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March 4 public hearing on "perversion" bills  -- a 9-hour orchestrated sales pitch by homosexual lobby.

Hearing started at 1 pm -- pro-family people had to wait until 10:30 pm to be heard!   A complete sham!

Being pushed hard: Transgender rights and hate crimes bill, out-of-state same-sex marriage bill. Watch out, America!

Outside the State House it was overcast.


Inside the State House, the "Trans Rights Now" lunacy was everywhere.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (MARCH 4, 2008) Walking down the halls of the State House on March 4, 2008, the first thing one noticed was the bizarre sight of men in women's clothes. But that was just the beginning.

With the unabashed cooperation of the committee chairmen, the homosexual lobby completely dominated public hearing of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary on the “transgender rights and hate crimes bill”, the out-of-state same-sex marriage bill, and other groundbreaking radical bills, putting on an orchestrated presentation that went on for hours. 

The Committee did its best to silence pro-family voices by making anyone who checked off “opposed” on the signup sheet wait until 10:25 pm to speak –after nearly everyone had left, including the press. It was a huge burden, and most could not stay that long. People had jobs and families to attend to, and many came from across the state to testify. The committee was clearly not interested in hearing any opposing opinions. (The only exceptions: The committee did allow late afternoon testimony from two small pro-family panels that had made prior deals with the committee, and a pregnant mother who asked the staff to let her talk.)

Wave after wave of strange “panels”.  Over several mind-numbing hours, pre-arranged “panels” of men dressed as females, bearded women, bizarre activists, and Frankenstein-like medical “experts” were called up and droned forth a steady stream of transgender propaganda, disinformation, and highly charged emotion. There was no time limit imposed on their testimony.

PANELS: See our full report on the panels - with photos!

No rules at all. In fact, the Judiciary Committee broke almost every longstanding rule and custom regarding public hearings that we’ve observed in nearly 15 years, to cater to the homosexual lobby. It was an insult to citizens.

NO RULES: See our full report on what the committee did and didn’t do that day.

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Early crowd: As the 1 pm starting time approached the hearing room got so crowded that they opened up the walls so people could spill over into the next room.

"Important" people first. During the first 2 1/2 hours they let other legislators and special "dignitaries" come up and testify. Their time is deemed to be much more valuable than that of ordinary citizens.

Playing to a packed house.
As the afternoon wore on -- and wave after wave of orchestrated "transgender" panels droned on, the room got more packed and (given the hearing rooms' poor ventilation) hotter. (Note TV cameras at upper right.)

Finally, we get to testify.
This is what the room looked like at 10:25 pm, when the first pro-family citizen was finally called up.  The majority of the people you see here are pro-family people still waiting to testify, though most had already left. Committee staff acknowledged that they made pro-family people wait until the end. So much for public input!

Rest Room Insanity

Just down the hall from the hearing room is the Judiciary Committee office. Notice that it's right between the men's restroom (at right) and women's restroom (at left)! During the hearing, a parade of men wearing women's clothes used the women's restroom, and women (many with beards!) used the men's room. If you happened to be walking by, it was very weird to see -- and a frightening harbinger of things to come!

In her testimony, lesbian activist attorney Jennifer Levi (who works for Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) made it clear that transgender "rights" trump the public's discomfort. As the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows reported:

Levi answered that there are many different paths to transition, some medical and some not, and that many transgender people who transition do not go through the process of surgery and hormones that most people in the mainstream associate with transsexuality. She added that public bathrooms have private stalls, so people will still have a sense of privacy. But Levi said the need to end discrimination against the transgender community outweighs discomfort that others might have when sharing facilities with them.  "And discomfort should not be at the heart of the refusal to adopt non-discrimination laws that are essential to the citizens of the Commonwealth," said Levi.

Homosexual lobby very serious

The homosexual lobby is putting all their energy to pushing this new radical agenda through. They are going face-to-face with the reps and senators. Here's what Bay Windows reported after the hearing:

"The lobby team is working with Judiciary leadership and the committee members one-on-one to address their concerns and make sure they have the information they need to make a good decision. .." said [Bill] Conley [Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus lobbyist].

Marc Solomon, campaign director for MassEquality, another organization working on H.B. 1722, said that the goal of the coalition is to pass the bill this year. Though it took about 16 years to pass the gay rights bill after contentious battles in the ’70s and ’80s, Solomon believes the transgender rights bill can move on a much faster track.

"It’s not a matter at all of the Legislature taking a long time with this. It’s on the shoulders of our community to make the case to their legislators about why this bill should move and move quickly, and ultimately that’s what will make it happen," said Solomon.

Here are the bills in the Judiciary Committee that you need to watch!

CLICK HERE for full description of these bills and links to the text.

  1. Allow homosexual couples from another state to get “married” in Massachusetts - Bills: S800, S1029, H1728
  2. Transgender rights and hate crimes bill - Bill: H1722
    Read our full, powerful analysis of this extreme bill here!
  3. Officially legalize homosexual “marriage” by changing the marriage statute - Bills: H1710, S918
  4. Allow a minor to get an abortion WITHOUT parental consent or judge’s order - Bill: H1735 
  5. Repeal sodomy laws and other “morality” laws (plus repeals stigma against Communist Party!) - Bill H1709 
  6. Repeal laws restricting abortions, and related laws - Bills: H1734, S831 
  7. [GOOD BILL] Removes undefined phrase “sexual orientation” from all Massachusetts statutes - Bill: S928 [filed by MassResistance]
  8. [GOOD BILL] Forces Commonwealth to abide by actual marriage statutes - Bill: S926 [Filed by MassResistance]
  9. [GOOD BILL] The “woman’s right to know” law regarding abortions, with 24 hour waiting period - H1687


What does that mean to you?

What can we say. THIS IS THE TIME TO GET INVOLVED.  Trust us, this can be stopped, and the good bills can get passed. But unless this committee -- and particularly the two chairmen -- hear from ALL OF YOU, the homosexual lobby (which represents a miniscule proportion of the population) will succeed, because the commmittee will think that think you don't care.  Here's the place to start. And keep checking the MassResistance home page!

This isn't actually a bag lady. It's a 30-something man who is "living" as a woman, who just left the men's room.


And naturally, whenever there's sexual perversion being discussed at the State House, you can count on a photographer from the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows to be close by.