Bill Whatcott's "hate crime" trial

For flyers passed out at 2016 Toronto "Gay Pride" parade

Here are the exclusive MassResistance reports of Bill's trial.

Bill's "hate crime" trial in Toronto finally took place in October, 2021. This trial was all about a simple flyer that was passed out during the parade in 2016!



1. The trial begins

Major trial of pro-family activist Bill Whatcott for "anti-LGBT hate speech" begins in Toronto. But Canada's preeminent defense attorney is defending him!


The "crime"? Handing out medical flyers at obscene "Gay Pride" parade. Government is aggressively seeking a prison sentence


2. Crown's medical expert testifies

Hard cross-examination at Whatcott trial: Defense attorney undermines medical expert testimony that questions accuracy of Bill's flyer


Pro-LGBT infectious-disease physician vs skilled defense lawyer. Criminal trial over the text of a flyer!.


3. Defense's religion expert testifies

Theology professor testifies on Bill Whatcott's flyer during his "hate speech" trial in Toronto.


Big court case over pro-family flyer handed out at city's "Gay Pride" parade. Professor is asked: Were the flyer's statements about Christianity accurate? This may be our future, too.


4. Hours of closing arguments

Aggressive closing arguments at Bill Whatcott's "hate speech" trial in Toronto - major court case over a pro-family flyer.


Attorney General is seeking a prison sentence. But a prominent criminal defense attorney is defending Bill. Can this totalitarian madness happen here?


5. Judge reads his ruling and reasons

Canadian Judge rules Bill Whatcott NOT GUILTY of "willful promotion of hatred" after trial over flyer passed out at 2016 Toronto Gay Pride Parade.


Judge reads aloud hour-long list of his reasons at court session. Great news - though still a lot of concerns.


6. Our Analysis of Judge's ruling

Analysis of the Judge's 23-page ruling in the Bill Whatcott case: Bill was acquitted - but there are still frightening implications.


Judge's writing shows how LGBT movement has taken over Canada's legal system. Can this happen here??

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