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Larry Cirignano trial to start Tuesday.

Outrageous charges of "civil rights violations" and "assault and battery" against Catholic activist at pro-marriage rally by pro-homosexual activist / ACLU board member. Larry could face jail time.

Latest development: Criminal complaint against Larry's accuser for "disrupting a public meeting" over same incident.

A complete breakdown of justice. Larry Cirignano must be supported!

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS (OCTOBER 11, 2007) On Tuesday, October 16, Catholic activist Larry Cirignano will began standing trial in Worcester District Court on charges of "civil rights violations" and "assault and battery" against a pro-homosexual activist (and ACLU Board Member) who disrupted a pro-marriage rally last year -- and then claimed that Larry violated her rights! Larry could face jail time if convicted, acknowledged his lawyer, Michael Gilleran.

People need to realize how serious this is. Larry is a victim of the brutal tactics of the homosexual movement to stifle free speech, and the increasing willingness of public authorities to acquiesce to them. If this is not stopped, it will eventually happen to all of us.

Homosexual activist screaming to drown out speakers during Larry Cirignano's pro-marriage event Dec. 16, 2006.


On December 16, 2006, a group of pro-marriage activists had a permit for a peaceful rally on the steps of Worcester City Hall. But an organized group of homosexual activists and others came to disrupt it. They screamed obscenities, and yelled to drown out the speakers, and mingled throughout the area to intimidate the participants. One of them, Sarah Loy, walked up and stood in front of the podium, held a pro-homosexual marriage sign, and yelled at the crowd. Larry, who was running the rally, calmly led Loy to the side. When Larry walked away, Loy tumbled to the ground and claimed that Larry had physically thrown her down, and started screaming. According to several witnesses we've spoken to, Loy staged the fall after Larry had left. (You can see the video taken when she went to the ground and the reaction of the people nearby and judge for yourself.)

Here's our report of what happened that day, with videos.

This incident has become a public cause for the homosexual community, which has been spreading the most vicious lies about Larry and the incident, and has been using their influence in government to propel the case against him.

Police charge Larry with assault and battery

The Worcester police (who have a history of supporting the homosexual movement) almost immediately charged Larry with assault and battery, although none of them witnessed the incident. (Several police were present, but they allowed the disruptions to take place.)

This is despite the fact that at least half a dozen eyewitnesses dispute the claims by the police.

Police and DA add "civil rights" charges against Larry

Then in February 2007, after a two-month "investigation", the Worcester police and District Attorney Joseph Early, Jr. decided to additionally charge Larry with an absurd "civil rights" violation, claiming that Loy had a constitutional right to interfere and speak at Larry's rally, which Larry violated! As before, they refused to charge Sarah Loy or the other pro-homosexual activists with any violations.

As Worcester police spokesman Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst told the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows:

"Through the D.A.'s office they're going to go forward with civil rights violations and assault and battery charges . . . [Police] investigated everything and talked to all involved and determined that the elements for civil rights violations were met, and they decided to go with it. It was an extensive and lengthy investigation."

If this doesn't defy belief, it gets worse . . .

Bizarre ruling by judge against Larry on civil rights charges

At a June 28 pre-trial hearing, Larry's lawyers petitioned Judge David Ricciardone to drop the outlandish civil rights charge. But when Ricciardone responded on July 13, he issued one of the most ridiculous written decisions we have ever seen. He compared Larry's rally on the steps of the city hall to a parade down a street, and said that Loy's actions were the same thing as someone holding a sign as the parade passes by:

"[T]he state may not require organizers of a rally to include opposing groups as marchers in its parade, but it just as certainty [sic] cannot prohibit the opposing groups from holding signs along the intended route. In holding her sign at the rally here, the complainant was simply expressing a view contrary to that being generally supported. This is speech which is clearly and unassailably protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and by the Massachusetts Bill of Rights."

Read Riccardone's entire decision here

Thus, Judge David Ricciardone is making the incredible claim that anyone has the right to disrupt a legal, peaceful assembly of citizens with an opposing message and claim "free speech." Which Constitution is this man reading? Certainly not ours. Something is very wrong here.

Finally - counter-charges against Sarah Loy.

The trial date for Larry Cirignano was set for Monday, Oct. 15. (It was laer moved to the following day, Tuesday, Oct. 16.) But then on Sept. 24 a criminal complaint against Sarah Loy for "disturbing a lawful assembly", a violation of Massachusetts law, by the main organizer of Larry's rally, Shari Worthington.

Criminal complaint filed by Shari Worthington against Sarah Loy for "disturbing a public assembly"

Mass. Law Ch. 272, Sec. 40

A hearing has been set for Oct. 29 regarding the complaint against Loy. At that hearing, a magistrate will decide whether to press formal charges.

A problem for Sarah Loy -- so District Attorney steps in

But this causes a big problem for Loy. If she testifies against Larry in his trial, she risks incriminating herself in a trial against her!

So the Assistant District Attorney, Joseph Quinlan, came to Loy's aid and filed a "motion to continue" - to move Larry's trial until after her hearings and/or trial. And Quinlan filed an accompanying affidavit stating that in his opinion the criminal complaint against Loy "lacks any merit." (Obviously, it's clear he won't be pursuing anything against Loy with any vigor -- your tax dollars at work.)

Quinlan's motion to continue

Quinlan's affidavit supporting Loy

However, Larry's attorney, Michael Gilleran, filed a rebuttal to Quinlan's motion and affidavit. Gilleran excellently outlines the facts of the case, the legal issues involved, and reasons why Larry's trial should not be moved. This is worth reading.

Michael Gilleran's opposition to motion to continue (worth reading)

A hearing was held this past Tuesday on Assistant DA Quinlan's motion to continue. Interestingly, the judge ruled against Quinlan, largely on the basis of Gilleran's strong rebuttal. Thus, Larry's trial will go on this Tuesday as scheduled. It's absurd and shameful that the District Attorney and Worcester Police Department would be bringing these charges to Larry at all - instead of charging Loy and the homosexual activists who were disturbing the peaceful rally last December. But to postpone the trial for Loy's convenience would have been even worse.  Thus, the trial against Larry Cirignano takes place next week, and his future (and ours) is at stake.

Support Larry Cirignano!!

Larry Cirignano must be supported. If this is allowed to happen to him, then the homosexual movement has legal carte blanche to do this at any peaceful rally that citizens hold - and WE'LL be liable for punishment if we don't allow it.

As you can imagine, the homosexual movement is doing everything it can to make sure Larry is "punished" and ruin his reputation. (And they appear to be positioning themselves for an additional civil lawsuit if they win.) But Larry Cirignano is standing tall.

If you can, go to Worcester and support Larry. (Note: Larry and his lawyers ask that we NOT bring signs or demonstrate at the courthouse.)

DATES:    Tuesday, Oct. 16 - Friday, Oct. 19
TIME:     9:00 am
PLACE:  Worcester District Court
              221 Main St., Worcester
              (Probably the 4th floor, courtroom 21)

Other contact information:

Worcester District Court

District Attorney Joseph Early, Jr. / Asst. DA Joseph Quinlan

Worcester Police Dept

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