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MassResistance speakers expose harsh reality of the "gay" agenda at local Texas pro-family conference.

What you’re not being told about the LGBT movement’s lies.

How LGBT “training” is getting into your elementary schools & libraries!

Crowd was stunned. SEE VIDEOS of speeches!

November 14, 2017

People from across the region came to the event.

MassResistance speakers captivated a crowd of approximately 100 people at a recent multi-town pro-family conference in Killeen, Texas. Parents heard no-holds-barred descriptions of the larger LGBT movement, and how their indoctrination gets into local elementary schools, and what they’re putting in public libraries. (See below.) Citizens were encouraged to mobilize to take back the schools and libraries from the Left.

Texas MassResistance speakers: Former Austin elementary school teacher Caryl Ayala and Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez came to educate the local parents.

The conference, held on Oct. 20 at the Killeen Civic Center, was organized by a Texas MassResistance parent who also leads the local group Concerned Christian Citizens. The purpose was to educate parents in response to an aggressive LGBT exhibit targeting children in the nearby Temple, TX public library. As we reported, three days before the conference, on Oct. 17, local parents filled the room at the Temple Library’s quarterly Board meeting to express their outrage.

This is the local group run by the Texas MassResistance pastor who put on the event.

Powerful videos. The attendees certainly got an education on Oct. 20! Two of the speeches by Texas MassResistance activists were particularly riveting:

VIDEO -- Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez: The true nature of the “gay” movement and the lies it uses to push its agenda.
We have never heard any other speech as direct and honest as this. Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez is a professor at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth. He is also the leader of Texas MassResistance. He was raised by two lesbians, and for many years he lived as an active homosexual. He is now married and has two children with his wife.

VIDEO -- Caryl Ayala, former Texas elementary school teacher: How the LGBT movement is getting into elementary schools to normalize that behavior among very young children.

This former Austin elementary school teacher tells a horrific story about how the homosexual movement came into her school and required teachers to push the LGBT agenda to very young children without their parents’ knowledge.

-- What happened at the Library Board meeting on Oct. 17, and how Christians must fight back.

This speech was by a local pastor (who is running for State Representative to show what Christians should be doing) was also inspiring:

Even though about 80% of the people who came to testify at the Oct. 17 Temple Library Board meeting were very much against the library’s LGBT exhibit, the Board members clearly continue to support it. That must not continue. Christians must not retreat, he says, but fight back even harder – and get on that Board!

There was also a talk by an activist mother from Round Rock, TX who had also spoken at the Austin Library presentation back in August. She described how Texas parents need to get on their local school’s state-mandated Sexual Health Advisory Council (SHAC) to offset the Planned Parenthood people who typically gravitate to those bodies.

It was very enlightening. Most parents and grandparents have little knowledge about what’s really happening, how this agenda got there, or how they can fight it. Meetings like this are crucial. Citizens are now even better equipped to confront these issues in their local schools and libraries. Thanks to all the Texas MassResistance activists who organized it and came to speak!

Some of the advertising for the event.

These three local pastors also spoke. The pastor on the right is the MassResistance activist who organized the event. The pastor in the middle is the one running for State Representative.

There was a table with MassResistance literature.

This family said they really appreciated the event and posed for a photo afterwards.

COMING UP THIS WEEKEND – The Teens4Truth conference in Ft. Worth:

The Killeen conference was just a start for our education and activism push!

This weekend (Friday, Nov. 17 and Saturday, Nov. 18) is the long awaited Texas MassResistance Teens4Truth conference in Ft. Worth, TX.

How can you protect kids from the radical LGBT agenda being pushed so aggressively in their schools? Do you understand what is happening, how it got started, and how to help students and parents confront the lies and propaganda being pushed at them? How can you get your church to be more involved in this terrible battle? Speakers from as far away as the UK are coming to truly educate parents, grandparents, pastors, and youth counselors. Come this weekend to get the answers! (See promotional video.)


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