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The fight to stop "gay marriage" in Hawaii -- 2013

The spectacle of "gay marriage" being pushed through the Hawaii Legislature's "special session" was unlike anything we've seen elsewhere. The outpouring of people against it was unbelievable. The process was extraordinarily corrupt and insulting to the citizens. Rarely has such a huge public opposition to a bill been so blatantly ignored by politicians 

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November 24, 2013

Lessons learned from the Hawaii
"gay marriage" fight

Moving the pro-family movement forward . . .


November 12, 2013:

Hawaiian citizens confront legislators on gay marriage in State House hearing. Are ignored & insulted.

House committee, and full House, ignore five days of pqwwionq53 testimony against bill from across Hawaii




October 31, 2013:

Ten thousand Hawaii citizens rally against 'gay marriage' outside of State House

Arrogant Senate cuts off public hearing to pass bill. Battle moves to the House.



October 24, 2013:

Huge ‘gay marriage’ battle in Hawaii Legislature starts Monday. Pro-family groups out in force to stop it!

Special session called by governor to push bill through House and Senate.




September 17, 2013

Hawaii governor calling special session of legislature on Oct. 28 to pass "gay marriage."

Churches mobilizing to stop it. MassResistance working with pro-family activists.


Website of First Assembly of God churches in Hawaii.