December 2011

Coalition of Orthodox rabbis, mental health professionals, community leaders release “Torah Declaration” - bold statement on homosexuality. Refutes liberal Jewish groups. 12-28-2011

Campaigning in Iowa, Romney reaffirms support for gay rights, gays in military Mitt Romney publicly re-states his pro-homosexual positions on military, judges, and more.  An unsettling glimpse into a Romney Administration. 12-20-2011

Watch for yourself: Video clips (25) of former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney on abortion, "gay" rights, gun control, federal stimulus, illegal immigration, more.

Jewish holiday Chanukah -- very relevant to the culture wars in America today! 12-28-2011

Boston Globe celebrates sex-changes for children by major hospital on front page of Sunday edition.
Very disturbing to read!  Is this America's future? Photos & video. 12-12-2011


November 2011

Face-off in election for Mass. Republican Party Chairman: Traditionalists & Tea Party vs. social liberal RINO establishment (Frank McNamara vs. Bob Maginn). Photos & video 11-28-2011

"Occupy Springfield" attempts to harass & intimidate Pastor Scott Lively’s inner-city Christian ministry (Springfield, Mass.). Pro-family citizens stand firm and confront demonstrators. Photos & video 11-22-2011

Vicious attack ad in newspaper by “Occupy” against Scott Lively. Our rebuttal of ad in local Springfield, Mass., newspaper falsely charging him with various “hate” crimes. 11-21-2011

Radical "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill suddenly passes in Mass. Legislature. Senate uses voice vote to avoid roll call. Modified from original version but still outrageous. Rushed through by leadership, suspending normal rules. Text & analysis.11-17-2011

Homosexual activists flood State House public hearing to change anti-bullying law. Pushing to require special protections for homosexuality and "gender identity" in schools. Photos 11-9-2011

October 2011

What the media isn't telling you about the "Occupy Boston" protest:
Communism, anarchism, pro-euthanasia, anti-Israel, & more.
Photos & video

Next goal for LGBT movement: Adoptions of kids by transgenders. Photo 10-6-2011

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio appears in court. City appears to be digging in for conviction despite weak case. Case continued until Dec. 7. Photos 10-6-2011

Scott Brown tells homosexual group his vote to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was "in the best interest of our state and our country." 10-6-2011

September 2011

British pro-family lawyer addresses MassResistance banquet. Tells Americans: Fight back now while you still can! Barrister Paul Diamond; also Sally Kern, fearless Oklahoma state legislature. Photos 9-27-2011

Scott Lively publishes hard-hitting commentary: "The 'Gay' Culture War: It's Nearly Lost" 9-27-2011

Major parents' rights bill in public hearing Sept. 20 (bill filed by MassResistance). Also Planned Parenthood bills to force sexuality & homosexuality into schools.

The Masachusetts Health Curriculum Frameworks: Could this document become the legal requirement on what your children are taught in school? 9-15-2011 (update)

Family Research Council teams up with MassResistance to confront GLSEN targeting kids in schools - powerful new video. Video & photos 9-10-2011

Video preview for new book, Mitt Romney's Deception, shows wide range of homosexual activism pushed in Massachusetts. 9-10-2011 

Sen. Scott Brown getting "highest award" from Log Cabin Republicans for voting to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Brown to appear at homosexual group's annual fundraiser on Sept. 20. 9-2-2011

Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center steps up to help pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio 9-2-2011

Boston Red Sox to parents: If you hold traditional values on homosexuality and kids, you're a hater. The "It Gets Better" campaign. Video 9-2-11

Boston Herald refuses to cover outrageous "It Gets Better" controversy 9-2-2011

August 2011

Pro-life activist beaten, arrested, and accused of bomb plot by police while handing out pro-life flyers at local town fair. Exclusive report with photos, documents. 8-24-2011 (updated 9-2-2011)

Phony 'anti-bullying' project by anti-Christian gay pornographer supported by politicians, corporations & Red Sox."It Gets Better" project leads troubled kids to gay activist groups, homosexual-themed books and movies. Video 8-12-2011

Sick and obscene attacks, writings, and statements by Dan Savage, founder of "It Gets Better" project. Videos 8-12-2011

Unbelievable: Boston Red Sox manager, two players make video supporting vile pro-gay "It Gets Better" project targeting kids. Video 8-12-2011

July 2011

Pakistanis denounce U.S. Embassy's gay rights party as "cultural terrorism" 7-31-2011

India's health minister tells AIDS conference that homosexuality is a "disease" that is "completely unnatural" 7-31-2011

Nation's blood supply facing serious danger: heavy political pressure to change rules regarding homosexual blood donors 7-28-2011

US Senate confirms radical gay activist J. Paul Oetken as federal judge. Sen. Scott Brown and 24 other Republicans vote "yes." 7-28-2011

Hear author Amy Contrada on Boston Talk 1200 Radio. On her book, Mitt Romney's Deception. Audio 7-28-2011

Now available: Mitt Romney's Deception: His Stealth Promotion of "Gay Rights" and "Gay Marriage"in Massachusetts (print edition) 7-20-2011 (updated 9-3-2011)

Newly appointed lesbian Mass. Supreme Court Judge speaks at fundraiser for radical gay group 7-17-2011

MassResistance featured on major pro-family radio in British Columbia. Audio 7-17-2011

MassResistance interviewed in Bloomberg News on New York's "gay marriage" law 7-8-2011

NY Democrat State Senator who opposed gay "marriage" facing vicious abuse by gay activists. Video 7-8-2011

MassResistance on drive-time radio in Wisconsin on "gay marriage" in New York. Audio 7-8-2011

Victory: Gay "Safe Schools" office in US Dept. of Educ. gets funds cut, status demoted. MassResistance put crucial pressure on Congress. 7-1-2011

MassResistance report on Judge Barbara Lenk's appointment to Mass. Supreme Judicial Court July 2011

June 2011

How MassResistance battled in NY State House against "gay marriage" bill. Photos & video 6-28-2011

How "gay marriage" passed in Republican-controlled NY Senate: Pressure, payoffs, political cowardice, selling out of principles. Photos & video 6-28-2011

MassResistance video: Congressman Anthony Weiner in bizarre NY Gay Pride Parade (in 2008). Also marching: Sen. Chuck Schumer. Reveals the disturbing mindset of liberal politicians. 6-19-2011

New York Orthodox rabbis fighting hard for traditional marriage 6-19-2011

"Gay Pride Week" in Boston: In-your-face depravity, vulgarity, blasphemy - sponsored by major politicians & corporate America. Photos 6-16-2011

Mass. Transgender Bill hearing on June 8: Insulting affront to citizens. Link to flyer. Photos 6-16-2011

"This surgery is absolutely destructive" - sad message from Walt Heyer, former transgender, to warn others 6-16-2011

June 8 hearing: MassResistance bill to repeal the unconstitutional buffer zone around abortion clinics 6-7-2011

MassResistance analysis of the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill" H502. Photos 6-6-2011

"I spent 19 years living as a man"- testimony from a recovered transgender female against Mass. "transgender rights bill." Video 6-6-2011

"My Daddy's Secret" – a painful growing up. Powerful testimony at Mass. Transgender Bill hearing. Link to flier on the bill. 6-3-2011

Graphic homosexual sex flier given to kids at Mass. state-supported "youth pride" event. "Safer sex for bisexuals and their partners" from Bisexual Resource Center. Photos 6-3-2011

May 2011

MassResistance action flier for Transgender Bill H502 (PDF Format). Public hearing June 8. Download May 2011

"Old Navy" stores now selling "gay pride" shirts. Donating percentage of sales to radical homosexual group targeting kids (the “It Gets Better” campaign). Photos 5-31-2011

Transgender lessons now in California elementary school - starting in kindergarten. Videos 5-30-2011

Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings to leave U.S. Dept. of Education in July. MassResistance kept the pressure on and led research effort. 5-23-2011

Kevin Jennings' new job: Running a 21st-century Saul Alinksy-type community organizing operation based in Massachusetts 5-23-2011

Yes, we are indoctrinating children, says New York homosexual magazine (Queerty.com) 5-23-2011

Gay Youth Pride Day in Boston: a day of adult-led depravity with vulnerable kids. Cross-dressing and transgenderism a major push. Photos 5-18-2011

MassResistance active in battles around the country in Rhode Island & New York. Also Minnesota, Illinois, California. Photo 5-18-2011

Hearing for Mass. Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill H502 on June 8

Jim Dixon loses to John Lawn. Overcome by huge push by Democrats and Unions, and Republican Party apathy 5-18-2011

Lenk vote: Mass. official calls for ban of pro-family testimony at judge hearings.
Pro-family testimony on high court nominee called "irrevelant and ignorant." Photos & video 5-8-2011

Pro-family letter on SJC nominee Judge Lenk in Boston Globe stirs angry reaction from liberals 5-8-2011

Milton, Mass. high school seeks principal by advertising in hardcore homosexual newspaper. Photos

Update on Concord Town Meeting on high school musical "Falsettos"

Battle heats up over lesbian activist judge Barbara Lenk nominated for Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Photo

Judge Lenk's public hearing: Pro-family witnesses insulted & harassed by elected officials. Photos & videos

April 2011

Governor's radical lesbian nominee to Mass. Supreme Judicial Court comes with disturbing baggage. Photos

Citizen confronts liberal town (Concord, Mass.) over gay-themed anti-Semitic play at high school. Videos

Homosexual "Day of Silence" in schools across America April 15. MassResistance in 32-group coalition confronting it.

Outstanding Maryland victory. Last-minute surprise revival of Transgender Bill met with defeat.  Handful of pro-family activists beats homosexual lobby. Audio

Boston Fox-TV intimidates convenience store over gay "kiss-in" incident. Video

California Bill SB48: Would require public schools & textbooks to portray homosexuality and transgenderism in positive light. Photo

Child psychiatrist and former "transgender" give bold testimony against radical California bill SB48. Including testimony by Dr. Miriam Grossman. Videos

Mass. Attorney General to be keynote speaker at fundraiser for radical transgender group. Major Boston law firms also sponsoring event. Photos

Maryland transgender bill gets derailed in Senate, is apparently killed. 

This weekend's "Truth Academy" in Columbus OH featured all-star lineup of speakers. "The Hate Labeling of Christians: Why It's Happening and What We Can Do"

March 2011

On sex issues in elementary school: "Goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents values," says school administrator

Radical "transgender" bill being rushed through Maryland legislature

Unbelievable: US Marines preparing to indoctrinate soldiers to accept homosexualityVideos
US Army now warning Chaplains: If you don't like the homosexual agenda, get out.After "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal

Concord, Mass. School Committee treats citizens' concerns about anti-Semitic play "Falsettos" and homosexuality in schools with contempt and hostility. Video

Victory: Maryland "gay marriage" bill stopped by pro-family activists

Analysis: Why Maryland "gay marriage" fight was won when it looked like it would lose. Video

Citizens fight back against depraved anti-Semitic, homosexual musical play "Falsettos" at Concord-Carlisle High School. Video
MassResistance on front lines of "gay marriage" fight in Maryland. Audio & videos

Ex-gays made huge impression at Maryland "gay marriage" public hearing. Videos

MassResistance in New Hampshire "gay marriage" fight as Legislature holds public hearing but delays bill. "Moderate" Republicans cave in. Photos

February 2011

Amy Contrada's blockbuster book Mitt Romney's Deception on his stealth promotion of the homosexual agenda in Massachusetts (E-book edition). Photos

Mass. Governor Patrick issues Executive Order mandating acceptance of transgenderism by all state agencies, employees, contractors. Photos

Maryland activists lose first found of "gay marriage" battle. But big showdown in General Assembly still coming up. Photos & video

Homosexual supporters in Britain call for killing of newspaper writer who criticized  homosexual lessons targeting 4-year-olds

MassResistance joins American Family Assoc., Liberty Counsel and others denouncing CPAC for partnering with homosexual group GOProud. Full-page ad in Washington Times.

MassResistance helps prepare Maryland activists for "gay marriage" public hearing in State Senate. Photo

Two radical Planned Parenthood bills filed in Mass. Legislature To require condom training, abortion counseling, sexual orientation issues for schoolchildren.

Owner of New England Patriots, Bob Kraft, to be keynote speaker at corporate "LGBT Networking Session" in Boston

January 2011

Text of new Parents' Rights Bill - "The David Parker Bill"

MassResistance files six strong bills in Legislature to protect parents and citizens

National homosexual group Human Rights Campaign targeting Mass. to push new "transgender rights" bill via workplace action. Photos

Vicious campaign continues in Springfield against pro-family pastor Scott Lively and his Bible-centered coffee house. Photos

Springfield City Councilor calls Scott Lively an anti-Semite in TV interview. Photo & video

Scott Lively's hard-hitting letter of rebuttal published in Boston Globe

Cambridge politicians working with transgender activists to require "gender neutral" restrooms in all public buildings

MassResistance working with Orthodox Jewish groups in New Jersey to stop pro-homosexual "anti-bullying" bill. Photos

Boston Globe does vicious hit article on Scott Lively, pro-family pastor and writer. Photos & video

MassResistance calls for pro-family "interview boycott" of Boston Globe and Springfield Republican newspapers

Tea Party-backed State Committeeman takes on RINO Mass. Republican Party Chairman in bi-annual election. Photos

NJ Orthodox Jewish Group opposes "anti-bullying" bill S2392; Garden State Parents for Moral Values Press Release


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