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Coalition of 27 pro-family groups across America confront homosexual "Day of Silence" in schools

Being pushed high schools (and now middle schools) across the country

POSTED: April 14, 2010  UPDATED: June 4, 2010

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MassResistance joins coalition of 27 pro-family groups promoting national "Day of Silence Walkout" by parents and kids.

In April, 2010, MassResistance allied with 27 pro-family groups across America to confront the homosexual propaganda event, "Day of Silence", held in public schools across America - and particularly in Massachusetts.

It was scheduled to be held nationwide in schools Friday, April 16, though some schools had it on a different date because of scheduling issues.

The theme of our action was Day of Silence Walkout. The message to parents is: Keep your kids home that day, and let the school administration know why you're doing it. By all accounts, thousands of kids across the country were kept home that day!

The coalition was spearheaded by the Illinois Family Institute.

The Day of Silence Walkout web page
With info, list of originations, etc, including

Reasons for the Day of Silence Walkout (Acrobat document)

Instructions for Parents (Acrobat document)

Sample Call Out Letter (Word document)

Fox News: Gay Day of Silence a Waste of Tax Dollars, Critics Say (4/12/10)

Message to parents: JOIN the WALKOUT!

Help spread the word to parents around the state and around the country! And here's what you can do in your own school:

(1) Call your school and demand to know if there will be ANY activities regarding the Day of Silence, and what day it will be held.

(2) Let them know that your child(ren) will not be coming to school that day - and why.

NOTE: This also applies to private schools and (sad to say) even some parochial schools.


Day of Silence: What is it? How bad is it?

Psychological assault on kids

During the Day of Silence, which has become an annual day-long event, school officials encourage students to be silent for the entire day as a sign of solidarity with the homosexual activist movement. Students are encouraged to wear special homosexual badges, stickers, and bracelets which are often handed out at all the school entrances that day. There are also pro-homosexual posters and handouts, and even workshops. The schools use various psychological methods during the day to attempt to create a strong bond with the homosexual movement in the minds of the kids, emphasizing stories of victimhood, pushing messages of fairness, and linking GLBT issues to civil rights struggles of the past.

  • VIDEOS: The "Day of Silence" exposed and confronted
    Linda Harvey gives an excellent talk on the dangers of the Day of Silence. There is also a courageous Day of Silence Walkout video created by a church in Illinois, called "Dare to Stand" that has infuriated the homosexual movement. Plus more.

Well organized and executed

The Day of Silence is organized nationwide by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a well-funded national homosexual organization that targets children in the public schools. In Massachusetts, the Day of Silence is spearheaded through the state-run Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, of which GLSEN is an official member. The GLBT Commission includes many of the most radical homosexual and transgender activists in the state, and uses its legal authority and intimidation to push homosexual programs, clubs, and activities in public schools across Massachusetts.

Although GLSEN attempts to portray the Day of Silence as "student run", it's always organized by adults, usually homosexual activists on the school's staff. Often at a school, the Day of Silence is followed a "Day of Remembrance" or some other pseudo-event, in order to extend the homosexual theme.

MassResistance report from recent Day of Silence - 2007

The Day of Silence is more than just another homosexual "event" in the public schools. It is a major assault on kids' minds by homosexual activists. It's their cornerstone activity to proselytize America's youth.

Big part of GLSEN's gay agenda in nation's schools

It's become such a big part of Kevin Jenning's GLSEN that they've create a separate Day of Silence website for directing the yearly push, with an organizing manual, plus organizing schedules, and much more.

The theme for 2010 is to tie in the "anti-bullying" agenda,
which GLSEN has been using across America.  They are exploiting tragic bullying incidents and turning them into "gay" issues to force schools to implement homosexual diversity training --a truly disgusting tactic.

This page of videos on the Day of Silence will also open your eyes . . .

INFORMATIVE VIDEOS: On this video page, Linda Harvey gives an excellent talk on the dangers of the Day of Silence. There is also a courageous Day of Silence Walkout video created by a church in Illinois, called "Dare to Stand" that has infuriated the homosexual movement. Plus more.

This is what parents are fighting. And with Barack Obama's "safe schools" czar, Kevin Jennings, in power, this will even even get worse. Sign petition here to remove Jennings.

Not hiding it anymore.

3. Local Massachusetts schools prepare for Day of Silence - with help from state government.

Here in Massachusetts the Day of Silence has become a major propaganda event in many high schools and middle schools. We've been reporting on this for years. This year, if anything, it's gotten more explicit.

With the push from the state-run Massachusetts GLBT commission, schools are even better targets for the Day of Silence.

Bedford High School had it prominently on the school calendar sent home.

(Only recently have school authorities taken the stance that students still must participate orally in class if so required by the teacher or lesson that day.)

The move has been to enlist younger and younger kids. There has been a tremendous push by GLSEN and other Mass. GLBT Commission members to establish homosexual "gay-straight alliance" clubs in middle schools. The state GLBT Commission finds funding for existing clubs, helps start new ones, and pressures school administrators who resist. These clubs become the springboard to setting up the Day of Silence and other homosexual activities in the schools.

For example, here are excerpts from Day Middle School's (Newton, Mass.) Day of Silence web page. It's an amazing job of propaganda aimed at impressionable children:

In particular, students in the club want to end bullying, harassment, prejudice, and negative language that relates to sexual orientation and gender identity. All students and their families should feel safe and included in our school community, whether they identify as gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or intersexed. The G.S.A. meets every week on Wednesdays after school in room 301. Typically, the group relaxes, eats some snacks, has a discussion, and works on a project. Past projects have included organizing for The Day of Silence.

At Day Middle School, students have reported name-calling, bullying, and harassment related to sexual orientation and gender identity . . . Participating in The Day of Silence is a way for students to take a bold stand and get the message out that this type of bullying, harassment, and name-calling is unacceptable. Students who wish to show support for The Day of Silence but who do not want to take a vow of silence for the day can pick up an Ally Sticker from the library or from any of the teachers listed at the bottom of this page.

Share information about The Day of Silence with your family and let them know that you are interested in participating.

Pick up a Student-Teacher Communication Form from the library. Then speak to the teachers whose classes you have on that day about your plans to participate in The Day of Silence. Let them know that you would like to try not speaking for the entire day and ask whether that wish can be honored in their classes. Have them sign the form to indicate that you have communicated with them.

Bring the form, with all of your teachers' signatures, to one of the teachers listed at the bottom of this page by Tuesday, April 13. You will then receive a sticker to wear on The Day of Silence and an explanation card which you can show to anyone who asks why you are being silent on that day.

The G.S.A. will be hosting a Breaking The Silence gathering at the end of the day in room 301 for students who want to make some noise and share in a discussion about the experience. Come on by!

Link to web page HERE

Hateful and obscene emails and phone calls from homosexual activists to organizers of Day of Silence Walkout.

(See link below to voice messages and emails.)

The obsession that homosexual activists have with schoolchildren -- and the hate and rage they direct at parents who get in their way -- really came out this year.This is f rom the same people who want to work with your children, run the "gay straight alliance" clubs, and teach them "tolerance."

On Thursday, April 8, two of the Day of Silence Walkout Coalition coordinators, Laurie Higgins and Linda Harvey, sent out a press release about the Day of Silence Walkout. The press release included their phone numbers and emails. It was a fairly normal press release -- but unfortunately nothing is normal when it comes to this subject matter.

Within hours they began receiving the most obscene and disgusting emails and phone calls you could imagine, and it lasted for several days. If you want to know what that movement is all about under the covers, look no further.


Emails and phone calls received by Laurie Higgins and Linda Harvey in response to the press release.

This is how these activists practice "tolerance".

Fighting back in Massachusetts

MassResistance stages Day of Defiance in 2007

During the Day of Silence in 2007, MassResistance helped organize a counter-event, the Day of Defiance, at several schools in the Boston area. When parents came and demonstrated at the Day of Defiance at Brookline High in Brookline MA, pro-homosexual school staff incited hundreds of kids to go outside and storm the parents, staging a near-riot which required police presence.

          Report on the Day of Defiance - with photos

Bills filed in State House to stop this assault in the future

MassResistance has bills in the Massachusetts Legislature to (1) make all homosexual and transgender-related activities a strictly opt-in situation by parents, and (2) to disband completely the Massachusetts Commission for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth. Read more about those bills HERE. If you can get involved to help pass them, let us know HERE