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Dr. Scott Lively - target of radical leftist attacks

Pro-family pastor, attorney, writer is target of radical Leftist attacks. See also Lively's web site, Defend the Family.

The outrageous Soros-funded lawsuit against Scott Lively


No Room for WHINOS: Rev. Scott Lively answers back against "moderate" Tea Party attacking him.

The Global Threat of Homosexuality - by Pastor Scott Lively VIDEO: Possibly the most enlightening speech you will hear on this subject. So powerful that it was banned by YouTube.


Pastor Lively gave this talk at the Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
in Sacramento, California on January 15, 2012.


"Occupy Springfield" attempts to harass & intimidate Pastor Scott Lively’s inner-city Christian ministry (Springfield, Mass.).

Christians bravely confront screaming "Occupy" mob that descended on Pastor Lively's coffee house. Photos and video.
Attempting to harass & intimidate Scott Lively’s Christian ministry in Springfield, Mass. Religious believers to left-wing activists: We’re not taking it anymore!

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"Occupy's" vicious newspaper ad attacking Scott Lively
On Sunday Nov. 13, 2011 [an] ad appeared in the local Springfield, Mass. newspaper, The Springfield Republican. It is an outrageous attack on Pastor Scott Lively, which falsely charges him with a list of various “hate” crimes. Photo 11-21-2011.

Scott Lively publishes hard-hitting commentary: "The 'Gay' Culture War: It's Nearly Lost"
In WorldNetDaily, 9-27-2011

Vicious campaign continues in Springfield against pro-family pastor Scott Lively and his Bible-centered coffee house
Photos 1-24-2011

Springfield City Councilor calls Scott Lively an anti-Semite in TV interview.
Photo & video 1-24-2011

Scott Lively's hard-hitting letter of rebuttal published in Boston Globe

Boston Globe does vicious hit article on Scott Lively, pro-family pastor and writer
Followed two days later by Springfield Republican newspaper. Photos & video 1-12-2011

MassResistance calls for pro-family "interview boycott" of Boston Globe and Springfield Republican newspapers

Pro-family write-in against anti-family Charlie Baker for Governor in Mass Republican primary: Scott Lively.
Send a strong message to Massachusetts RINO establishment! Photo 8-12-2010

Scott Lively releases blockbuster online book on defeating the "gay" agenda - now available here!
Photos, link to PDF of complete book. 6-25-2009