Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Radical bills now in Judiciary Committee will affect Massachusetts and the rest of America.  Homosexual movement out to change society.

In all, SIX bad bills to stop -- and THREE good bills that must be passed

Since their victory over the same-sex “marriage” amendment they want to push the envelope forward in their march to change society. Some of these bills will eventually affect the whole country, not just Massachusetts.

Below are the 9 bills -- 6 bad and 3 good – that you need to get involved about. (Click the bill number for the text of the bill.) As you can see, some of these bills were filed multiple times with slight (or no) differences – a common tactic by the left.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008, was “D-Day” for the homosexual movement as their biggest bills this year faced a public hearing at the State House. The Committee has until Wednesday, March 19 to "kill" these bills or pass them to the full House and Senate. (To take action, see bottom.)

1. Allow homosexual couples from another state to get “married” in Massachusetts. 

Bills: S800, S1029, H1728

[Changes M.G.L. Chapter 207: section 11, section 12, section 13, section 50]

If you live outside of Massachusetts, get ready for a lot of problems if this passes. Currently no out-of-state couple can get married in Massachusetts if that marriage would not be legal in their home state. This would overturn that law (dating back to 1913) and allow any homosexual couple in America to get “married” here – and cause havoc in their home states.

Repealing this law is a major goal of the homosexual movement, in order to spread homosexual "marriage" around the country. Couples from across America would come here, get "married" and then demand (using court challenges) that their home states legally recognize those marriages because of the US Constitution's "full faith and credit" clause.

2. Transgender rights and hate crimes bill

Bill: H1722   [Changes these current Mass. laws]

This is probably the most radical bill ever seriously considered by the Massachusetts legislature. This is the homosexual movement’s next frontier, as they see it, to change society.

This bill would protect and promote a range of bizarre and obscene behaviors in schools, businesses, and public accommodations. It would criminalize any critical response (real or perceived) to any sort of public or private undefined "gender identity and expression" (including bizarre public sexual behaviors). This will change society.

It would affect schools, government, private businesses, health clubs (locker rooms, etc.), and all public accommodations.  Churches and religious institutions are NOT excempted from this! It would also give state sanction to dangerous surgical mutilations and hormonal manipulations of people suffering from a recognized psychiatric disorder.

Read our MassResistance special report on this bill, written by our own Amy Contrada: what it does, and the many ways it would affect you.

Homosexual newspaper Bay Windows article about our report!

Homosexual lobbying groups across the state are joining together to push this. They've already had a "transgender rights lobby day" at the State House. They consider this their top priority for this year.

The homosexual lobby’s main tactic for Tuesday’s public hearing: Use emotion.  During the same-sex marriage debates, the homosexual groups learned that emotional arguments worked much better for them than logical arguments. So that’s what they did, over and over again. They’ll be doing the same with the transgender bill.

Transgender website that coaches activists how to testify at hearing (with sample “emotional” testimony)

Here’s their worksheet on how to testify

Homosexual newspaper report on upcoming hearing.

On the horizon: Photos from the Transsexual Rights march last June in San Francisco. (from MassResistance blog)

3. Repeal sodomy laws and other “morality” laws

Bill H1709 

[Changes Chapter 264 section 16A, Chapter 265 section 34, Chapter 270 section 14, various sections of Chapter 272 ]

This would repeal the so-called “sodomy laws” in Massachusetts and also overturn several other sections of M.G.L. Ch. 272, "Crimes Against Chastity, Morality, Decency, and Good Order," including laws against "resorting to restaurants or taverns for immoral purposes" and committing "unnatural and lascivious acts".

As we’ve recently noted, the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows observed that one of the main reasons the homosexual lobby is so interested in repealing the "sodomy laws" in this session is that these laws "have historically been used to target gay men in cruising areas."  Well, a lot of police would tell you that we need these laws more than ever!

These "cruising areas" are usually public parks, rest areas, wooded areas, stores, and public mens' rooms across the state. Some places have so bad that public officials have to warn parents and children to stay away from those areas. The homosexual legal groups have fought hard to keep police at bay, but some police departments have refused to be intimidated.

Plus, we’ve noticed, this bill would also repeal the law declaring the Communist Party a subversive organization!  Maybe our politicians are just upset that Castro finally stepped down!

Interestingly, this bill is very similar to S905, which the committee heard an their Feb. 7 public hearing.

4. Officially legalize homosexual “marriage” by changing the marriage statute.

Bills: H1710, S918  [Adds new law: M.G.L. Chapter 207, section 37A]

This would change the marriage statute to legalize homosexual "marriage"— which is still NOT legal in Massachusetts, as proven by the filing of this bill.
The homosexual lobby is quietly trying to slip this bill through. The Goodridge court decision on same-sex marriage acknowledged that it couldn't change the law.  The Mass. Constitution is very specific that court decisions MAY NOT change laws. Only the Legislature can do that.  And it hasn't changed the marriage law - so far.

5. Allow a minor to get an abortion WITHOUT parental consent or judge’s order

Bill: H1735  [Changes M.G.L. Chapter 112 section 12S]

A MAJOR change that will cause abortions to skyrocket!

Currently, the law requires the consent of both parents (unless divorced) or a judge’s order for a minor child to get an abortion. This would radically change the law to allow a girl to have an abortion if she’s simply had a “counseling session” by a teacher, guidance councilor, member of the “clergy” or medical person – without parental consent or a judge’s order! 

This bill appears to have Planned Parenthood’s fingerprints all over it!  (It uses tricky wording – you have to read it carefully.)

6. Repeal laws restricting abortions, and related laws.

Bills: H1734S831   [Changes Chapter 112 and Chapter 272]

This would repeal all the laws relating to the restricting of abortions, that have been on the books many years.

The official title of this bill is “An act relative to public health.” In its preamble, the bill makes the absurd, Orwellian claim that continuing to restrict abortions “would pose a great threat to the public health.”  This is the mindset of our elected legislators.


7. [GOOD BILL] Removes undefined phrase “sexual orientation” from all Massachusetts statutes

Bill: S928  [filed by MassResistance]

The term “sexual orientation” is now used throughout the Massachusetts laws but is never legally defined. It could include sexual proclivities to not only the same sex, but a huge range of bizarre behaviors, including an "orientation" to young children, spanking, various animals, leather, dead people, peoples’ feet, and dozens of others.

Here is a list of just what “sexual orientation can legally mean!

This is madness, and the homosexual movement is starting to use this as a club to push bizarre behaviors in the workplace, schools, etc. THIS bill MUST be passed!

8. [GOOD BILL] Forces Commonwealth to abide by actual marriage statutes

Bill: S926  [Filed by MassResistance]

The homosexual lobby has filed bills (see #4 above) to change the marriage laws to allow for same-sex marriage. That’s because the Massachusetts Constitution does not allow a court ruling to extend beyond the actual plaintiffs. (The courts have no power in Massachusetts to change laws, only to render decisions.)  The marriage laws were never changed; the court suggested that the Legislature change the laws, but it never did.

Here’s the language of the bill:

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

SECTION 1. It is hereby declared that all same-sex marriages performed under public authority in Massachusetts since May 17, 2004, excepting the plaintiffs in the Goodridge case, are without statutory basis; and no other marriage performed in Massachusetts will be considered legally binding which is not established by Massachusetts statute, not withstanding licensing through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, or city or town clerk.

9. [GOOD BILL] The “woman’s right to know” law regarding abortions, with 24 hour waiting period.

H1687  [Changes M.G.L. Chapter 112 section 12S and Chapter 111, Section 70E]

This is a very important bill that the abortion industry will do everything to stop. It sets a 24-hour waiting period before performing an abortion, where the woman is given information regarding what the abortion will do to her body, her emotional state, and her baby, and what options she has besides having an abortion. Many women are in a frenzied state when contemplating an abortion, and this gives them time to think about this life-changing act.  You can count on strong opposition by Planned Parenthood, which makes enormous profits on abortions.


This is one of those places where the rubber meets the road.

Contact the all the Judiciary Committee members here!

Let this committee know you won’t stand for our laws changed to suit the fringe elements of society – and that the GOOD bills must be passed!

Call or email or write (US mail) or VISIT the Co-Chairmen of the Judiciary Committee  - and the other members of the committee - and tell them you strongly oppose or support the bills accordingly.

Senate Chair: Senator Robert Creedon, 617-722-1200, [email protected]
House Chair: Representative Eugene O'Flaherty, 617-722-2396, [email protected]

One thing to say to these legislators: Don't fall for the "emotion" trap. We demand you listen to the facts of what these bills will actually do!

Contact the entire Judiciary Committee (by phone, email, or regular mail)
on our FIGHT BACK page!