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Texas MassResistance ‘Teens4Truth’ Conference is a huge success! Equipping youth to counter the LGBT movement in schools.

A hard-hitting pro-family conference with powerful presentations

Attacked by national mainstream media; pro-LGBT protesters outside

VIDEOS of event coming!

December 10 2017

The presentations told the plain truth that most teens (and their parents) rarely if ever hear, and gave detailed, easily understood explanations.

The long anticipated “Teens4Truth” Conference, held Nov. 17-18 at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas and sponsored by our Texas MassResistance chapter, was an overwhelming success.

Attendees filled most of the main auditorium, and also the additional break-out session room.

The purpose was to give teenagers, parents, pastors, and teachers the knowledge and skills to help counter the LGBT agenda and propaganda in their schools -- and now seeping into their churches. To our knowledge, there has never been a major pro-family conference bold enough to do this -- particularly in such a direct and unwavering manner.

This has been a big problem across the country. Children and teenagers are heavily bombarded with LGBT propaganda and disinformation. Vulnerable kids are often encouraged to “come out” and identify as homosexual or transgender. Parents, youth, and others often feel helpless, and have long sought help to deal with and confront this onslaught.

Nearly two dozen speakers came from as far away as the UK to participate. Texas State Representative Ron Simmons welcomed the group via a special video. The range of topics (see below) was quite broad and full of critical information that the average person never sees. Several uncompromising organizations had booths with their materials.

A teenager reads through material at the Texas MassResistance booth.

Teens and parents at a booth with material exposing the propaganda being pushed at kids.

Teens gather at the booth promoting the children's book I Don't Have to Choose and other materials on the "gender" issue..

The event was widely publicized in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area through Christian radio and several churches. Nearly 100 teenagers and adults attended, and many more watched it live via Facebook. (There were several concurrent presentations that were not streamed, but will be posted.)

VIDEO: Promotional video for the counference. The sound track of this video was broadcast continuously on Christian radio prior to the event in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area..

In addition, during the conference Texas MassResistance leader Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez did several live video interviews (which we are also posting) of the speakers, youth attendees, and others, including a lot of fascinating background information, reactions, and online questions from the public. Dr. Lopez is also a professor at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez (right) interviews one of the conference speakers on Facebook live during the conference.

Attacked by the media and LGBT movement

Even before the conference started, the LGBT movement expressed their anger that it would be allowed to take place. Not surprisingly, they sent protesters outside the Seminary (whom we met and videoed). Interestingly, the protesters were from the pro-LGBT “seminary” at Texas Christian University (TCU), also in Ft. Worth, which often clashes with pro-family conservative values.

Two of the protesters from the pro-LGBT divinity school at TCU holding signs outside of the Teens4Truth conference. Note the sign on the left: "The Bible says nothing about trans." Very confused people, to say the least.

And almost immediately after the conference there was huge wave of vitriol from national mainstream media (including Newsweek) and numerous LGBT “news” sites. Like so much from that direction, it was pretty unhinged, over the top, and laced with lies.

Front page of Boston homosexual newspaper Bay Windows reacts to the event.

Obviously, we hit a nerve, and we’re considered to be too effective to be ignored!

All-star presentations, and more

Here are the presentations and other events which we will be posting over the next week. (Trust us: these are worth waiting for!)


To the attendees: YOU are the heroic generation!
A video message from Texas State Representative Ron Simmons to the Teens4Truth conference attendees.

Introduction: Interpretive dance (and testimony)
A former cheerleader who runs an ex-gay ministry started off the conference with a 5-minute interpretive dance representing God’s love during difficult times. Strangely, the mainstream media and LGBT groups saw the video and labeled it a “gay” dance and went ballistic over it across the Internet!
Derek Paul, Identity Ministries, Gainesville, FL


How should Christians respond to the LGBT movement?
 Not to be missed! A prominent minority pastor gives a moving talk on homosexuality and the Bible, its effect on society, and how too many churches are failing to address it.
Pastor Stephen Broden, Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church, Dallas, TX

A teacher exposes the LGBT agenda coming into elementary schools.
This will shock you because most parents have no idea how bad it is. School officials are purposefully keeping parents in the dark. And even local churches are afraid to talk about it.
Caryl Ayala, former elementary school teacher

Reparative therapy: How healing from homosexuality -- and true change -- really works.
This is a must-watch for everyone who’s heard the “born that way” myth. It’s what the LGBT movement doesn’t want you to know about – and the main reason they brought protesters outside the conference.
David Pickup, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Former homosexuals and children of LGBTs speak the truth!
Real people countering the lies that we are all being constantly told about the LGBT lifestyle, the "gay" identity, and how "LGBT parenting" affects children. They found Christ and have become transformed. A riveting and heartbreaking perspective that most people have never heard.

Sex-proofing your kids: Preparing them for the minefields of today’s society
Probably the most frightening part of parenting is that they know so little about what’s being pushed at their children sexually – from all directions. Here’s how to deal with it.
Dr. Lisa Nolland, sexuality researcher from the UK

Protecting children from the radical transgender agenda in schools
The lies and radical ideologies that kids are being taught in schools about “gender,” and how parents can confront it with the truth.
Ellie Klipp, former school teacher; author of children’s book, "I don’t have to choose."

The Transgender Movement: its origins, and how social theory is replacing medical science
A pediatrician outlines the history and destructive nature of transgenderism and “transgender medicine.” Hint: It’s even worse than you thought!
Quentin Van Meter, MD, PCP, American College of Pediatricians

Understanding Gender Ideology – the latest propaganda of the sexual revolution
How feminism, sexuality, homosexuality, transgenderism, and more are being sold to (and forced on) the public.
Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD, The Ruth Institute

The pervasive LGBT indoctrination in public schools: What parents need to know and what they can do
There is a flood of radical and destructive LGBT and sex-ed indoctrination in all grades. It is more radical than ever. Much of it is from well-funded national organizations and has become overwhelming. This will help parents get educated about that and learn how take action.
Three mothers from Austin, TX (including two former teachers) have done amazing research.

Successfully fighting for your rights in the school boards, courts, and Legislature
Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values, talks about how his organization does it – in the Courts, School Boards, and the Legislature – and how others can fight also!

The truth about love and sex that they DON’T tell teens
Human nature and biology counter most of what “sex ed” tells teenagers. This is information most people have never heard!
Brian McAuliffe, Certified instructor, Love and Human Relations


ON-SITE INTERVIEWS with speakers, youth attendees, and others
Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, head of Texas MassResistance, is a great interviewer!

VIDEO: Confronting the pro-LGBT protesters outside
They are angry and, when pressed, basically clueless. They simply don’t want kids to get other information countering their view.

REPORT: Attacks on the conference in the national mainstream media and numerous LGBT “news” sites
We definitely upset them, particularly our message that their bizarre “gay dance” stereotypes can be re-directed to signify something positive. And like so much coming from them, their attacks were unhinged, over the top, and laced with lies.

Stay tuned!

David Pickup, a licenced marriage and family therapist, gave an outstandingt talk on reparative therapy for those with unwanted LGBT issues. He was also the MC of the conference.


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