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Horror stories in the schools

(We have many more to be posted soon.)


VIDEOS of elementary schools normalizing homosexual lifestyle to young children!

Unbelievable. Elementary schools in Cambridge and NY.

Part I - Gay & Lesbian Pride Day in elementary school.

Part II - Role-playing in the second grade.

Here's where it's all headed, folks! 


The "Little Black Book" - Hard-core pornographic homosexual "how-to" booklet given to kids at high school!

Written by Boston-based "AIDS Action Committee" with help from Mass. Dept of Public Health, Boston Public Health Commission. Funded also by major corporations, universities, even charities. 


"King and King" - story book of homosexual romance read to second graders.


"Fistgate" tapes - reveals what homosexual activists do with children in schools.

Caution: VERY disturbing. At state-sponsored GLSEN workshops. This made national news in 2000 and three Mass. state employees were fired.


Framing the issue - How the homosexual movement got into the Massachusetts schools

Landmark speech by Kevin Jennings, now with the US Dept. of Education!


Schools using "safe zones" to counsel children who feel different - maybe they should "come out" as gay!


Elementary school teaching cross-dressing and transgenderism in 3rd grade.

Mother forced to remove daughter from school because school wouldn't stop.