wonderfully against the hostile LGBT activists.

As we previously reported, MassResistance-Texas parents were determined to inform the parents of Austin what is happening in their elementary schools – and help them take action. They’ve set up a website, Concerned Parents of Austin with some information.

To promote this meeting, the parents passed out hundreds of flyers in local neighborhoods. Local liberals and LGBT activists reacted with vitriol on social media and in the local press. It was no secret that they wanted to silence the parents by demonizing and intimidating them. But the parents were undeterred.

Over 60 people came and filled the room in the library. The local parents who came were stunned by what they learned.

TOP: Defining the LGBT "Gang of 3" -- the national groups pushing their agendas in the Austin elementary schools. The parents discovered this via the Freedom of Information Act requests.
BOTTOM: "Top 10 Reasons to Keep the LGBT 'Gang of 3" Out of Schools." Here's what their programs really do to your children.

Among the things covered in the presentation:

  • The radical national LGBT groups which the FOIA request revealed that the school is collaborating with.
  • The “Welcoming Schools” program (from Human Rights Campaign) instructs teachers to integrate the LGBT propaganda throughout the classroom experience. It’s also channeled through various clubs, anti-bullying programs, “respect” programs, and other activities.
  • The local school district has laid out plans to implement “comprehensive sex education” into the youngest grades starting next year. As part of this, explicit and graphic terms and concepts will be introduced to young children.
  • The school purposefully intends to make it very cumbersome for parents to exclude their children from these programs.
  • The plans also include putting specialized children’s books in the elementary school libraries – including books with pornographic sex pictures and descriptions, child-centered homosexual themes, transgender themes, and other LGBT propaganda. Teachers have been told to read these books to the children and encourage the children to check them out from the library.

    This is one of the books that elementary school teachers were told to read to the children -- and encourage the children to check out of the library.
  • Elementary school teachers are being told by the principal not to use the terms “girl” and “boy” any more, in order to be more inclusive to the LGBT ideology.
  • The Austin schools are inviting children to attend and even participate in the local adult “gay pride” activities.
  • The Texas age of consent laws are  undermined by the explicit sexuality programs. (In fact, these laws may soon be formally challenged by the education lobby.)
  • How the programs get into school districts across Texas: Each district has an appointed “School Health Advisory Council” (SHAC) that is supposed to include parents reflecting the community’s values. But the LGBT and sexuality special interests have been quietly getting their own people onto the SHACs. In addition, the radicals have found methods to circumvent the SHACs completely with their programs.
  • Texas school districts started out with abstinence-only programs. But they have now been systematically replaced by LGBT and comprehensive sex-ed programs.
  • The sexuality movement in America – its beliefs, language, and values – has been heavily influenced by Alfred Kinsey and other deviant thinkers (and their fraudulent research). Kinsey even conducted sexual experiments on infants. Those radical and destructive ideas have now been brought into the nation’s schools.

  • A core belief of the sexuality movement is that children should be introduced as young as possible to sexual issues and sexual (and homosexual) behavior, even if parents object.
  • Children’s developing bodies and minds are completely unsuited to the “comprehensive sex education” message being given to them.
  • The introduction of “comprehensive sex education” to children has had very serious widespread consequences: STDs, emotional trauma, psychological issues, etc.

This destructive movement has virtually nothing to do with “helping” children. The special interests and dishonest school officials who are pushing these things into the elementary schools really don’t care and don’t want to be bothered thinking about the consequences it brings. It’s all about their own personal, political, and economic benefits. They see parents’ concerns as simply problems to deal with. That’s why it’s so difficult for parents to confront this horror individually.

LGBT activists come to disrupt the meeting

The local LGBT activists were angry that parents were challenging their control in the schools. They are determined that their programs continue to be pushed in the elementary schools no matter what parents want. As they do almost everywhere else, they wanted to keep the parents’ message from being heard. But this time it didn’t quite work out that way.

LGBT activists jump up, clap, and yell during the event.

The meeting might have easily been disrupted and even shut down early on. About a third of the attendees who came into the room were obvious LGBT activists (and more gathered outside in the hallway). They strategically spread themselves throughout the audience.

They were rude and hostile. They did their best to intimidate the presenters and other attendees by interrupting and making hostile and misleading statements and comments. They tried to interrupt by giggling, snorting, and heckling. At the question and answer session, they pushed to ask most of the questions.

It was quite a spectacle. It also reveals the anger, self-centeredness, and emotional immaturity that the LGBT movement is known for. As we’ve observed before, it was like dealing with dysfunctional children.

Nevertheless, they weren’t able to derail the meeting. The library security people had called in several uniformed police officers. And whenever the activists started their disruptions, MassResistance-Texas leader Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez boldly took charge and threatened to have them ejected. 

Dr. Robert Lopez, head of Texas-MassResistance, tells the LGBT activists that if there are any more disruptions, they'll be ejected from the room.

(After the meeting, Dr. Lopez wrote this strongly-worded article about the behavior of the LGBT crowd on the MassResistance-Texas website.)

And through all of this, the mothers were not intimidated and did not back down. And the local parents who came for information were clearly glad they were there.

Several uniformed police were on hand to make sure the LGBT activists couldn't stop the presentation, as they had intended.

After the meeting, the attacks continued online and in local media

Not surprisingly, the LGBT activists took to the Internet and local media to continue to try to discredit and demonize the parents and their work. It’s eerie how much energy they put into that. But it didn’t matter, really. It only helped get the parents’ message out even more!

Not Concerned Parents of Austin: “Protecting our children from the consequences of ignorance”  This is the LGBT activists’ copycat website aping the Concerned Parents of Austin. It’s mostly propaganda and disinformation about sex and children.

Informed Parents of Austin. Demanding Kindness, Dignity & Respect for ALL Austin Students & Families
This site is another LGBT activist site, but attempts to explain why the horrific LGBT programs in the Austin schools are actually “good” for children. It’s apparently done in collaboration with school officials.

Austin Chronicle: AISD's "Concerned Parents" Rail Against LGBTQ Inclusivity. Religious extremists against comprehensive sex ed and Welcoming Schools program. This is simply a vicious attack on the parents, full of distortions and untruths. The Left’s “fake news” train is moving forward!

KVUE-TV: Parent group holds meeting for families to opt out of AISD sex ed program. This is probably the least overtly biased. But it still gives a big chunk of time to the LGBT side. (The TV station would never give our side any air time if the situation were reversed.)

All of this reveals a lot more about them than about us.

The parents did not back away from the awful truth about the health hazards of homosexual behavior, as documented in the latest MassResistance book, which schools refuse to talk about. Of course, this angered the LGBT activists who don't want this discussed at all.

Overall: A great job by the parents!

These Texas-MassResistance parents are really outstanding! This was one of the most powerful and informative public presentations we’ve ever seen! And they’re not stopping. They plan to expand it and replicate it across Texas.

The fact that the LGBT movement considers this so dangerous tells us all that this must be continued!


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