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Presentations from the MassResistance Texas Teens4Truth Conference

Equipping youth and parents to counter the LGBT agenda in schools.

Powerful speakers on vital issues that every pro-family person needs to know!

December 28, 2017
Updated: January 21, 2018

Below are videos of the presentations at the Teens4Truth Conference, sponsored by Texas MassResistance, held at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX on Nov. 18, 2017.

NOTE: Below are nine of the presentations. We are adding more.

1. Welcome message from a Texas State Representative: You are the Heroic Generation!
An eloquent video message from Texas State Representative Ron Simmons to the Teens4Truth conference attendees. (1 min 24 sec.)

2. How should Christians respond to the LGBT movement?
A prominent pastor gives a moving talk on homosexuality and the Bible, its effect on society, and how too many churches are failing to address it.
Pastor Stephen Broden, Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church, Dallas, TX

3. A teacher exposes the radical LGBT agenda coming into elementary schools.
This will shock you because most parents have no idea how bad it is. School officials are purposefully keeping parents in the dark. And even local churches are afraid to talk about it.
Caryl Ayala, former elementary school teacher

4. Reparative therapy: How healing from homosexuality -- and true change -- really works.
A fascinating presentation. This is a must-watch for everyone who's heard the "born that way" myth. It's what the LGBT movement doesn't want you to know about -- and the main reason they brought protesters outside the conference!
David Pickup, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

5. Former homosexuals and children of LGBTs speak the truth!
Real people countering the lies that we are all being constantly told about the LGBT lifestyle, the "gay" identity, and how "LGBT parenting" affects children. They found Christ and became transformed. A riveting and heartbreaking perspective that most people have never heard!

6. Sex-proofing your kids: Preparing them for the minefields of today's society.
How do you keep the radical sexuality and LGBT agendas from affecting your kids? Probably the most frightening part of parenting is that we know so little about what’s being pushed at our children sexually – from all directions. Here’s how to deal with it. It's one of the best talks ever on this subject! (Caution: some graphic depictions.)
Dr. Lisa Nolland, sexuality researcher from the UK

7. The "gender vs gender identity" agenda targeting young children
A former public school teacher gives a chilling, in-depth account of how the transgender agenda is targeting young children -- and what she is doing to counter it.
Ellie Klipp, former school teacher; author of children’s book, "I Don’t Have to Choose."

8. The terrible fraud of 'transgender medicine' in America. As told by a pediatrician who was at the hospital where it started.
An incredible speech! A pediatrician who was at Johns Hopkins University Hospital when "transgender medicine" was developed describes the lies, bad medicine, and fraud behind that movement. Shockingly, it has now expanded into hospitals, clinics, and universities across America and is being presented as "legitimate" medical and surgical practice. Hear how social theory trumps science and leads to widespread misery. He also described how the psychological concept of "gender" was invented in the 1960s.
Quentin Van Meter, MD, FCP is a pediatric endocrinologist. He is a Fellow of the American College of Pediatricians and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

9. Understanding gender ideology -- the propaganda of the sexual revolution.
A very important presentation. The radical ideology of "gender" has been a foundation of the propaganda that has fueled the sexual revolution. It's a big part of how feminism, sexuality, homosexuality, transgenderism, and more are being sold to (and forced on) the public. This will help you understand it.
Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD., founder and president of the Ruth Institute. he mission of the Ruth Institute is to put a stop to family breakdown -- being caused by the sexual revolution.

More videos to come!


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