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Transgender Bill lingers in unprecedented "limbo" at State House. Angry transgender activists hold press conference & rally

Trying to pressure legislators as 2010 session winding down

POSTED: July 15, 2010

The radical Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill (H1728) along with dozens of other bills (including several other "culture war" bills) is currently stuck in an unprecedented legislative "limbo" at the State House. The bills are still in the Judiciary Committee.

But right now the Committee cannot take action on them! And there are only two weeks left in the formal legislative session.

Legislative limbo: Here's what happened

As we reported several months ago, the original deadline for committees to act on their bills -- to move them forward or kill them -- was March 18. But there was so much heated controversy on some of these bills -- including the "culture war" bills -- that the Judiciary Committee was granted an extension until May 7. Then they got another extension until June 30. On June 30, a Judiciary Committee spokesman told us they were getting another extension until July 13.

But yesterday when we spoke to the Judiciary Committee office, we were told that the July 13 extension never got approved by the Legislature! So technically the Committee cannot act on any of the bills until the Legislature grants an extension. "I've never seen a situation like this before," one staffer told MassResistance.

And the clock is ticking away. But it's no secret that the Transgender Bill is widely despised and feared across the state. So even though it "officially" has over 100 co-sponsors (a majority of the Legislature!), given that this is an election year very few of them want to actually cast a vote on it.

Transgender lobby holds press conference and rally

This is angering the homosexual-transgender lobby immensely. Back at the beginning of the session MassEquality declared the Transgender Bill their #1 priority.

So they're taking action. Yesterday morning the state's major transgender activists held a big press conference and rally in one of the State House hearing rooms. They even got the Associated Press to write a "news" story announcing it and State House News to put it on its calendar. That day, local radio stations read the AP headlines on their newscasts.

Given out at the transgender lobby's press conference. Would anyone have ever believed that our state government would sink to this?

The standing-room-only press conference was packed with their usual motley cast of activists, group leaders, and far-left organizations. There were speakers from the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, ACLU, National Organization of Women, AFL-CIO, National Association of Social Workers, and of course MassEquality, as well as the obligatory "clergyman" wearing a clerical collar. They wailed about how "transgender rights" must be imposed on society as a matter of "justice". They were basically parroting the same absurd arguments they did a year ago at the Transgender Bill's State House public hearing (and the press conference they had the day before it). And yesterday, of course, they were also handing out their weird Transgender Rights logo stickers.

At the end of the press conference, they urged everyone to fill out the transgender lobby's form letter demanding the bill's passage (along with a personal emotional plea), and they left to march to the offices of the Senate President and Speaker of the House to hand-deliver the letters.

We must keep the pressure up also

At the State House anything can change at any time. We've seen "dead" bills suddenly come to life and get passed in the matter of a day or so. We want to be sure that doesn't happen this time. And you can still contact the Judiciary Committee (and your Rep and Senator) about these bills:

The "culture war" bills still in Judiciary Committee


H1337  Stop schools from providing pornography to children

H3840 Repeal buffer zone at abortion clinics


H1728  Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill

H1468  Physician Assisted Suicide Bill

H1746  Remove parental consent on abortions for minors

H3536 and S1656 Repeal sodomy laws and other morality laws