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MA legislator cuts off graphic MassResistance testimony -- at State House public hearing on bill to eliminate odious Mass. GLBT Youth Commission. 

Does the truth hurt that much?

POSTED: November 23, 2009

The truth hurts a lot, it seems.  Especially at the Massachusetts State House.

The intense hostility in the Massachusetts Legislature against the pro-family position on homosexuality in the schools was evident at the State House on Monday, November 16. A MassResistance panel was there to testify for bill H145 which would eliminate the despised Massachusetts Commission for Gay Lesbian and Transgender Youth. But unfortunately they weren't allowed to finish.


Above (from left) Brian Camenker, Sally Naumann, Fr. John Harrington before the Committee.

At that public hearing before the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities, Committee Chairman Rep. Kay Khan (D-Newton) abruptly cut off Brian Camenker from completing his testimony. Khan also cut short the testimony of the two others from MassResistance who testified, Sally Naumann of Carlisle and Fr. John Harrington, a Catholic priest from the Fall River Diocese.

On one else who testified at the hearing was cut short or interrupted in any way, even though several of them spoke fairly long. It was such an unusual and outrageous action that the State House News wrote an article about it that day.

Interestingly, none of the major homosexual groups, nor the commission itself, brought anybody to testify on their behalf or defend their actions. Instead, they (1) sent a few hardcore activists to testify as "regular citizens" and (2) appear to be working behind the scenes with the friendly legislators.

Telling it like it is!

The MassResistance panel didn't pull any punches.

Camenker described in graphic detail (see video above) what the some of the members of this state-funded commission have actually done to children in the public schools. He also told the legislators about the bizarre makeup of the commission, including (among others) a man who wears a dress, a woman with a beard, and another "transgender" man who has taken hormones to grow breasts like a female. But when Camenker started to describe the phony and false methods they used to justify their activities, Rep. Khan (who is enthusiastically pro-homosexual) interrupted him and told him to stop, "We get your point", she said, "You can submit the rest of your testimony in writing."

The second panel member, Sally Naumann, told the panel how parents do not want this in the schools. She was also interrupted by Khan.

The third member, Fr. Harrington, talked about virtues that should be taught in the schools instead of homosexuality. Even that was too much. Khan interrupted him and told him to "wrap up " his testimony immediately. No one else that day was interrupted or told to limit their testimony.

Homosexual activists jump up to testify

Immediately after the MassResistance panel, two homosexual activists, both middle-aged men, who had not previously been signed up to testify on the bill, asked to testify. They both criticized MassResistance and talked about how "wonderful" and "necessary" the work of the commission is for kids.

Gay activism. Immediately after MassResistance's testimony this man, who said that he was "definitely born gay" slammed MassResistance as a "hate group" and talked about how necessary the GLBT Youth Commission's work with kids is.

It's odd that this bill would be referred to the Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities. We were told that it's because the Mass. Commission on GLBT Youth deals with "families." However, the legislation that describes the makeup of the commission and their duties does not include the word "families" or anything similar. Maybe they really mean "persons with disabilities."

Only 3 of the 17 members of the committee even bothered to attend the hearing - and none of the three Republicans.

We'll keep you informed on the progress of this important bill -- and what you can do to make sure it passes this session.

State House News picks up the story

Even the leftish State House News, tho pro-gay, found the incident to be over the top . . .

by State House News
Nov. 16, 2009

Backers of the hard-line social conservative organization MassResistance butted heads Monday with a legislative committee chair, delivering graphic remarks during a hearing on gay, lesbian and transgender youth issues. Describing a slew of graphic sex acts he says have been disseminated and promoted by mainstream advocacy groups for gay and lesbian equality, Brian Camenker, head of MassResistance, a fervent opponent of protections for transgender Massachusetts residents, pushed for the repeal of a law establishing a Massachusetts Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. The commission, he said in testimony before the Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities, statutorily includes organizations that he believes “normalize transgender- and homosexuality-related behaviors.” Camenker was joined by a Fall River priest and a metro west resident, who echoed his remarks. During Camenker’s remarks, Rep. Kay Khan, co-chair of the committee, interrupted and asked him to submit further testimony in writing. “So that’s it?” Camenker asked. “Yes,” she responded. Only two other committee members were present: Reps. Tom Sannicandro (D-Ashland) and James Dwyer (D-Woburn). They had no questions for Camenker or his backers. Brian Condron, director of advocacy and public policy for the Home for Little Wanderers, visibly perturbed by the preceding testimony, vehemently opposed the repeal, filed by Rep. Robert Hargraves (R-Groton) under the title “An Act Protecting Children and Parents.” “Many [gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth] are in our program because their families and their church have turned them away,” he told the committee. “We are particularly pleased with the work this commission has done to address violence against these youths in our homes and on our streets.” Under state law, the commission is comprised of 27 members, including officials from the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, MassEquality, the Greater Boston Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, the American Academy of Pediatrics, a high school student, a college student and a parent of a gay or lesbian person. The commission is charged with investigating how public and private resources may be used to create school and community programs to prevent suicide, intervene to prevent violence and promote “zero-tolerance policies regarding harassment and discrimination against gay and lesbian youth. The commission is required to file its findings annually.

Unfortunately, the State House News -- like the rest of the Boston media -- isn't too interested in looking into the depraved things done to kids by Commission members which we've uncovered -- and which are all completely provable.