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Mass. General Election 2010
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POSTED: Oct 21, 2010
UPDATED: Nov 10, 2010 12:50 pm

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NOTE: For reference, unopposed races are listed at the bottom.

1st Barnstable -- Brewster, Dennis

57%  D -*CLEON TURNER, Dennis  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL, Gill]

43%  R - PATRICK FORAN, Yarmouth  [MCFL]

2nd Barnstable -- Barnstable, Yarmouth

59%  D -*DEMETRIUS ATSALIS, Barnstable  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, NARAL]

41%  R - JAMES MUNAFO, Barnstable  [MCFL]

3rd Barnstable -- Falmouth, Barnstable, Bourne

54%  R - DAVID VIEIRA, Falmouth

46%  D -*MATTHEW PATRICK, Falmouth  [MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL, Gill]

4th Barnstable -- Provincetown, Wellfleet

63%  D -*SARAH PEAKE, Provincetown  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gill, GVF]

34%  R - DAVID DUNFORD, Orleans

  3%  I - JAMES FEENEY, Harwich

Sarah Peake is an "out" lesbian whose main objective seems to be to change society.

5th Barnstable -- Sandwich, Barnstable

%  OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Jeffrey Perry is running for Congress

53%  R - RANDY HUNT, Sandwich  [MCFL]

47%  D - LANCE LAMBROS, Sandwich

This seat has been Republican for a while and is a pretty conservative district.

2nd Berkshire -- Pittsfield, Northfield, Dalton

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Dennis Guyer is not running.

54%  D - PAUL MARK, Hancock  [DSA, MGLPC, NARAL]

34%  R - MICHAEL CASE, Washington  [MCFL]

12%  N - STEFAN RACZ, Buckland

3rd Berkshire -- Pittsfield

55%  D -*CHRISTOPHER SPERANZO, Pittsfield  [STax, PP, NARAL]

45%  G - MARK MILLER, Pittsfield

4th Berkshire -- Lenox, Stockbridge, Otis



2nd Bristol -- Attleboro

49%  R - GEORGE ROSS, Attleboro

44%  D -*BILL BOWLES, Attleboro  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

  7%  U - JAMES CONNOLLY, Attleboro

3rd Bristol -- Taunton

50%  R - SHAUNNA O’CONNELL, Taunton

50%  D -*JAMES FAGAN, Taunton  [STax, MCFL, Gamb]

NOTE: O'Connell won by 47 votes. A recount is likely.

4th Bristol -- Rehoboth, Seekonk, Swansea

54%  R - STEVEN HOWITT, Seekonk  [Gill]

46%  D -*STEVEN D’AMICO, Seekonk  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL, Gill]

What a terrible choice!  Howitt is pro-gay "marriage" and got Tim Gill money when he ran against former Rep. Phil Travis in 2004. He's a nice guy personally and probably not quite as bad as D'Amico -- though he'd also serve to push the Republican Party even more leftward. So we can't suggest voting for either of them.

6th Bristol -- Fall River, Freetown

64%  D -*DAVID SULLIVAN, Fall River  [STax, Trans, Gamb]

36%  R - DAVID ROSE, Fall River

7th Bristol -- Fall River

75%  D -*KEVIN AGUIAR, Fall River  [STax, NARAL]

25%  R - CJ FERRY, Fall River

8th Bristol -- Fall River, Westport

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Michael Rodrigues is running for Senate

68%  D - PAUL SCHMID, Westport

32%  U - F. GEORGE JACOME, Fall River

9th Bristol -- Dartmouth, New Bedford

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent John Quinn running for sheriff.

54%  D - CHRISTOPHER MARKEY, Dartmouth

41%  R - JOE MICHAUD, Dartmouth

  5%  I - RUSSELL PROTENTIS, Lakeville  [MCFL]

10th Bristol -- Fairhaven, Mattapoisett

57%  D -*WILLIAM STRAUS, Mattapoisett  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

43%  R - PETER WINTERS, Marion

11th Bristol -- New Bedford, Acushnet

67%  D -*ROBERT KOCZERA, New Bedford  [MGLPC, Gamb]

33%  R - IVO ALMEIDA, Acushnet  [MCFL]

1st Essex -- Newburyport, Amesbury

65%  D -*MICHAEL COSTELLO, Newburyport  [STax, Trans, Gamb]

35%  R - VALENTINO TROYLI, Amesbury

2nd Essex -- Groveland, West Newbury

52%  D -*HARRIETT STANLEY, West Newbury  [STax]

48%  R - ROBERT FINNERAN, Newbury

5th Essex -- Gloucester, Rockport

65%  D -*ANN-MARGARET FERRANTE, Gloucester  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

35%  R - JANET HOLMES, Gloucester

Janet Holmes got in via a write-in campaign during the Sept. 14 primary. She's a great candidate, and supported by the local Tea Parties.  Ferrante is a mess.

6th Essex -- Beverly

60%  D - JERALD PARISELLA, Beverly

40%  R - BRETT SCHETZSLE, Beverly

8th Essex -- Marblehead, Swampscott

62%  D - *LORI EHRLICH, Marblehead  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

38%  R - KATHERINE KOZITZA, Swampscott

9th Essex -- Saugus, Wakefield, Lynnfield

51%  R - DONALD WONG, Saugus

49%  D -*MARK FALZONE, Saugus  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, MGLPC, NARAL, Gamb]

Donald Wong owns the Kowloon restaurant and delivers free food to the Howie Carr show. Falzone is pretty much in the "horrible state rep" hall of fame.

12th Essex -- Peabody

60%  D -*JOYCE SPILIOTIS, Peabody  [STax, NARAL, Gamb]

40%  R - MARTIN SCAFIDI, Peabody

13th Essex -- Danvers, Topsfield

51%  D -*THEODORE SPELIOTIS, Danvers  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gamb, Gill]

49%  R - DANIEL BENNETT, Danvers

14th Essex -- Lawrence, N.Andover

53%  D -*DAVID TORRISI, North Andover

47%  R - KEVIN BEGLEY, North Andover  [MCFL]

15th Essex -- Methuen

52%  D -*LINDA DEAN CAMPBELL, Methuen   [Trans, Gamb]

38%  R - AL DiNUCCIO, Methuen

  9%  U - PHILIP LAHEY, JR., Methuen

  1%  U - HECTOR MONTALVO, Methuen

Linda Dean Campbell is another one who campaigned as a moderate then went and co-sponsored the Transgender Bill. Boot her out!

16th Essex -- Lawrence

82%  D -*MARCOS DEVERS, Lawrence  [Gamb]

15%  R - ENRIQUE MATOS, Lawrence

  3%  U - RAFAEL GADEA, Lawrence

17th Essex -- Lawrence, Andover, Tewksbury

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent Barry Finegold is running for Senate.

54%  R - PAUL ADAMS, Andover  [MCFL]


Adams is considered very pro-family and would be a great replacement for Finegold, if he can pull it off.

18th Essex -- Andover, Haverhill, N. Andover

53%  R - JAMES LYONS, JR., Andover  [MCFL]

47%  D -*BARBARA L’ITALIEN, Andover  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

2nd Franklin -- Athol, Greenfield

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Christopher Donelan is running for Franklin County Sheriff.

53%  D - DENISE ANDREWS, Orange  [NARAL]

42%  R - STEVEN ADAM, Orange  [MCFL]

  5%  I - GENEVIEVE FRASER, Orange

2nd Hampden -- Springfield, Longmeadow

51%  D -*BRIAN ASHE, Longmeadow  [STax, MEQ, Trans, MCFL]

49%  R - MARIE ANGELIDES, Longmeadow

3rd Hampden -- Agawam, Southwick

40%  R - NICHOLAS BOLDYGA, Southwick

39%  D -*ROSEMARY SANDLIN, Agawam  [MEQ, PP, Trans, MGLPC, NARAL, Gamb, Gill]


Nicholas Boldyga got 48% of the vote in 2008. Let's hope he can pull it over the top this time! Anyone is better than Sandlin.

6th Hampden -- W.Springfield, Springfield, Chicopoee

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent James Welch is running for Senate.

55%  D - MICHAEL FINN, West Springfield

45%  R - GREGORY NEFFINGER, West Springfield  [MCFL]

Greg Neffinger is one of the best candidaes this year.  It's an open seat, he's got a good campaign going, and Finn is relatively weak, we believe. Let's hope Greg can pull it off.

9th Hampden -- Springfield, Chicopee

80%  D -*SEAN CURRAN, Springfield  [Gamb]

20%  U - ROBERT UNDERWOOD, Springfield

12th Hampden -- Springfield, East Longmeadow

65%  D -*ANGELO PUPPOLO, Springfield  [MCFL, Gamb]

35%  R - JOSHUA CARPENTER, Springfield

Angelo Puppolo was one of the turncoat votes when the Marriage Amendment was defeated. He campaigned as pro-marriage then after getting elected voted pro-gay.

3rd Hampshire -- Amherst, Granby

77%  D *ELLEN STORY, Amherst  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

19%  R - DANIEL SANDELL, Amherst

  4%  U - DANIEL MELICK, Amherst

1st Middlesex -- Groton, Pepperall, Ayer

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Robert Hargraves is retiring.



Sheila Harrington would be a GREAT replacement for Hargraves, who was basically a conservative Republican. This seems like a pretty conservative area, so let's hope she makes it.

3rd Middlesex -- Maynard, Hudson, Stow

60%  D -*KATE HOGAN, Stow  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, NARAL, Gamb, GLF]

40%  I - CHUCK KUNIEWICH, JR., Hudson

Kate Hogan is an "out" lesbian who pushes the agenda everywhere she can. What's wrong with that district, anyway?

4th Middlesex -- Marlborough, Berlin

50%  R - STEVEN LEVY, Marlborough  [MCFL]

50%  D -*DANIELLE GREGOIRE, Marlborough  [STax, PP, Gamb]

NOTE: Levy won by 98 votes. A recount is likely.

Danielle Gregoire is an obnoxious, arrogant liberal. Steven Levy is a real common-sense guy who would be a great asset to the Legislature.

6th Middlesex -- Framingham

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent Pam Richardson got beat in Sept. 14 primary!

70%  D - CHRIS WALSH, Framingham  [NARAL]

21%  I - JAMES PILLSBURY, Framingham

  9%  U - JIM RIZOLI, Framingham

7th Middlesex -- Ashland, Framingham

64%  D -*TOM SANNICANDRO, Ashland  [STax, MEQ, DSA, Trans, NARAL, Gamb, Gill]

36%  R - DAVID MERCER, Framingham  [MCFL]

Sannicandro is a big name in Ashland, and originally got elected in 2004 by winning the Democratic primary via a write-in campaign against two candidates who were on the ballot! (He ended up beating Mary Z. Connaughton in the general election that year.) Sannicandro originally ran as a moderate and has since gone very far left. We really hope David Mercer can beat him.

8th Middlesex -- Holliston, Hopkinton

71%  D -*CAROLYN DYKEMA, Holliston  [STax, NARAL]

29%  L - JONATHAN LOYA, Holliston

Dykema is a truly wacky leftist best known for her public support of more tolls on the Mass Pike.  How she got elected in the first place is a mystery to us. Let's pray this guy can beat her.

10th Middlesex -- Waltham, Newton

74%  D -*PETER KOUTOUJIAN, Waltham  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

26%  R - JAMES E. DIXON, Waltham  [MCFL]

Koutoujian is best known here for his public admiration of Cuba under Fidel Castro. And his liberalism continues from there. Jim Dixon is a rock-solid guy, an airline pilot, and a great candidate who deserves everyone's support. He would be a refreshing change for Waltham.

14th Middlesex -- Concord, Carlisle, Acton, Chelmsford

59%  D -*CORY ATKINS, Concord  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

41%  I - K. C. WINSLOW, Concord

Cory Atkins is terrible, a ditsy elitist, and seems to get worse every year. Winslow is a fiscal conservative and social liberal (though calls herself a social "moderate"). And she's fairly good on issues like immigration. And at least if Winslow is elected, as an independent she won't damage the Republican "brand".

19th Middlesex -- Wilmington, Tewksbury

64%  D -*JAMES MICELI, Wilmington  [MCFL, Gamb]

36%  R - MARIO MARCHESE,Wilmington

We like Marchese slightly better. But Miceli isn't bad.

22nd Middlesex -- Billerica

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Bill Greene is retiring.

51%  R - MARC LOMBARDO, Billerica  [MCFL]

35%  D - KEVIN CONWAY, Billerica

14%  I - JAMES O’DONNELL, JR., Billerica  [NARAL]

We're going to miss Bill Greene, a conservative Democrat who sponsored the Parents Rights Bill when no Republican would dare to.  But Marc Lombardo who's been politically active there for hears, is an excellent choice to replace him.

24th Middlesex -- Belmont

78%  D -*WILLIAM BROWNSBERGER, Belmont  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL]

22%  U - LALIG MUSSERIAN, Belmont

28th Middlesex -- Everett, Malden

64%  D -*STEPHEN STAT SMITH, Everett  [MEQ, Trans, MGLPC, NARAL, Gamb, Gill]


30th Middlesex -- Woburn, Reading

63%  D -*JAMES DWYER, Woburn  [STax, , NARAL, Gamb]

37%  R - KARA MARIE FRATTO, Reading  [MCFL]

Massachusetts Family Institute raised money for Dwyer and campaigned for him because he's "pro-marriage" despite the fact that he's endorsed by the abortion lobby. Dwyer even refused to sponsor the Parents Rights Bill. Kara Fratto would be a wonderful alternative and deserves your support.

31st Middlesex -- Winchester, Stoneham

52%  D -*JASON LEWIS, Winchester  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]


12%  I - MICHAEL ROTONDI, Stoneham

Jason Lewis is a complete bozo. This district has traditionally elected conservative Democrats. Things need to change back.

32nd Middlesex -- Melrose, Wakefield

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Katherine Clark is running for Senate.

52%  D - PAUL BRODEUR, Melrose  [NARAL]

48%  R - DAVID R. LUCAS, Melrose

What a mess! David Lucas is endorsed by Patrick Guerriro, the former Republican mayor of Melrose and a nationally-known homosexual activist, who works for Tim Gill.

34th Middlesex -- Medford, Somerville

74%  D -*CARL SCIORTINO, JR., Medford  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL, Gill]

26%  I - RICHARD CANNAVA, Medford

The fact that Sciortino once disrupted a Catholic Mass with his homosexual lover and then bragged about it to the press, doesn't seem to phase voters in Medford and Somerville a bit, even though it's a big Catholic area.

35th Middlesex -- Medford, Malden

75%  D -*PAUL DONATO, Medford  [STax, Trans, MCFL, Gamb]

25%  I - KARLA ROMERO, Malden  [NARAL]

Donato was actually once a good pro-family rep, but as the district got more liberal he sold out his principles.

36th Middlesex -- Dracut, Tyngsborough

54%  D -*COLLEEN GARRY, Dracut  [MCFL, Gamb]

36%  R - GEORGE BOAG, Dracut

10%  U - MATTHEW SHEEHAN, Dracut

37th Middlesex -- Boxborough, Harvard, Lunenberg

55%  D -*JENNIFER BENSON, Lunenburg  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

45%  R - KURT HAYES, Boxborough  [MCFL]

2nd Norfolk -- Quincy

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Stephen Tobin is not running.

52%  D - TACKEY CHAN, Quincy

32%  R - JOHN IREDALE, Quincy

16%  I - KARL ROOS, Quincy  [MCFL]

3rd Norfolk -- Quincy, Weymouth, Holbrook

64%  D -*RONALD MARIANO, Quincy  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

36%  I - GARY LOWELL, Weymouth

4th Norfolk -- Weymouth

62%  D -*JAMES MURPHY, Weymouth  [Gamb]

32%  R - DOUGLAS NESS, Weymouth

  6%  N - ROBERT THOMAS, Weymouth

5th Norfolk -- Braintree

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Joe Driscoll is running for DA.

59%  D - MARK CUSACK, Braintree

41%  I - PAUL CLIFFORD, Braintree

9th Norfolk -- Wrentham, Norfolk

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Richard Ross got elected to the Senate earlier this year.

68%  R - DANIEL WINSLOW, Norfolk  [MGPLC]

32%  D - STANLEY NACEWICZ, Plainville  [NARAL]

Sometimes these ratings are relative. Stanley Nacewicz is a bread-and-butter left-winger -- pro-abortion, in the tank with the unions, etc. But Dan Winslow is by far the worst. As Mitt Romney's legal counsel while he was governor, Winslow collaborated with the homosexual lobby to grease the way for "gay marriage" to be instituted without a fight. And now they're paying him back by endorsing him over a liberal Democrat. Read about it HERE.  Winslow is a "fifth-columnist" RINO.

12th Norfolk -- Norwood, Walpole

54%  D -*JOHN ROGERS, Norwood  [MEQ, Trans, MCFL]

46%  R - JAMES STANTON, Walpole

Years ago John Rogers was a hero to conservatives in the State House. But the homosexual lobby got to him in a big way, and he's totally drunk their Kool-Aid.

13th Norfolk -- Needham, Dover

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Lida Harkins is not running.

55%  D - DENISE GARLICK, Needham  [NARAL]

45%  R - JOHN O’LEARY, Needham  [MCFL]

Lida Harkins, once the Chairman of the Education Committee, was a self-righteous liberal who couldn't stand conservatives. Let's hope things get better there. Needham isn't that liberal -- at least not yet. In the primary O'Leary was rated "mixed" by MCFL, then got endorsed by them for the general election.

14th Norfolk -- Wellesley, Weston

61%  D -*ALICE PEISCH, Wellesley  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb, Gill]

39%  R - ROYALL SWITZLER, Wellesley  [MCFL]

Wellesley and Weston used to be solidly Republican, and Royall Switzler was their state rep from 1977-1986. He's also a co-author of Prop 2 1/2. Alice Peisch is a horrible self-righteous liberal. When Switzler saw that Peisch was running unopposed this year, he got 150 write-in votes in the Sept. 14 primary and got on the ballot. He's a solid guy, and we hope he gets in -- in this (hopefully) anti-incumbent sweep.

2nd Plymouth -- Wareham, Bourne, Carver

66%  R -*SUSAN GIFFORD, Wareham  [Gamb]

34%  D - DAVID SMITH, Wareham

3rd Plymouth -- Hingham, Cohasset, Hull

61%  D -*GARRETT BRADLEY, Hingham  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

37%  R - TIMOTHY FINNERTY, Hingham

  2%  I - CARLTON CHAMBERS, SR., Hingham

5th Plymouth -- Hanover, Norwell, Rockland

OPEN SEAT: Robert Nyman passed away earlier this year

53%  D - RHONDA NYMAN, Hanover

47%  R - KOREY WELCH, Rockland

Rhonda Nyman is Robert Nyman's widow. He was best known for as a turncoat during the Marriage Amendment vote. Is she cut from the same cloth? We'd rather not take chance.

6th Plymouth -- Duxbury, Pembroke

51%  R -*DANIEL WEBSTER, Pembroke  [MCFL, Gamb]

49%  D - JOSH CUTLER, Duxbury  [MEQ, PP, NARAL]

Daniel Webster's basically a VERY good guy who veers off the reservation once in a while. We need to keep him in. Cutler is a left-wing newspaper editor who would do nothing but cause trouble.

7th Plymouth -- E. Bridgewater, Whitman

51%  R - GEOFF DIEHL, Whitman  [MCFL]

49%  D -*ALLEN MCCARTHY, East Bridgewater  [STax, PP, NARAL, Gamb]

Goeff Diehl is an outstanding candidate and really deserves support. McCarthy is terrible.

8th Plymouth -- Bridgewater, Raynham

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Daniel Flynn is retiring.

53%  R - ANGELO D’EMILIA, Bridgewater  [MCFL]

47%  D - PATRICIA LAWTON, Bridgewater  [MGLPC, NARAL]

10th Plymouth -- Brockton, W.Bridgewater

56%  D -*CHRISTINE CANAVAN, Brockton  [PP, MGLPC, NARAL, Gamb]

44%  R - JOHN CRUZ, West Bridgewater

11th Plymouth -- Brockton, Easton

57%  D -*GERALDINE CREEDON, Brockton  [STax]

43%  R - KRISTINE ABRAMS, Easton

12th Plymouth -- Kingston, Plympton

55%  D -*THOMAS CALTER, III, Kingston  [Gamb]

45%  R - JOSEPH TRUSCHELLI, Plymouth

Calter slithered in (in 2008) by being the only candidate on the ballot -- his opponent had signature issues. This is a fairly conservative district and he should be very vulnerable. Truschelli got 61% in the Republican primary.

4th Suffolk -- South Boston

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Brian Wallace is not running.

73%  D - NICK COLLINS, Boston  [MCFL]

27%  R - PATRICK BRENNAN, Boston

Patrick Brennan is a Tea Party activist and would make an outstanding state rep. We like him a lot.

8th Suffolk -- Boston, Cambridge

77%  D -*MARTHA WALZ, Boston  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL]

23%  R - BRAD MARSTON, Boston

Marty Walz, current House chairman of the Education Committee, is a ditzy hardcore leftist who has nothing but contempt for the pro-family position on anything.  Her proudest accomplishment is the anti-bullying law, which experts already say won't work. Brad Marston is basically a libertarian, but he'd be 1000 percent better.

1st Worcester -- Holden, Rutland, Westminster

OPEN SEAT: Lew Evangelidis is running for sheriff.


31%  D - KENNETH O’BRIEN, Holden  [PP, DSA, NARAL]

11%  U - JONATHAN LONG, Holden

This seat ought to be able to stay Republican.

2nd Worcester -- Gardner, Ashburnham

OPEN SEAT - Incumbent: Robert Rice (not running)

43%  R - RICHARD BASTIEN, Gardner  [MCFL]

40%  D - PATRICK GERRY, Gardner  [MEQ, NARAL]


  8%  U - CAROLYN KAMUDA, Gardner  [MCFL]

5th Worcester -- W.Brookfield, Barre, Ware

65%  D -*ANNE GOBI, Spencer  [STax, MEQ, Trans, Gamb]


6th Worcester -- E.Brookfield, Southbridge, Charlton

50%  R - PETER DURANT, Spencer  [MCFL]

50%  D -*GERALDO ALICEA, Charlton  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gamb, Gill]

NOTE: Durant won by 2 votes. A re-count is very likely!

8th Worcester -- Webster, Dudley

57%  R - KEVIN KUROS, Uxbridge  [MCFL]

43%  D -*PAUL KUJAWSKI, Webster  [Gamb]

Kujawski is best known for urinating on a police officer's shoe during a drunk driving arrest -- and still getting re-elected. He also was in a sickening pro-gay marriage video for MassEquality. Kevin Kuros ran last time and got 47%. Hopefully this time he'll make it over the top.

9th Worcester -- Grafton, Northbridge

67%  R -*GEORGE PETERSON, JR., Grafton  [MCFL, Gamb]

33%  D - TIMOTHY DODD, Westborough  [NARAL]

11th Worcester -- Shrewsbury

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Karyn Polito is running for State Treasurer.

61%  R - MATTHEW BEATON, Shrewsbury  [MCFL]

39%  D - KEVIN BYRNE, Shrewsbury  [NARAL]

12th Worcester -- Clinton, Northborough, Sterling

61%  D -*HAROLD NAUGHTON, Clinton  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

39%  R - JAMES GETTENS, Sterling  [MCFL]

Jim Gettens is an outstanding candidate and deserves big support. Naughton is a left-wing hack who needs to be thrown out.

13th Worcester -- Worcester, Paxton

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Robert Spellane is not running.

56%  D - JOHN MAHONEY, Worcester

35%  R - PAUL FRANCO, Worcester  [MCFL]

  8%  I - RONAL MADNICK, Worcester

  2%  I - BRUCE CARD, Worcester

Madnick is an ACLU lawyer. Just what we don't need on Beacon Hill making laws.

18th Worcester -- Bellingham, Blackstone

53%  R - RYAN FATTMAN, Sutton  [MCFL]

47%  D -*JENNIFER CALLAHAN, Sutton  [NARAL, Gamb]

Ryan Fattman is a great young conservative. We'd love to see him beat Callahan. This could be the year to do it.

Uncontested House races

Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket -- Nantucket, Falmouth, Tisbury

D -*TIMOTHY MADDEN, Nantucket  [STax, Trans]

1st Berkshire -- North Adams, Williamstown


Incumbent Daniel Bosley did not run. Cariddi won the primary.

1st Bristol -- Foxborough, Mansfield, Norton

R -*FRED “JAY” BARROWS, Mansfield  [MCFL, Gamb]

5th Bristol -- Taunton, Somerset, Swansea

D -*PATRICIA HADDAD, Somerset  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

12th Bristol -- New Bedford, Taunton

D -*STEPHEN CANESSA, New Bedford  [STax, Gamb, Gill]

13th Bristol -- New Bedford

D -*ANTONIO CABRAL, New Bedford  [STax, Trans, Gamb]

14th Bristol -- North Attleborough, Mansfield

R -*ELIZABETH POIRIER, North Attleborough  [MCFL, Gamb]

3rd Essex -- Haverhill

D -*BRIAN S. DEMPSEY, Haverhill  [STax, Gamb]

4th Essex -- Ipswich, Wenham, Hamilton

R -*BRADFORD HILL, Ipswich  [Gamb]

7th Essex -- Salem

D -*JOHN KEENAN, Salem  [STax, PP, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

10th Essex -- Lynn

D -*ROBERT FENNELL, Lynn  [Gamb]

11th Essex -- Lynn, Nahant

D -*STEVEN WALSH, Lynn  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

1st Franklin -- Deerfield, Worthington

D -*STEPHEN KULIK, Worthington  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

1st Hampden -- Brimfield, Palmer, Sturbridge

R -*TODD SMOLA, Palmer  [MCFL]

4th Hampden -- Westfield

R -*DONALD HUMASON, JR., Westfield  [MCFL, Gamb]

5th Hampden -- Holyoke

D -*MICHAEL KANE, Holyoke  [STax, MCFL, Gamb]

7th Hampden -- Springfield, Chicopee

D -*THOMAS PETROLATI, Ludlow  [STax, Gamb]

8th Hampden -- Chicopee

D -*JOSEPH WAGNER, Chicopee  [STax, Gamb]

10th Hampden -- Springfield

D -*CHERYL COAKLEY-RIVERA, Springfield  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

11th Hampden -- Springfield

D -*BENJAMIN SWAN, Springfield  [STax, Trans, Gamb]

1st Hampshire -- Northampton, Southampton

D -*PETER KOCOT, Northampton  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

2nd Hampshire -- South Hadley, Hadley

D -*JOHN SCIBAK, South Hadley  [STax, PP, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

2nd Middlesex -- Westford, Littletown, Chelmsford

D -*JAMES ARCIERO, Westford  [Gamb]

5th Middlesex -- Sherborn, Natick

D -*DAVID LINSKY, Natick  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

9th Middlesex -- Waltham, Lexington

D -*THOMAS STANLEY, Waltham  [Trans, Gamb, Gill]

11th Middlesex -- Newton

D -*KAY KHAN, Newton  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

12th Middlesex -- Newton

D -*RUTH BALSER, Newton  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, MGLPC, NARAL]

13th Middlesex -- Lincoln, Sudbury, Wayland

D -*THOMAS CONROY, Wayland  [STax, Trans]

15th Middlesex -- Lexington, Arlington, Woburn

D - *JAY KAUFMAN, Lexington  [STax, Trans, NARAL]

16th Middlesex -- Lowell, Chelmsford

D -*THOMAS GOLDEN, JR., Lowell  [MCFL, Gamb]

17th Middlesex -- Lowell

D -*DAVID NANGLE, Lowell  [Gamb]

18th Middlesex -- Lowell

D -*KEVIN MURPHY, Lowell  [Gamb]

20th Middlesex -- North Reading, Lynnfield

R -*BRADLEY JONES, JR., North Reading  [NARAL, Gamb]

21st Middlesex -- Burlington, Bedford

D -*CHARLES MURPHY, Burlington  [NARAL, Gamb]

23rd Middlesex -- Arlington, Medford

D -*SEAN GARBALLEY, Arlington  [STax, Trans, NARAL]

25th Middlesex -- Cambridge

D -*ALICE WOLF, Cambridge  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, NARAL]

26th Middlesex -- Cambridge, Somerville

D -*TIMOTHY TOOMEY, Cambridge  [STax, Trans, MCFL, Gamb]

27th Middlesex -- Somerville

D -*DENISE PROVOST, Somerville  [STax, Trans, NARAL]

29th Middlesex -- Watertown, Cambridge

D -*JONATHAN HECHT, Watertown  [STax, Trans, NARAL]

33rd Middlesex -- Malden


1st Norfolk -- Quincy, Randolph

D -*BRUCE AYERS, Quincy  [MCFL, Gamb]

6th Norfolk -- Canton, Avon, Stoughton

D -*WILLIAM GALVIN, Canton  [STax, Gamb]

7th Norfolk -- Milton, Randolph

D -*WALTER TIMILTY, Milton  [MCFL, Gamb]

8th Norfolk -- Sharon, Mansfield

D -*LOUIS KAFKA, Stoughton  [STax, Trans, Gamb]

10th Norfolk -- Franklin, Medway

D -*JAMES VALLEE, Franklin  [STax, Trans, Gamb, Gill]

11th Norfolk -- Dedham, Westwood

D -*PAUL McMURTRY, Dedham  [Trans, Gamb]

15th Norfolk -- Brookline

D -*FRANK SMIZIK, Brookline  [STax, Trans, NARAL]

1st Plymouth -- Plymouth

R -*VINNY deMACEDO, Plymouth

4th Plymouth -- Marshfield, Scituate

4 -*JAMES CANTWELL, Marshfield  [STax, Trans, Gamb]

9th Plymouth -- Brockton

D -*MICHAEL BRADY, Brockton  [STax, Gamb]

1st Suffolk -- East Boston

D -*CARLO BASILE, Boston  [STax, Trans, Gamb]

2nd Suffolk -- Chelsea

D -*EUGENE O’FLAHERTY, Chelsea  [STax, MCFL, Gamb]

3rd Suffolk -- North End Boston


5th Suffolk -- Dorchester


Incumbent Marie St. Fleur stepped down and Henriques won the Sept. 14 primary.

6th Suffolk -- Boston


Incumbent Willie Mae Allen stepped down and Holmes won the sept. 14 primary.

7th Suffolk -- Boston

D -*GLORIA FOX, Boston  [STax, Trans, NARAL]

9th Suffolk -- Boston, Cambridge

D -*BYRON RUSHING, Boston  [STax, Trans]

10th Suffolk -- Boston, Brookline


Incumbent Michael Rush is running for Senate. Coppinger won the Sept. 14 primary.

11th Suffolk -- Boston

D -*ELIZABETH MALIA, Boston  [STax, Trans, NARAL]

12th Suffolk -- Mattapan, Milton

D -*LINDA DORCENA FORRY, Boston  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

13th Suffolk -- Boston

D -*MARTIN WALSH, Boston  [STax, Gamb]

14th Suffolk -- Boston


15th Suffolk -- Boston, Brookline

D -*JEFFREY SÁNCHEZ, Boston  [STax, MEQ, Trans, MGLPC]

16th Suffolk -- Revere, Chelsea, Saugus

D -*KATHI-ANNE REINSTEIN, Revere  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

17th Suffolk -- Brighton

D -*KEVIN HONAN, Boston  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

18th Suffolk -- Boston

D -*MICHAEL MORAN, Boston  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

19th Suffolk -- Winthrop, Revere

D -*ROBERT DeLEO, Winthrop  [STax, Trans, Gamb]

3rd Worcester -- Fitchburg

D -*STEPHEN DiNATALE, Fitchburg  [STax, Trans, MCFL, Gamb, Gill]

4th Worcester -- Leominster

D -*DENNIS ROSA, Leominster  [Gamb]

7th Worcester -- Auburn, Milbury

R -*PAUL FROST, Auburn  [MCFL, Gamb]

10th Worcester -- Milford, Mendon

D -*JOHN FERNANDES, Milford  [STax, Gamb]

14th Worcester -- West Boylston, Worcester

D -*JAMES O’DAY, West Boylston  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

15th Worcester -- Worcester

D -*VINCENT PEDONE, Worcester  [STax, Gamb]

16th Worcester -- Worcester

D -*JOHN FRESOLO, Worcester  [Gamb]

17th Worcester -- Worcester, Leicester

D -*JOHN BINIENDA, SR., Worcester  [STax, MCFL, Gamb]