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Mass. General Election 2010
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POSTED: Oct 21, 2010
UPDATED: Nov 4, 2010 9:30 pm

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NOTE: For reference, unopposed races are listed at the bottom.

First Bristol & Plymouth -- Fall River, Westport, Swansea

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Joan Menard is not running

62%  D -MICHAEL RODRIGUES, Westport  [STax]

38%  R - DEREK MASKY, Lakeville  [NARAL]

Michael Rodrigues is current a state rep trying to move up. This looks like one of those increasingly frequent situations where the Democrat is more socially conservative than the Republican.

Cape & Islands -- Cape Cod, Nantucket

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Robert O'Leary ran for Congress and lost in the primary

57%  D - DANIEL WOLF, Harwich  [MEQ, MGLPC, NARAL]

43%  R - JAMES CROCKER, Barnstable

First Essex -- Haverhill, Newburyport, Methuen

59%  D -*STEVEN BADDOUR, Methuen  [Gamb]

41%  R - STEPHEN COLE, Newburyport

Second Essex -- Peabody, Beverly, Salem

62%  D -*FREDERICK BERRY, Peabody  [STax, NARAL, Gamb]

31%  R - RICHARD JOLITZ, Beverly

  7%  I - MATTHEW FRASER, Salem

Jolitz is a Tea Party favorite, and a very good candidate. Berry is horrible.

Second Essex & Middlesex -- Lawrence, Andover, Tewksbury

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Susan Tucker is not running

53%  D - BARRY FINEGOLD, Andover  [STax, NARAL]

42%  R - JAMISON TOMASEK, Andover  [MCFL]

  5%  I - JODI OBERTO, Andover

Finegold is an big liberal, currently a state rep trying to move up.

Third Essex & Middlesex -- Lynn, Marblehead, Saugus, Swampscott

68%  D -*THOMAS McGEE, Lynn  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]


Hampden -- W.Springfield, Agawam

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Stephen Buoniconti is running for sheriff.

61%  D - JAMES WELCH, West Springfield  [NARAL]

39%  R - BOB MAGOVERN, Agawam  [MCFL]

Welch is a current state rep trying to move up to the Senate. Bob Magovern is on the Republican State Committee -- but don't hold that against him. He's a great candidate!

First Hampden & Hampshire -- E. Longmeadow, Wilbraham, Springfield

58%  D -*GALE CANDARAS, Wilbraham  [STax, NARAL, Gamb]

42%  R - THOMAS McCARTHY, Springfield

McCarthy is 100% pro-family. A refreshing change from Candaras.

First Middlesex -- Lowell, Tyngsborough, Westford

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Steven Panagiotakos is not running.


36%  R - JAMES BUBA, Lowell  [MCFL]

  9%  I - PATRICK O’CONNOR, Lowell

Second Middlesex -- Medford, Somerville, Winchester

67%  D -*PATRICIA JEHLEN, Somerville  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL]

33%  R - DAVID CARNEVALE, Medford  [MCFL]

According to a Herald column Jehlen is not identifying herself as a Democrat in her mailings. Can things be that bad for them?

Third Middlesex -- Waltham, Chelmsford, Lincoln

57%  D -*SUSAN FARGO, Lincoln  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL, Gill]

43%  R - SANDI MARTINEZ, Chelmsford  [MCFL]

Sandi Martinez is an incredible candidate -- great on all the issues. She'd be a breath of fresh air after years of Susan Fargo's militant liberalism.

Middlesex & Essex -- Malden, Wakefield, Stoneham

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Richard Tisei is running for Lt. Governor.

52%  D - KATHERINE CLARK, Melrose  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, MGLPC, NARAL, Gamb, Gill]

48%  R - CRAIG SPADAFORA, Malden  [MCFL]

Katherine Clark is a current state rep running for Senate. As a radical leftist she's off the charts. But Spadafora seems to be no bowl of cherries. One Melrose resident went into his campaign office and his aide's desk sported a MassEquality sticker.  But still, it would be worth getting Clark out of the Legislature completely.

Second Middlesex & Norfolk -- Framingham, Ashland, Hopkinton

59%  D -*KAREN SPILKA, Ashland  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, NARAL]

41%  R - EDWARD MCGRATH, Framingham  [MCFL]

Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex -- Cambridge, Everett, Chelsea

78%  D -*SAL DIDOMENICO, Everett  [MEQ, NARAL,Gamb]

22%  R - BARBARA BUSH, Boston

Middlesex & Worcester -- Acton, Maynard, Marlborough

57%  D -*JAMIE ELDRIDGE, Acton  [STax, MEQ, PP, DSA, Trans, NARAL]

43%  R - GEORGE M. THOMPSON, Westborough

Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth -- Milton, Canton, Randolph

63%  D -*BRIAN JOYCE, Milton  [Stax, MEQ, Trans, Gamb]

37%  R - ROBERT BURR, Canton

Norfolk & Plymouth -- Quincy, Braintree, Holbrook

OPEN SEAT: Michael Morrissey is not running.

56%  D - JOHN KEENAN, Quincy

35%  R - DANIEL DEWEY, Quincy

10%  I - LAURA INNIS, Quincy  [NARAL]

Plymouth & Barnstable -- Plymouth, Sandwich, Pembroke

52%  D -*THERESE MURRAY, Plymouth  [PP, NARAL, Gamb, Gill]

48%  R - TOM KEYES, Sandwich

What a great opportunity! Therese Murray is the President of the Senate and one would think would have a strong chance of beating anyone. She's also a hardcore liberal, and has raised money for the homosexual lobby. But Tom Keyes is running a really good campaign. And this is traditionally a conservative district which Scott Brown won handily earlier this year. And people in that area are particularly upset with Beacon Hill, we're told. We're looking for an upset here!

First Plymouth & Bristol -- Taunton, Middleborough

58%  D -*MARC PACHECO, Taunton  [STax, Gamb]

42%  R - DAVID POTTIER, Taunton  [MCFL]

Plymouth & Norfolk -- Weymouth, Norwell, Duxbury

75%  R -*ROBERT HEDLUND, Weymouth  [MCFL]

25%  I - PAUL KEARNEY, Cohasset

Bob Hedlund has traditionally been a good conservative, but in recent years has been drifting toward being a moderate. We think he's getting too comfortable. But we still need to keep him in there.

First Suffolk & Middlesex -- East Boston, Revere, Cambridge

75%  D -*ANTHONY PETRUCCELLI, Boston  [STax, MEQ, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]


Suffolk & Norfolk -- Boston, Dedham, Norwood

OPEN SEAT: Incumbent Marian Walsh is finally leaving.

68%  D - MICHAEL RUSH, Boston  [MCFL]

32%  R - BRAD WILLIAMS, Boston

Michael Rush is a current state rep trying to move up to the Senate.

First Worcester -- Worcester, Boylston, Holden

62%  D -*HARRIETTE CHANDLER, Worcester  [STax, MEQ, PP, Trans, NARAL, Gamb]

38%  R - WILLIAM HIGGINS, Northborough  [MCFL]

Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Franklin -- Athol, Barre, Sturbridge

66%  D -*STEPHEN BREWER, Barre  [STax]

34%  R - DANIEL DUBRULE, Ashburnham

Worcester & Middlesex -- Fitchburg, Gardner, Leominster

59%  D -*JENNIFER FLANAGAN, Leominster  [STax, PP, NARAL, Gamb]

41%  R - NEAL HEEREN, Bolton  [MCFL]

Worcester & Norfolk -- Uxbridge, Webster, Southbridge

54%  D -*RICHARD MOORE, Uxbridge  [MCFL, Gamb]

46%  R - KIMBERLY ROY, Sutton

Moore is in the tank with the big drug companies, and pushed the bill to require all 16-year-old girls to get the HPV vaccine, which has proven to be dangerous. He also pushed the radical and oppressive Pandemic Bill, which in the end finally faded away after MassResistance helped expose it.

Uncontested Senate Races

Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin -- Pittsfield, North Adams, Stockbridge

D -*BENJAMIN DOWNING, Pittsfield  [STax, Trans]

Bristol & Norfolk -- Walpole, Foxborough, Dover

D -*JAMES TIMILTY, Walpole  [Gamb]

Second Bristol & Plymouth -- New Bedford, Acushnet

D -*MARK MONTIGNY, New Bedford  [Trans, NARAL]

First Essex & Middlesex -- Gloucester, Ipswich, Hamilton

R -*BRUCE TARR, Gloucester  [Gamb]

Second Hampden & Hampshire -- Holyoke, Westfield, Chicopee

R -*MICHAEL R. KNAPIK, Westfield  [Tran, MCFL, Gamb]

Hampshire & Franklin -- Northampton, Amherst, South Hadley

D -*STANLEY ROSENBERG, Amherst  [STax, Trans, NARAL, Gamb, GVF]

Fourth Middlesex -- Arlington, Burlington, Billerica

D -*KENNETH DONNELLY, Arlington  [STax, Trans, NARAL]

First Middlesex & Norfolk -- Newton, Brookline, Wellesley


Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex -- Wayland, Sherborn, N. Attleboro, Wrentham

R -*RICHARD ROSS, Wrentham  [MCFL, Gamb]

Ross marched in the Gay Pride Parade (with Charlie Baker) and in 2007 was one of the turncoat votes that lost the infamous 2007 Marriage Amendment Constitutional Convention.

Second Plymouth & Bristol -- Brockton, Hanover, Hanson

D -*THOMAS KENNEDY, Brockton  [STax, Trans, MCFL, Gamb]

First Suffolk -- Boston

D -*JACK HART, Boston  [STax, MCFL, Gamb]

Second Suffolk -- Boston


Second Suffolk & Middlesex -- Boston, Cambridge


Second Worcester -- Worcester, Milbury, Shrewsbury

D -*MICHAEL MOORE, Millbury  [STax, NARAL, Gamb]