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Massachusetts General Election - Nov. 4, 2008

State races - results & analysis

Updated: Nov. 5, 2008

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(See the Sept. 16 primary election results here.)

It wasn't a very pretty sight. The short answer is: there are now even fewer solid pro-family legislators than before.  Every incumbent won. All of the open seats -- including 3 seats held by Republicans -- went to Democrats and one Independent. Thus, the Republicans are down another 3 seats in the House -- now 16 out of 160 -- and are still only 5 of 20 in the Senate.


Lesbian activist Kate Hogan won the open House seat in the Third Middlesex along with a few other pro-homosexual candidates vying for open seats. Luckily, Sen. Scott Brown won his election handily against a well-funded lesbian activist that the liberal political establishment had pulled out all the stops for.

But as we've said, the leadership of the Massachusetts Republican Party should probably be taken out and shot (metaphorically speaking at least). It's a good thing that there are still some good conservative Democrats left in that building.  To start with, this year 28 of the 40 Senate seats and 118 of 160 House seats were uncontested. Astoundingly, the Mass. Republicans virtually abandoned their own candates here, instead putting their money and effort into New Hampshire to help McCain there, and to get Sen. John Sununu re-elected there. Back home, we're told they gave a total of $200 to Jeff Beatty (US. Senate) and nothing to Earl Henry Sholley (Congress).  It appears that the homosexual lobby is, as usual, spent many times more money than the Republicans to win seats in the State House.


Still, there were some outstanding pro-family candidates running, and we've highlighted the what we thought were the important races, listed first in each category below.  Also, note the following:

*H* = Endorsed by one or more homosexual groups
*P* = Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
*G* = Endorsed by Boston Globe
Green = Support      Red = Oppose      Black = not sure/no opinion

D=Democrat   R=Republican  I=Independent  U=Unenrolled
L=Libertarian  G=Green-Rainbow  S=Socialist Workers

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EIGHTH DISTRICT (western four counties)

70%  D - THOMAS T. MERRIGAN, 23 Plum Tree Ln., Greenfield [INCUMBENT] *H*

30%  R - MICHAEL FRANCO, 45 Cedar Hill Rd., East Longmeadow

Pre-election comment: Are you kidding? A guy endorsed by the homosexual lobby approving your judges? That's why we're in this mess! Get out there and support Mike Franco!

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Legislature - OPEN SEATS - Incumbents not running again

Senate - FOURTH MIDDLESEX (Arlington, Burlington) - [Sen. James Marzilli (D)]

67%  D - KENNETH DONNELLY, 12 Grandview Rd., Arlington

33%  R - BRION CANGIAMILA, 2 Sylvan Rd., Billerica

Pre-election comment: Cangiamila is a former state rep who would be a good person to have back in the State House. This is a tough district for a Republican, but we hope he pulls it off. Donnelly was endorsed in the primary by the Boston Globe and two homosexual groups for his "progressive positions" on social issues.

Senate - MIDDLESEX & WORCESTER (Acton, Marlborough) - [Sen. Pamela Resor (D)]

57%  D - JAMIE ELDRIDGE, 10 Wampus Ave., Acton *H* *P*

43%  R - STEVEN LEVY, 61 O’Grady Rd., Marlborough

Pre-election comment: Eldridge is a left-wing state rep who's trying to move up into the Senate. We think Levy has a good chance to stop him. At least we're hoping.

House - THIRD MIDDLESEX (Hudson, Stow) - [Rep. Patricia Walrath (D) - now a Senator]

48%  D - KATE HOGAN, 36 Hastings St., Stow  *H* *G*

44%  R - SONNY PARENTE, 7 Cedar St., Hudson

  9%  I - DAVID GOULDING, 123 Old Bay Rd., Bolton

Pre-election comment: Kate Hogan is a hard-core lesbian activist who is campaigning as a moderate. She's getting big support from the homosexual lobby. Nevertheless, Sonny Parente is someone we think could win this seat, though Sonny is a RINO Republican himself, who says he's "pro gay marriage." But by all means, don't let Hogan win this.

House - FOURTH MIDDLESEX (Marlborough, Southborough) - [Rep. Stephen DeLuc (D)]

48%  D - DANIELLE GREGOIRE, 39 Country Ln., Marlborough

44%  R - ARTHUR VIGEANT, 650 Pleasant St., Marlborough

  8%  I - JOSEPH VALIANTI, 69 South St., Marlborough

Pre-election comment: Arthur Vigeant is a great candidate with a very good campaign going. This is a seat that could go Republican. He's a legitimate heavy hitter in that district. He's been the City Council president in Marlborough.

Senate - SECOND WORCESTER (Auburn, Shrewsbury, Millbury) - [Sen. Edward Augustus (D)]

60%  D - MICHAEL MOORE, 7 Momin Dr., Millbury

36%  R - JOHN LEBEAUX, 203 Walnut St., Shrewsbury

  5%  G - STEVEN BAER, 15 Brook St., Shrewsbury

Pre-election comment: Moore is being supported by Cong. Jim McGovern's people and that makes us nervous. Augustus was McGovern's chief of staff and he ended up being an arrogant liberal. LeBeaux seems like he'd be relatively normal.

Senate - WORCESTER & MIDDLESEX (Fitchburg, Leominster) - [Sen. Robert Antonioni (D)]

100% D - JENNIFER FLANAGAN, 42 Meadowpond Townhouse, Leominster*H**P*

Pre-election comment: Another open Senate seate the Republicans are conceding to the far left.

Senate - SECOND PLYMOUTH & BRISTOL (Brockton) - [Sen. Robert Creedon (D)]

100%  D - THOMAS KENNEDY, 92 Winthrop St., Brockton *H*

Pre-election comment: And yet another open Senate seat the Republicans are conceding to the far left.

House - BARNSTABLE, DUKES & NANTUCKET (Nantucket, Tisbury, Edgartown) - [Rep. Eric Turkington (D)]

41%  I - TIMOTHY MADDEN, 19 Wauwinet Rd., Nantucket

32%  D - DANIEL JAMES LARKOSH, 85 Dr. Fisher Rd., West Tisbury

14%  U - MELISSA FREITAG, 19 Andy’s Ln., Falmouth

13%  I - JACOB FERREIRA, 260 Norton Ave., Tisbury

Pre-election comment: Frankly, they're all equally worthless. Just like Turkington was.

House - SECOND BRISTOL (Attleboro) - [Rep. John Lepper (R)]

54%  D - BILL BOWLES, 29 Terry Dr., Attleboro

46%  R - GEORGE ROSS, 4 Rock Rd., Attleboro

Pre-election comment: Can this district stay Republican? Well see. George Ross is a good guy, we hear, and has a pretty good campaign going.

House - SECOND HAMPDEN (Springfield, Longmeadow) - [Rep. Mary Rogeness (R)]

54%  D - BRIAN MICHAEL ASHE, 107 Belleclaire Ave., Longmeadow

46%  R - WILLIAM SCIBELLI, 364 Bliss Rd., Longmeadow

Pre-election comment: It's too bad that Mary Rogeness isn't running again. She was great. Scibelli is a mixed bag on the issues and is pro-choice according to MCFL. Ashe has come out in favor of gay "marriage", we've been told, but is pro-life according to MCFL. If we have to choose we'd probably go with Scibelli, but but we're not happy about it.

House - EIGHTH MIDDLESEX (Holliston, Hopkinton) - [Rep. Paul Loscocco (R)]

52%  D - CAROLYN DYKEMA, 429 Marshall St., Holliston *G*

48%  R - DAN HALEY, 11 Willowgate Rise, Holliston

Pre-election comment:  Dykema is a real moonbat. She wants to increase the tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike, even though her constituents live in that area. Haley was chief of staff to Kerry Healey. He's definitely worth voting for.

House - THIRTY-FIRST MIDDLESEX (Winchester, Stoneham) - [Rep. Paul Casey (D)]

52%  D - JASON LEWIS, 61 Church St., Winchester  *P* *G*

24%  R - BRIAN O’CONNOR, 54 Wedgemere Ave., Winchester

24%  I - CHAD RILEY, 37 Canterbury Rd., Winchester

Pre-election comment: We wish Paul Casey was running again, but he had enough of it all. O'Connor is worth supporting.

House - THIRTY-SEVENTH MIDDLESEX (Boxborough, Lunenburg) - [Rep. James Eldridge (D)]

56%  D - JENNIFER BENSON, 1010 Flat Hill Rd., Lunenburg  *H* *P* *G*

44%  R - KURT HAYES, 167 Tamarack Ln., Boxborough

Pre-election comment: Benson would be another horrible state rep. We've heard only good things about Hayes - that he's a very solid citizen. An easy choice, we think.

House - SECOND MIDDLESEX (Westford, Littleton) [Rep. Geoffrey Hall (D)]

53%  D - JAMES ARCIERO, 18 Banbury Dr., Westford

47%  R - PAUL AVELLA, 94 Grist Mill Rd., Littleton

Pre-election comment: We're not excited about Avella, but by all means vote for him. We think that Arciero would be another State House leftie.

House - FOURTH PLYMOUTH (Marshfield) [Rep. Frank Hynes (D)]

62%  D - JAMES CANTWELL, 103 Tilden Rd., Marshfield

38%  I - JOHN VALIANTI, 126 Tilden Rd., Marshfield

Pre-election comment: Another open seat the Republicans didn't bother to challenge. Cantwell doesn't seem too bad, actually.

House - NINTH PLYMOUTH (Brockton) [Rep. Thomas Kennedy (D)]

84%  D - MICHAEL BRADY, 28 Ellis St., Brockton

16%  R - LAWRENCE NOVAK, 235 Candy Ln., Brockton

Pre-election comment: Neither of these candidates is particularly inspiring.

House - FOURTH WORCESTER (Leominster) [Rep. Jennifer Flannigan (D)]

56%  D - DENNIS ROSA, 109 Country Ln., Leominster

44%  U - CLAIRE FREDA, 117 Debbie Dr., Leominster

Pre-election comment: Both of these candidates are reasonably good. Whoever wins will be a real breath of fresh air after that hideous Jennifer Flannigan.

House - FIFTH ESSEX (Gloucester, Rockport) - [Rep. Anthony Verga (D)]

100%  D - ANN-MARGARET FERRANTE, 11 ½ Proctor St., Gloucester

Pre-election comment: Another seat that the Republicans didn't bother to challenge.

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Legislature - INCUMBENTS being challenged

Senate - THIRD MIDDLESEX (Bedford, Waltham, Lincoln)

62%  D - SUSAN FARGO, 7 Mine Brook Rd., Lincoln [INCUMBENT]  *H* *P*

38%  R - SANDi MARTINEZ, 1 Carter Dr., Chelmsford

Pre-election comment: This is definitely a no-brainer. Susan Fargo is hideous, and Sandi Martinez is excellent. Sandi's running a great campaign and could pull this off. If you live there, do whatever you can to help her.

Senate - NORFOLK, BRISTOL & MIDDLESEX (Needham, Wrentham, Millis)

59%  R - SCOTT BROWN, 70 Hayden Woods, Wrentham [INCUMBENT]

41%  D - SARA OROZCO, 5 Alfreton Rd., Needham  *H* *P* *G*

Pre-election comment: The homosexual lobby is going all out to (again) try to unseat Sen. Scott Brown. Lesbian activist Sara Orozco is going to be another Cheryl Jacques if she gets in. You need to take this seriously and help Brown now!

House - EIGHTEENTH ESSEX (Andover, Boxford, Georgetown)

59%  D - BARBARA L'ITALIEN, 5 Harper Cir., Andover [INCUMBENT]  *H* *G*

41%  R - LONNIE BRENNAN, 9 Hamilton Ter., Georgetown

Pre-election comment: Lonnie Brennan is an outstanding candidate, and came close to beating L'Italian last time. We can't say enough about this guy. If you live in that area, do whatever you can to help him.

House - THIRTEENTH MIDDLESEX (Lincoln, Sudbury, Wayland)

59%  D - THOMAS CONROY, 265 Old Conn. Path, Wayland [INCUMBENT] *H* *G*

41%  R - SUSAN POPE, 28 Moore Rd., Wayland

Pre-election comment: Conroy narrowly defeated former rep Susan Pope [website] two years ago, and he's abominable. Susan Pope was outstanding. Let's get her back in.

House - SIXTH WORCESTER (Charlton, Southbridge, East Brookfield)

60%  D - GERALDO ALICEA, 13 Deer Run, Charlton [INCUMBENT]  *H*

40%  R - RONALD CHERNISKY, 158 Clemence Hill Rd., Southbridge

Pre-election comment: Chernisky is very good. This seat can be won. If he can pull this off, it will be wonderful. If you live in this area, he really deserves your support.

House - SEVENTH WORCESTER (Auburn, Millbury)

65%  R - PAUL FROST, 308 Rochdale St., Auburn [INCUMBENT]

35%  D - DANIEL CARPENTER, 33 Goulding Dr., Auburn

Pre-election comment: The Democrats are putting up a spirited attempt to unseat Paul Frost, but hopefully that won't happen.

Senate - BRISTOL & NORFOLK (Walpole, Foxboro, Dover)

65%  D - JAMES TIMILTY, 5 Burrill St., Walpole [INCUMBENT]  *H*

35%  R - JON ROCKWOOD, SR., 15 Pelican Dr., Walpole

Pre-election comment: Rockwook is not great, but he's a whole lot better than Timilty.

Senate - HAMPSHIRE & FRANKLIN (Amherst, Northampton)

84%  D - STANLEY ROSENBERG, 38 Webster Ct., Amherst [INCUMBENT]  *H*

16%  R - KEITH McCORMIC, 20 Prentice Ave., Greenfield

Pre-election comment: We'd love to Rosenberg finally booted out.

Senate - FIRST SUFFOLK (South Boston, Dorchester)

79%  D - JACK HART, 62 G St., Boston [INCUMBENT]  *H*

21%  R - ALTHEA GARRISON, 98 Howard Ave., Boston

Pre-election comment: Althea Garrison has supported MassResistance and collected hundreds of signatures for us, so we're returning the favor, despite what people may say. Jack Hart is a disaster. Go Althea!

Senate - SECOND SUFFOLK (Roxbury, Mattapan, Dorchester) [Dianne Wilkerson]

92%  D - SONIA ROSA CHANG-DÍAZ, 18 Saint Rose St., Boston *G*

  5%  S - WILLIAM THEODORE LEONARD, 25 Hawthorne St., Boston

Pre-election comment: At this point, we think that Leonard, the Socialist Workers Party candidate, might actually be the less destructive pick.  Dianne Wilkerson, who lost the primary, is allegedly running as a write-in candidate, but given her recent arrest on corruption charges, she's a goner.

House - EIGHTH ESSEX (Marlborhead, Swampscott)

68%  D - LORI EHRLICH, 46 Gerald Rd., Marblehead [INCUMBENT] *H* *P*

32%  R - JOHN BLAISDELL, 12 Harris St., Marblehead

Pre-election comment: Ehrlich won this seat when Rep. Doug Peterson left earlier this year. She's another leftwing moonbat who needs to be booted. Blaisdell is worth voting for. Very good on the issues.

House - SECOND BARNSTABLE (Barnstable, Yarmouth)

68%  D - DEMETRIUS ATSALIS, 170 Tobey Way, Barnstable [INCUMBENT]  *H*

32%  I - CARL YINGLING, 65 Louis St., Barnstable

Pre-election comment: Yingling appears to be marginally better.

House - THIRD BARNSTABLE (Falmouth, Bourne)

60%  D - MATTHEW PATRICK, 24 Collins Rd., Falmouth [INCUMBENT]  *H*

40%  I - CAREY MURPHY, 120 Ostrom Rd., Falmouth

Pre-election comment: Both of these are pretty bad, actually.

House - FOURTH BARNSTABLE (Provincetown, Harwich)

68%  D - SARAH PEAKE, 7 Center St., Provincetown [INCUMBENT]  *H*

32%  R - DONALD HOWELL, 14 Haskell Ln., Harwich

Pre-election comment: Howell is worth voting for, definitely. Good on the issues. Up until 2006, this district had been Republican for over 100 years!

House - FIFTH BARNSTABLE (Sandwich)

69%  R - JEFFREY DAVIS PERRY, 7 Burning Tree Ln., Sandwich [INCUMBENT]

31%  D - GLENN PARÉ, 8 Meadow Spring Dr., Sandwich

Pre-election comment: Amy says that he deserves to be defeated. Jeff Perry has sold us out on all the recent important issues. He caved in to the homosexual lobby on the Parents Rights Bill after originally co-sponsoring it. And he voted to repeal the 1913 law, and was lauded by the Boston Globe.

House - FIRST BRISTOL (Mansfield, Foxborough)

61%  R - FRED JAY BARROWS, 370 Pratt St., Mansfield [INCUMBENT]

39%  D - DEVIN ROMANUL, 282 Ware St., Mansfield  *H*

Pre-election comment: Jay Barrows is a pretty solid guy and deserves everyone's support.

House - SEVENTH BRISTOL (Fall River)

81%  D - KEVIN AGUIAR, 48 Coral St., Fall River [INCUMBENT]

19%  R - CJ FERRY, 300 Buffinton St., Fall River

Pre-election comment: Ferry has a heck of a fight here, but he's a whole lot better than Aguiar.

House - FOURTH ESSEX (Ipswich, Boxford, Hamilton)

71%  R - BRAD HILL, 16 Birch Ln., Ipswich [INCUMBENT]  *H* *G*

29%  D - DONALD BUMILLER, 35 King George Dr., Boxford

Pre-election comment: Imagine a Republican who gets the Boston Globe's and homosexual lobby's endorsement over his Democrat opponent. That's how bad things are.

House - FIFTEENTH ESSEX (Methuen)

70%  D - LINDA DEAN CAMPBELL, 42 Sugar Pine Ln., Methuen [INCUMBENT]

30%  I - JOSEPH LEONE, III, 28 Morgan Dr., Methuen

Pre-election comment: Campbell is not a raving moonbat, so we're not upset with her going back to the State House.

House - SECOND FRANKLIN (Athol, Orange, Greenfield)

79%  D - CHRISTOPHER DONELAN, 186 Walnut Hill Rd., Orange [INCUMBENT]*H*

21%  R - ROBERT PARKS, 98 Smith St., Athol

Pre-election comment: Bob Parks is doing better each time. We like him a lot..

House - THIRD HAMPDEN (Agawam, Southwick)

52%  D - ROSEMARY SANDLIN, 90 Granger Dr., Agawam [INCUMBENT]  *H* *P*

48%  I - NICHOLAS BOLDYGA, 135 Berkshire Ave., Southwick

Pre-election comment: Sandlin will continue to be a nightmare unless a miracle happens.

House - FOURTH HAMPDEN (Westfield)

69%  R - DONALD HUMASON, 90 Stony Ln., Westfield [INCUMBENT]

31%  D - BRIAN HOOSE, 60 Arnold St., Westfield

Pre-election comment: Humason is one of the "good" Republicans in the State House. If we had more like him, we'd be in much better shape.

House - TENTH HAMPDEN (Springfield)

85%  D - CHERYL RIVERA, 67 Rowland St., Springfield [INCUMBENT]  *H*

15%  R - GEORGE VÁZQUEZ, 52 Fremont St., Springfield

Pre-election comment: Rivera is a raving maniac, the caricature of the angry lesbian. Vasquez has his own issues, but would be a much better rep for that district. Are the voters in Springfield that out of touch that they'd keep Rivera in?  Probably.

House - FIRST MIDDLESEX (Groton, Ayer, Pepperell)

53%  R - ROBERT HARGRAVES, 21 Temple Dr., Groton [INCUMBENT]

41%  D - VIRGINIA WOOD, 293 Old Dunstable Rd., Groton

  6%  I - ZACHARY SABOLIAUSKAS, 19A Wheeler St., Pepperell

Pre-election comment: Hargraves is probably the most authentic conservative in that building, and he's fearless. He's well liked in the district, and we think he's pretty safe.

House - FOURTEENTH MIDDLESEX (Concord, Carlisle, Chelmsford)

65%  D - CORY ATKINS, 1540 Monument St., Concord [INCUMBENT]  *H*

35%  I - RICHARD McCLURE, 8 Westford St., Chelmsford

Pre-election comment: This seat will probably continue to be in the hands of the far left, unfortunately. It's too bad for the people of those towns.


84%  D - KEVIN MURPHY, 63 Newbury St., Lowell [INCUMBENT]  *H*

16%  U - KENNETH PATRICIAN, 28 Wilder St., Lowell

Pre-election comment: Why can't the Republicans field a candidate in Lowell? This is terrible.

House - TWENTIETH MIDDLESEX (Reading, N. Reading, Lynnfield)

71%  R - BRAD JONES, 249 Park St., North Reading [INCUMBENT] *G*

29%  D - CLAIRE PARADISO, 377 Pearl St., Reading

Pre-election comment: Let's put it this way, when the Boston Globe endorses a Republican over a Democrat we know we've got a true RINO on our hands.


65%  D - WILLIAM GREENE, 27 Naushon Rd., Billerica [INCUMBENT]

35%  R - ANTHONY LUCACIO, 24 Turner Rd., Billerica

Pre-election comment: Greene isn't perfect, but he's not caving in to the homosexual lobby. We'll stick with him.

House - FOURTH NORFOLK (Weymouth)

75%  D - JAMES MICHAEL MURPHY, 483 Middle St., Weymouth [INCUMBENT]

25%  R - ROBERT MONTGOMERY THOMAS, 848 Washington St., Weymouth

Pre-election comment: Bob Thomas is a personal favorite of ours, a solid guy. We like him a lot. But Murphy has voted with us most of the time. You can't go wrong on this one.

House - FIFTH NORFOLK (Braintree)

79%  D - JOSEPH DRISCOLL, 100 Hollingsworth Av., Braintree [INCUMBENT] *H*

21%  U - RICHARD MORAN, 41 Cardinal Ct., Braintree

Pre-election comment:  Driscoll was probably normal at some point in the past. We wish the Republicans would challenge him here.

House - NINTH NORFOLK (Wrentham, Medfield)

61%  R - RICHARD ROSS, 415 Franklin St., Wrentham [INCUMBENT]  *H*

39%  I - THOMAS JOSEPH ROACHE, 35 Hearthstone Dr., Medfield

Pre-election comment: Roache isn't great, but he's a lot better than this Republican turncoat.

House - FIRST PLYMOUTH (Plymouth)

68%  R - VINNY deMACEDO, 54 Mountain Hill Rd., Plymouth [INCUMBENT]

32%  D - JAY FERGUSON, 16 Old Beach Rd., Plymouth

Pre-election comment: Vinny's pretty safe here.

House - SECOND WORCESTER (Gardner)

73%  D - ROBERT RICE, 48 James St., Gardner [INCUMBENT]  *H*

27%  U - CAROLYN KAMUDA, 400 Pleasant St., Gardner

Pre-election comment: Rice is horrible and treats his pro-family constituents terribly. But he'll most likely stay in place.

House - FIFTH WORCESTER (Spencer, Brookfield, Barre)

71%  D - ANNE GOBI, 98 Mechanic St., Spencer [INCUMBENT]  *H*

29%  R - STEPHEN COMTOIS, II, 35 Webber Rd., Brookfield

Pre-election comment: We'd really like to see Comtois win this. He's 100% better. Gobi has been terrible.

House - EIGHTH WORCESTER (Webster, Uxbridge)

53%  D - PAUL KUJAWSKI, 71 Klebart Ave., Webster [INCUMBENT]  *H*

47%  R - KEVIN KUROS, 18 Yankee’s Way, Uxbridge

Pre-election comment: At one time Kujawski was a fairly good pro-family guy, but he's completely gone to the dark side. It shows what happens when you're in that State House too long. Kuros is very good. If he can win we'll all be better off.


69%  D - JOHN FRESOLO, 25 Dolly Dr., Worcester [INCUMBENT]

31%  I - MATHEW TAYLOR, 41 Upland St., Worcester

Pre-election comment: Fresolo isn't great, but he's not too horrible either.

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U.S. CONGRESS - Senate & House

U. S. Senate

66%  D - JOHN F. KERRY, 19 Louisburg Sq., Boston [INCUMBENT]  *G*

31%  R - JEFFREY BEATTY, 23 John Joseph Rd., Harwich

  3% L - ROBERT UNDERWOOD, 83 Cherrelyn St., Springfield

Pre-election comment: It's outrageous that the Mass. Republican Party is ignoring Jeff Beatty and instead is sending people to NH to campaign for Sen John Sununu. And then they complain that few of their candidates here ever win elections. Beatty is the best US Senate candidate challenger in a long time. Sure, he's squishy on the pro-life issue. But he'd add a lot of solid thinking to Washington.


73%  D - JOHN OLVER, 1333 West St., Amherst [INCUMBENT]  *H*

27%  R - NATHAN BECH, 84 Summit St., West Springfield

Pre-election comment: We don't know much about Bech, but vote for him anyway.


68%  D - BARNEY FRANK, 274 Grove St., Newton [INCUMBENT]  *H*

25%  R - EARL HENRY SHOLLEY, 8 Lakeshore Dr., Norfolk

  7%  I - SUSAN ALLEN, 122 Westbourne Ter., Brookline

Pre-election comment: Earl Sholley is another good candidate that the Republicans won't touch. They've decided to give Barney a pass. Don't you let that happen.


70%  D - JOHN TIERNEY, 21 Settlers Way, Salem [INCUMBENT]  *H*

30%  R - RICHARD BAKER, 288 Middle St., West Newbury

Pre-election comment: Baker's running a spirited campaign and could shake things up.


75%  D - EDWARD MARKEY, 7 Townsend St., Malden [INCUMBENT]  *H*

24%  R - JOHN CUNNINGHAM, 11 Overlook Ridge Dr., Revere

Pre-election comment: We'd love to see Markey go home.

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QUESTION 1: Should the state income tax be abolished?

70%  NO

30%  YES

Pre-election comment: Vote YES. Just read through the state budget sometime. You'll get sick. The enormous funding for homosexual programs in the schools is just the very beginning. Politicians use your money to reward their friends and buy support from special interests. There's the countless millions of dollars wasted on one stupid program after another, hideous projects like the Big Dig, and obscenely generous benefit packages for certain public employees. Plus the millions they use to buy support of religious organizations. And it's all YOUR money.
Read Jeff Jacoby's excellent article, "Are we angry enough to fight back?"

QUESTION 2: Should small amounts of marijuana be legalized?

65%  YES

35%  NO

Pre-election comment: Vote NO. As if this state isn't nutty enough. This time it's a bunch of middle-aged hippies that never quite grew up. As Howie Carr said, pot makes you stupid. Anyone with kids in school ought to know where this will lead.

QUESTION 3: Should dog racing be banned?

56%  YES

44%  NO

Pre-election comment: MAYBE. There are compelling arguments on both sides of this one. We're leaning toward a yes.