December 2012

New gay bullying tactic: Phony 'copyright infringement' charges vs pro-family websites. And more continued attacks. 12-23-2012

Blocked by web host company. This is what you get if you try to view our material on the homosexual activist and sex offender who's trying to silence us.

Meeting the 'culture war' challenges to come - as only MassResistance can

Commentary: Chanukah's lesson about today's America  12-16-2012

How the gay movement lobbies your state legislators Pushing transgender bill through the Mass. State House: How the homosexual-transgender movement uses activists to lobby your legislators. 12-14-2012

Shocking: How the Mass. 'transgender rights' law is changing the schools
Part 1 of 2-part series. 12-11-2012

Schools in Massachusetts will be seeing a lot more of these. And that's just the beginning.

Victories in court over homosexual activist (and convicted sex offender) targeting MassResistance! 12-2-2012

November 2012

Everything you need to know about the recently defeated Question 2 - "Physician assisted suicide" 11-30-2012


Analysis: How 'gay marriage' won in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington 11-13-2012

Pro-marriage signs were defaced and destroyed almost everywhere

Massachusetts 2012 Voter Guide: RESULTS now posted.Congress, Legislature, Ballot Questions, Governor's Council. 11-7-2012

Mainstream media in four states with "gay marriage" votes attacking latest pro-family ads featuring David & Tonia Parker. Ads now flooding the airwaves! 11-5-2012

Pro-life groups endorsing pro-choice, pro-homosexual politicians. Unbelievable: Major "pro-life" groups shamelessly caving in. 11-5-2012

Candidate would impose anti-family litmus test for judges in Massachusetts. Leftist former Springfield mayor vs Republican Mike Franco. 11-3-2012

Tisei: Turncoat Republican who stopped people's right to vote on "gay marriage" constitutional amendment in Mass. still being supported by RINOs and GOP establishment. 11-3-2012

October 2012

A race to watch: Pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Mass. Senate President likely to lose to conservative challenger Tom Keyes, say polls and political pundits. 10-31-2012

Battle against "Assisted Suicide" ballot question in Mass. goes into high gear. TV spots, forums, and more! 10-26-2012

Death activists demonstrating for "End of Life Liberty."

In the four "gay marriage vote" states: Gay lobby and pro-gay donors spending millions in final weeks of campaign. 10-26-2012

More big $$: National homosexual movement teams up with "conservative" GOP groups to elect Tisei! 10-26-2012

Meeting the 'culture war' challenges to come - as only MassResistance can. After the election -- the battle continues 10-19-12

National GOP gives $1m to gay activist candidate Richard Tisei for Congress in Mass. Has long record of outrageous activity. Is this a warning where the Republican Party will go in the next few years? 10-14-2012

MassResistance forms ballot committee to stop Physician-Assisted Suicide referendum in Massachusetts (Question 2) 10-8-2012

Advertising in the Boston "Gay Pride Week" official program in 2010, while running for Lt. Governor

September 2012

FBI and CIA embrace homosexual movement. Reaching out to "gay and transgender community." Watch for crackdown on pro-family groups. 9-28-2012

The newest US Justice Department logo.

Another VICTORY in Australia: Tasmania Parliament rejects "gay marriage"! "My electorate do not support it," says MP. 9-28-2012

Commentary: Has the conservative movement given up on the homosexual issue? After the election -- the battle continues 9-28-2012

"Gay marriage" bill overwhelmingly defeated in Australian Parliament! Despite huge effort by homosexual lobby, pro-family groups successful in educating lawmakers. 9-25-2012

Rhode Island marriage activists . . . get married! 9-25-2012

In liberal Minnesota, traditional marriage still leading in polls as referendum nears. (9/25/12)

In New York: Arrogant "gay marriage" Republican State Senator loses in primary. (9/25/12)

"Transgender summer camp" for kids celebrated in Boston media. Supporting cross dressing and body mutilations. "If you disagree, you're supporting suicide," say gay activists. Photos & video. 9-11-2012

My dinner with Todd Akin. His current struggle -- and what it means to you.
There's more to this than you probably know about. By Brian Camenker. Photos & videos. 9-3-2012.

Surprise "gay marriage" move in Australia. Stalled, possibly dying in National Parliament, but unusual bill passes House in Tasmania State Parliament. Photo. 9-3-2012

August 2012

MassResistance files "taxpayers' lawsuit" against Governor's Council-- which approves judges in Massachusetts. Fighting judicial activism. Photos. 8-27-2012
Australian Parliament still waiting to take "gay marriage" vote. Reaction from their politicians to our “same-sex marriage” booklet. 8-27-2012

Australian National Parliament to vote on "gay marriage."  MassResistance helping activists fight back, educating politicians with our "same-sex marriage" booklet. Photos & audio. 8-17-2012

Premier of South Australia addresses gay marriage rally outside of Parliament.

"Growing up with two moms: the untold children's view." Shocking first-person article exposing the dark side of same-sex parenting. From the Witherspoon Institute. 8-6-2012
What really happened at the homosexual 'kiss-in' at Chick-fil-A in Massachusetts. Revealing view of homosexual movement and outrageous media bias. Police look the other way. Photos & video. 8-9-2012

Besides the screaming and very offensive behavior, there was the same old tired refrain of "hate and bigotry."

Shameful reactions from Romney and Sen. Scott Brown on Chick-fil-A issue. Their pandering to liberals and disconnect from Republican mainstream base. Photo. 8-9-2012
MassResistance releases new, updated version of shocking booklet: "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts". . . It's far worse than people realize! Photos. 8-2-2012

A federal judge said that parents couldn't object when schools gave this book to 6-year-olds, portraying homosexual "families" as no different than regular families.

July 2012

Homosexual activist/sex offender suing MassResistance for $1 million is handed big court defeats -- but continues threats. Thomas More Society -- national pro-family legal group -- will represent MassResistance & Brian Camenker. Photos & video. 7-29-2012

Fighting judicial activism: MassResistance files "taxpayers' lawsuit" against Governor's Council -- which approves judges in Massachusetts. 7-27-2012

Pro-family activists fight nomination of radical left-wing attorney for Mass. judge. Left-wing activist attorney Kenneth Salinger, nominated for Superior Court by Gov. Deval Patrick,  has donated to MoveOn.org, Emily’s list, and liberal politicians. Photos. 7-21-2012

Convicted sex offender files $1 million lawsuit against Brian Camenker of MassResistance -- to stop exposé of "gay youth clubs."Photos. 7-12-2012

A Massachusetts "gay youth club" (with adults) marches in "pride" parade.

2011 "Gay Youth Pride" day in Boston(Part 1). The “gay” war on children in Massachusetts: Pushing homosexual sex and transgenderism at youth event. Photos & videos. 7-8-2012

Scott Lively's lawyers file 109-page response to international "gay" lawsuit against him by Soros-backed group. Photos. 7-6-2012

"The Global Threat of Homosexuality" - by Pastor Scott Lively. VIDEO of Jan. 2012 speech. Possibly the most enlightening speech you will hear on this subject. So powerful that it was banned by YouTube. 7-3-2012

Pastor Lively gave this talk at the Resurrection Life of Jesus Church in Sacramento, California on January 15, 2012.

June 2012

MassResistance web site shut down after homosexual activist threatens web hosting company -- and company caves in! Latest in vicious and illegal "SWAT" campaign against conservatives. Photos & video. 6-18-2012

Unbelievable: Convicted sex offender gets judge in Maine to issue restraining order against Brian Camenker of MassResistance-- for exposing offenses against kids at "gay youth" club! Part of vicious new tactic by homosexual movement to silence critics. Photos. 6-8-2012

Homosexual activist Adam Flanders was convicted of molesting a teenage boy.

US Appeals Court "strikes down" Defense of Marriage Act provisions regarding federal benefits, tax filing. Legal strategy is first step toward forcing "gay marriage" on entire country. Analysis by Brian Camenker. Photos. 6-1-2012

May 2012

Gays threaten & harass Catholic church over marriage sign. Threat to burn down local Catholic church & profane attacks after pro-traditional marriage sign is posted on church property. But Catholics not backing down. Photos & videos. 5-22-2012

This sign at the church that caused a firestorm from the phony "tolerance" crowd.

Lessons from the defeat of "gay marriage" in North Carolina. Analysis by Brian Camenker. Photos & video. 5-15-2012

Commentary: After Obama's "gay marriage" announcement -- will the GOP start to cave in?By Brian Camenker. With links to other conservative commentaries. 5-15-2012

Media bias: Both Boston newspapers cover last week's two major "gay marriage" events with laughable bias. North Carolina gay marriage victory vs. Obama's gay marriage announcement. Photos. 5-15-2012

It was the worst kept secret in the world. But you would have thought it was the second "VJ Day" the way the Boston Globe carried on.

Mob of homosexual and "Occupy" activists overruns peaceful April 15 Boston Common Tea Party event. Photos & videos. 5-3-2012


At “Occupy” attack on Patriots Day Tea Party rally: Boston police mostly stand and watch, allowed disruption to continue!Photos. 5-4-2012


Boston Globe's biased reporting of “Occupy” attack on Patriots Day Tea Party rally -- supports rioters. Photos. 5-4-2012

Commentary on “Occupy” attack on Patriots Day Tea Party: Conservatives need to wake up and see threat. "Social" and "fiscal" issues all the same to those out to destabilize society. Commentary by Brian Camenker.  Photos. 5-4-2012

April 2012

Before event: Establishment moderates attack Patriots Day Tea Party event for having pro-family themes. Set up alternative "fiscal issues only" Tea Party event at same time in Worcester. 4-12-2012

APRIL 15 Patriots Day Tea Party Rally on Boston Common to feature Brian Camenker of MassResistance, Dr. Scott Lively, Don Feder. Also: Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX), former NM Gov. Gary Johnson. Photos. 4-12-2012

Congressman Louie Gohmert - a national Tea Party hero.

March 2012

US State Dept to force gay agenda on foreign nations. Obama directs State Department and US agencies to force foreign countries to support international homosexual agenda! Hillary Clinton pledges $3 million to international homosexual groups pressuring & subverting foreign governments. Government sanctioned website for homosexual activists in US State Dept. and foreign service. US Dept. of Health and Human Services holds "Conference on LGBT Health." Will Republicans stop this madness if Obama is defeated in 2012? Photos. 3-30-2012

The website you never dreamed you'd ever see . . .

Soros-funded "civil rights" group in NY sues Pastor Scott Lively for "crimes against humanity."Huge international lawsuit on behalf of homosexual activists in Uganda! 47-page lawsuit in federal court on the basis of pro-family speeches in foreign country. High-profile attack on religious expression is beginning. Photos & video. 3-18-2012

Massive robo-call and email blast of MassResistance material in primary election states. Exposing aggressive pro-homosexual positions of Romney.  Photos, video, audio. 3-12-2012.

Amy Contrada's new articles exposing Romney's Massachusetts record getting national notice.
Audio. 3-12-2012

February 2012

"Gay Marriage" bill passes Senate in Maryland by thin margin after tepid pro-family fight. Non-confrontational floor debate; pro-family amendments rejected. Governor to sign this week. Pro-family activists to start statewide petition for vote to repeal. Photo. 2-29-2012

Top 10 reasons Maryland lost "gay marriage" battle -- after winning last year. Lessons for the rest of the country. Analysis by Brian Camenker. Photo & videos. 2-29-2012.

Maryland AG tells homosexual rally: If petition is successful, marriage vote will be undone by newly appointed judges. Calls pro-family citizens "rabid". Photo & video. 2-29-2012

Fierce battle over "gay marriage" bill in Maryland legislature. Passed in House on Friday. Fight now moves to Senate! Heavy-handed tactics by Democrats and pressure from national pro-gay Republicans. MassResistance testifies in Maryland State House!  2-21-2012

Maryland clergymen lead huge pro-marriage rally outside State House. (See VIDEO)

Judge throws out criminal charges against pro-lifer Peter D'Attilioand berates prosecutor.
Transcript of judge's confrontation. Photos. 2-13-2012
Outrageous video of police : Quincy police harass and intimidate pro-life activist Peter D'Attiliofor holding sign on sidewalk and handing out flyers. Video. 2-13-2012

MassResistance fights back  (in liberal Jewish newspaper) over truth of "Torah Declaration."Defends statement by Orthodox rabbis on homosexuality. Photo. 2-3-2012

January 2012

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio’s court case postponed by prosecution until Feb. 9.  Photos. 1-24-2012

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio harassed, handcuffed, and threatened by Somerville police.
He still reached many high school students with message of life. Photos. 1-24-2012

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio in East Boston – video. How one person can make a difference -- turning back the Planned Parenthood onslaught on kids. 1-24-2012

Pro-life activist Peter D'Attilio: What the "mainstream" pro-life groups should be doing.
He needs to be supported and held up as an example, not ignored. 1-24-2012.


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