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MassResistance bill H145 to eliminate odious "Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth."

It's been a nightmare of parents across the state

POSTED: Nov. 11, 2009

As a major part of our fight to take back the schools for parents, we have filed Bill H145, which would eliminate the Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth by repealing the statute which created it.

The public hearing is was Monday, November 16 in the State House, before the Committee on Children, Families & Persons with Disabilities.  Here's the report of what happened that day.

The worst government commission ever

No other state (or country) has such a bizarre "commission". Frankly, no one outside of Massachusetts can believe that it even exists.

This official "Commission" is made up of the most radical hardcore homosexual and transgender groups and activists in the state (including men who dress as women with hormone-induced "breasts" and a woman who has surgically removed her breasts and grown a beard). Their purpose is to normalize homosexuality, transgenderism, and related behaviors to schoolchildren without their parents' knowledge or involvement.

Mass. GLBT Youth Commission member: “Male-to-female” transsexual Rhiannon O’Donnabhain -- a man with hormone-enhanced breasts who dresses as a female -- is suing the IRS in tax court for refusing his attempt to deduct his sex-change medical costs. This is one of the people "counseling" public school children on sexuality issues.

Last year the Mass. GLBT Youth Commission spent $850,000 of your tax money pushing homosexual programs in the public schools. These programs include "gay-straight alliance" clubs, "gay days," transgender assemblies, "Coming Out" days, the "Day of Silence", Gay History Month, and other homosexual-related activities and events targeting children in grades K-12.

The commission also helps organize the annual Youth Pride Day event. This year it included a horrific "gay youth parade" along with a "transgender prom" involving "Mr. Boston Leather", a middle-aged man who calls himself a "leather BDSM (bondage discipline & sado-masochism) fetishist"!

One commission member helped organize a transgender parade which featured women who had had their breasts surgically removed to "become" men, marching topless publicly.

These "commissioners" go to schools across the state and often work individually with schoolchildren unsupervised. They are completely unaccountable -- the CORI checks normally required of anyone working with children are simply ignored by them (despite our protests to the Attorney General and other officials).

They also use their power as an official "commission" to harass and intimidate school officials across the state and even other governmental agencies who are unwilling to push the homosexual agenda as aggressively as the activists desire.

The statute that created the commission requires it to include GLSEN as an official member. GLSEN, founded by Kevin Jennings, is a homosexual activist group targeting children. In 2000 GLSEN put on the unbelievably outrageous "Fistgate" workshops, and in 2005 handed out the Little Black Book: Queer in the 21st Century to kids at Brookline High School. Apparently the Legislature had no problem with that.

Commission was created in a sleazy maneuver

The Commission was created in 2006 through an extremely sleazy maneuver in the Legislature. After MassResistance nearly got Gov. Mitt Romney to make moves to disband the then-current "Governor's Commission for GLBT Youth" (he backed down at the last minute), the homosexual activists in the Legislature (led by former Sen. Jarrett Barrios D-Cambridge), decided to create a permanent commission that the Governor couldn't disband at will.

But they knew that they couldn't pass such a law in the normal manner, which would require a public hearing that we would use to expose their true intent. So they slipped it in as a "budget item" into the 2006 state budget, a procedure that was technically possible to do even though it had nothing to do with the budget. Thus the commission was created without any public hearing or the usual steps for becoming a law.

MassResistance pressured Gov. Romney to veto that budget item, but the Speaker of the House, Sal DiMasi, personally rounded up enough votes to make sure the veto was overridden. But now DiMasi is gone. And parents have had enough of this hideous commission targeting their kids.

These legislators need to hear from you!