Scott Lively Lawsuit

The outrageous Soros-funded lawsuit against pro-family pastor.

Judge Dismisses Bogus SMUG v Lively "Crimes against Humanity" Federal Lawsuit
[From Scott Lively's website] 6/6/2017

LGBT activists fill Federal Courtroom to stop Pastor Scott Lively's efforts to dismiss "crimes against humanity" case against him.
Outrageous lawsuit by radical New York-based Soros-funded legal group against Christian pastor. Huge attack on free speech. This could affect the entire pro-family movement. 11/12/2016

Lively Attorneys Expose "Smoking Gun" of SMUG Fraud.
[From Scott Lively's website] 9/2/2016

Federal judge who ruled against Pastor Scott Lively did not disclose outrageous background. Should have been disqualified from case. 12/20/2013

A Legal Setback in the SMUG Case.
[From Scott Lively's website] 9/30/2013

Federal judge's outrageous ruling against Pastor Scott Lively -- could have terrible international consequences for pro-family movement! 8/23/2013

Federal Judge hears arguments on motion to dismiss "crimes against humanity" lawsuit against pro-family Pastor Scott Lively.
Lively's lawyer dismantles plaintiff's points, despite unusual process by judge. 1/13/2013

Homosexual activists hold rally outside courthouse

Huge gay lawsuit vs pro-family pastor in Federal Court  Soros-funded group suing Pastor Scott Lively for "crimes against humanity" in Federal Court. Punishing him for Christian, pro-family position on homosexuality. 1/4/2013

Fighting back: Scott Lively's lawyers file 109-page response to international "gay" lawsuit against him by Soros-backed group.  Countering latest round of vicious attacks against pro-familly activists. 7/6/2012

Soros-funded "civil rights" group in NY files huge 47-page lawsuit in federal court accusing Pastor Scott Lively of "crimes against humanity"
For pro-family speeches in Uganda! High-profile attack on religious expression begins. 3/18/2012

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